How To Brush A Wig? 9 Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners

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How To Brush A Wig

Wigs often get tangled up and knotted with continuous use or improper storage. This is why it is essential to brush them regularly.

Brushing a wig will help in removing tangles that build up over time. Not only that, it will refresh and maintain your style’s longevity in the long run.

However, the process of brushing a wig is quite different from that of natural hair. You must follow the correct procedure and use the right tools to achieve the best results.

Below, we created a simple guide to help you learn how to brush a wig.

Let’s begin!

6 Do’s of Brushing Wigs

Wigs should be appropriately brushed to keep them looking fresh and rejuvenated. Here are some tips on what you should do when brushing your wig.

Use Right Products

Ensure you use products that are specially designed for wigs. For instance, pick the right wig styling brush or a wide-tooth comb to brush your wig correctly. They are gentle on wig hair strands and would easily detangle without causing any damage.

Avoid using regular hair brushes or combs that you would use on natural hair, as they are too harsh on wigs. These can cause undue friction, stretch strands of hair and even rip them off the wig cap.

Furthermore, it would help to invest in a detangler or conditioning spray. These products make the strands a bit slippery and help release tangles easily.

Brush & Comb

Be Gentle and Patient

Brushing your wig as gently as possible is key to extending its lifespan. Wigs are more fragile, and applying too much tension when brushing may rip off hair strands. Therefore, take your time and go slowly to avoid damaging the hair.

If it is a curly wig, it helps to brush each ringlet separately. But for straight wigs, part the hair in smaller sections to make it more manageable. Then go in with gentle strokes to make the process easier.

I recommend brushing your wig right after applying wig care products. During this time, the hair is soft, slippery, and easy to comb.

How To Brush A Wig

Brush Regularly

There is no doubt that tangling is very common with wigs. Therefore, brush them consistently to avoid intricate tangles that may develop with time.

Remember that minor knots are much easier to remove than big ones. Once your wig develops bigger knots, you will find it harder to detangle. You will have to brush it delicately, which can be time-consuming.

When brushing, ensure you concentrate on areas of friction as they are more prone to tangling. These areas include the nape of the neck and regions along the hairline.


Brush from Bottom to Top

When detangling a wig, it is key to brush from the bottom and work your way upward to the top. This way, you avoid pulling the hair strands when brushing.

Otherwise, starting to brush from top to bottom may cause the wig fibers to stretch and snap. And when you run into a snag, the brush or comb may pull strands out of the wig and cause permanent damage.

Sleep with Hair Extensions - brush your hair

Use Oil

Applying oil to a wig before brushing will help to coat the strands. This will provide lubrication to decrease friction and ensure the brush slides through the hair smoothly.

Additionally, oiling minimizes frizz and reduces the chances of stretching the fibers. This, in turn, prevents the wig from shedding or becoming more tangled.

apply oil hair extensions

Brush Curly Wigs with Fingers

Unlike straight wigs, curly wigs are prone to tangling and thus need more care. Avoid using brushes and combs as they can matt the wig and make it even more difficult to detangle. They could also stretch the fibers, damage the curls and destroy the style.

To care for curly wigs, run your hands through the wig and comb through gently using your fingers. You can also wind the curls in the right direction using your fingers to maintain the permatease. [1]

Unlike straight wigs, curly wigs are prone to tangling and thus need more care. Avoid using brushes and combs as they can matt the wig and make it even more difficult to detangle. They could also stretch the fibers, damage the curls and destroy the style.

finfer to brush wig

3 Don’t of Brushing Wigs

Here are some things you should avoid when brushing a wig.

Don’t Brush Wet Wigs

It is best to avoid brushing or combing a wig when wet. This is particularly important, especially for human hair wigs.

When wet, the wig’s hair strands are too weak and prone to damage. The wig fibers can break, frizz, or become permanently stretched.

To avoid this, use your fingers to comb through products when the wig is wet. Also, wait until the wig is completely dry before brushing or styling.

360 Lace Wig-2

Don’t Brush Too Often

Even though you should brush a wig regularly, brushing it too often makes it more susceptible to damage.

Wigs are delicate, and with frequent brushing, you limit the life of the wig through friction. You may also pull out strands of hair and cause excessive shedding and breakage.

Therefore, avoid brushing more than the recommended frequency. You can only brush whenever it has notable tangles but for the most part, try to finger comb. 


Don’t Brush Near the Cap

You should avoid brushing too close to the cap of a wig. The bristles of the hairbrush or the teeth of a comb might snag the cap and tear it.

Not only that, but you may pull and loosen the knots that hold the hair strands to the base of the wig.

As a result, the wig may get ruined within a short time. Instead, start brushing from the tip of the hair and work the length of the hair as you go upward.

sleeping wig is to brush all the tangles

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Brush a Wig

Knowing how to brush your wig correctly is crucial to care for it and make it last longer. When brushing, take your time and be gentle to avoid ruining the delicate fibers. Here is a simple procedure to brush a wig.

The Tools You Need to Brush a Wig

  • Wig comb
  • Wig brush
  • Wig conditioner
  • Hair clips
  • Mannequin head
  • T-pins

How to Brush a Wig (Step by Step)

Step 1: Set the Wig

Place the wig on a mannequin head and pin it using t-pins to hold it in place. Stabilizing the wig will make it more comfortable and easy to manage during brushing.

Step 2: Spray Detangler

Assess the wig and see how much tangling it has. For extensive tangles, spray a generous amount of wig conditioner all through the wig. Then, work the product using your fingers until it is evenly spread.

However, for minor tangles, there is no need to use a wig conditioner. You can easily detangle them without ripping the hair.

Step 3: Section the Hair

Section the wig into smaller parts, as you will work on one area at a time. It is more manageable and easier to control this way.

Step 4: Start Brushing

Using a wig comb, brush the hair from the bottom and work up to the top. Starting from the tip and moving up with short strokes will help you to detangle efficiently. It also helps to align the strands in one direction, so you don’t create more tangles.

Also, if you run into a big knot, take your time and brush through carefully. Ripping it off may pull out hair, cause breakage, and damage the wig. A good way to handle bigger knots is by freeing some hair using your fingers and then combing after.

Note: It is best not to use a wig brush on curly wigs. Instead, comb through using your fingers but in the same fashion.

Step 5: Clip Brushed Section

After finishing a section, clip it out of the way before brushing another piece. This will make it easy to avoid mixing combed and uncombed areas.

Step 6: Repeat

Now repeat the same procedure on the entire wig. Once you are done detangling, let all the hair loose and eliminate any remaining tangles. Take a wig brush and work it through the wig; it should be able to glide through smoothly.

Final Thoughts

You can now brush your wig correctly to protect it from tangles and damage. Was this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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