Does Jane Fonda Wear A Wig?

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Jane Fonda is still turning heads in the entertainment arena with her pretty hairstyles.

The American actress spares no expense when it comes to personal grooming. She spends on the latest fashion designs and goes for styles that show her personality.

But, people usually wonder if she creates these hairstyles from her natural hair. One thing is for sure; they are probably not her real hair, since she keeps changing them!

Below, we outlined a simple guide to help you learn about Jane Fonda wigs. You will also discover her top 10 hairstyles.

Let’s begin!

Does Jane Fonda Wear a Wig?

I’m not sure whether Jane Fonda puts on wigs in both her public and private life. But she is likely creating her signature hairstyles from wigs, hair extensions, and add-on hairpieces.

Usually, she changes between her hairstyles during her public appearances. Also, you have probably observed her hairstyles changing phases in her acting career.

This is true, especially on the popular Grace and Frankie TV show. During the show, she changes between sophisticated and modern hairstyles.

Jane Fonda Wigs

But as a public figure, something of more importance is how she presents herself anywhere. Jane has a range of hairstyles that may be similar or different shades as her natural hair.

In fact, Jane Fonda has silver grey hair. Though, the color of her natural hair vs her wigs occasionally become a discussion topic on social media.

Nevertheless, only her hairdresser could tell for sure whether Jane wears a wig or not. 

Top 10 Jane Fonda Hairstyles for Women

Just like most female celebrities, Jane puts much effort on her hairstyles to maintain her good looks. Below are the top 10 Jane Fonda hairstyles that most ladies should try.

Side Swept Bangs

1.0Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Fonda loves this style because of the messy side part making it look more natural. You can hardly tell it apart from her natural hair. Unlike basic side bangs, these bangs are quite longer and sweep to the side of her forehead.

As you can see in the picture, Jane Fonda looks demure and coy. The side-swept bangs fall naturally below and above her ears to simply frame her face. The hair also lightly hangs freely to hide the fine wrinkles located by the side of her eyes.

Here, Jane rocks these amazing side-swept bangs in Yves Saint Laurent for the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

Silver Pixie

2Jane Fonda Hairstyles

At the 2020 Oscars, Jane Fonda wore a beautiful wig having a pixie cut with a stark shade of silver hair. It is amazing how she uniquely and seamlessly blends such a stylish hairstyle. The textured pixie cut makes her face more beautiful and its shade matches well with bold colors.

The cut slims out her cheeks, with only a few strands left out around her face. She styles the hair to achieve some lift at the roots. On top of that, she feathers up the front layers, and lays a few strands on her forehead for a sassy look.

This style would be perfect for people with fine or medium hair. The feathered layers add volume to make any person over 50 look young and stylish.

Messy Voluminous Style

3Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Creating this silhouette hairstyle might take too much time, especially for women having thick hair. Still, the finished look is worth those hours of layering and styling.

The look literally stole the show when Jane Fonda wore it to the 90th Annual Academy Awards. To make her short haircut stand out, she paired it with a structured shoulder pad.

The hairstyle highlights Fonda’s cheekbones for an agelessly youthful look. You can notice the exceptional texture of each strand and how the round appearance frames her face.

Wavy Hair

4Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Wavy hair is Jane Fonder’s personal favorite. She rocked this look for the 25th annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

This wig has long S waves and a bit of short waves that makes it very iconic. Fonda keeps the cut at shoulder-length and the parting is precise, so it doesn’t look so dramatic.

The style gives her face a flattering look, and the layers are feathered to perfection. The few layers even soften and break up the strong angles on her face. Also, the bangs cover her forehead but sit away from her face to accentuate the jawline.

Long Layered Pixie

5Jane Fonda Hairstyles

It is no doubt that Fonda’s hairdresser knows that nothing flatters her face more than a long layered pixie. It creates an edgy and dramatic hairstyle that can draw anyone’s attention.

Luckily, Jane Fonda finds this haircut ideal whenever she needs to make a statement on her personality. It would be a great choice for sophisticated and confident women.

Since this hairpiece is thick, creating layers was the trick for achieving this final look.

The layers bring out the shape of her face perfectly. The longer layers fall toward the back of her head, and some stacked pieces lay over her forehead. Layers also run throughout the length of hair to create more thickness and volume.

Layered Thin Bangs

6Jane Fonda Hairstyles

As a trend setter, Fonder recognizes that bangs can change how a woman looks extraordinarily.

Here, she wears a totally brand-new style with layers. The layered thin bangs frame her face well for a beautifying finish.

This short haircut builds perfect harmony out of contrasting textures. The bangs are lighter and thin to complete Fonda’s well-groomed look. They nicely complement her dense and thick mane to enhance her beautiful face.

Obviously, Jane Fonda knows how sexy bang hairstyles can make older women look way younger.

Face Framing Layers

7Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Jane Fonda looks absolutely beautiful with these face framing layers. The layers fall lightly to help soften and accentuate her facial features.

Fonda keeps her layers long, so they fall effortlessly toward the back of her head. The way she styles them, these layers elongate her face and make the jawline fall lower for a slimming look. Not only that, but they contour her face, so she looks way younger.

Notice how Jane arrives for the premiere of This Is Where I Leave You in Los Angeles. The face framing layers make her look too flattering even with the simplicity. The layers mostly focus around her face to draw attention to her overall appearance.

Shaggy Bob Cut

8Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Fonda adopts this haircut at a period when its trend is changing, and she still manages to stand out in the crowd.

Fonda’s blonde hairstyle does not make her look like she is in her 80s. Rather, it stunningly accentuates her cheeks making her look chic.

Her modern shag has choppy ends and lots of texture, especially at the crown. It looks sexy, flawless, and uncomplicated to complement her restrained, stylish look. Additionally, the hair is not cut to one length and has layers textured asymmetrically. 

Curly Bob

9Jane Fonda Hairstyles

The bob hairstyles are officially Jane Fonda’s favorite haircuts. This curly bob cut definitely works magic with its deep blonde hair with darker color at the roots. The style highlights her face perfectly and keeps it quite open to expose her facial features.

The curls are fluffy, with longer layers that fall lightly toward the back of Fonda’s head. The layers add volume and give the hair its natural texture.

Jane Fonda certainly went with this amazing haircut to the 2018 Trophée des Arts Gala. It makes her makeup and jewelry stand out independently of her dressing style.

Classic Bob

10Jane Fonda Hairstyles

Since Jane has a pointed face shape with gentle contour, she loves showcasing her beauty with bob cuts.

She changes her hairstyles often, and still looks beautiful in each. But this Jane Fonda classic bob never goes out of style.

Jane is rocking this haircut, and it is almost as if this cut was made specially for her. It is absolutely stunning!

As you can see, the hairstyle elongates her face to embrace her naturally slim face. She even brushes the fringe slightly to the right for simple perfection.

Final Thoughts

Jane Fonda wigs make her look more beautiful, as though she were several years younger. She can create iconic hairstyles from blunt bobs and pixies to layered styles and bangs.

So, what’s your favorite Jane Fonda hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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