How Long Do Tape-in Extensions Last?

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Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions can usually last for 8-12 weeks before the need for tape repositioning or replacement arises. The aftercare levels, natural hair growth rate, and tape quality are the main determinants of their longevity.

Being a hairstylist, I’ve interacted with ladies despising tape-in extensions because of their service life, as short as two weeks.

Upon thorough investigations, I realized they were doing something wrong with their tape-ins. Or they were going by hearsays blindly.

That provoked me to discuss how long tape-ins last and what tips are necessary for them to be durable enough.

By the end of this post, you will have discovered your wrongs in tape-ins care and righted them.

Your tape-in extensions should last as they are supposed to.

Now, let’s dig right in.

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How to Make Tape-in Extensions Last Longer

The lifespan of tape-in extensions is two-way: How long you’ll have them in your hair. And how many times you can reinstall the same set of hair before ceasing to be usable.

Without a doubt, the tapes will move down because your hair is growing day by day. Or the tapes’ bonding power weakens with time.

But the issue that lies here is the factors affecting the lifespan and how to modulate them for the tape-in extensions to last longer.

Hair Care

Many miss out on important aspects concerning care for tape-in hair. Yet, if you do not invest in a proper care routine, your tape-ins cannot last as long as you expect them to.

Here are dos and don’ts to have at your fingertips. In other words, these are tips on what you should do and what you shouldn’t on your tape-in hair.

Do’s for Tape-in Extensions

Brush Regularly

Use a hair extensions brush to brush through the tape-in extensions at least twice a day. Take your time and do it gently to remove the tangles.

Brushing vigorously may pull your hair, and the tapes move down earlier than they should. Start at the ends and work upwards while holding the tapes to your head.

Use Conditioner

Apply a leave-in conditioner from mid-length downwards. It helps moisturize your hair and discourage tangling. If the conditioner seeps into the tape tabs close to the roots, it weakens the adhesive, and the tapes may prematurely slip out.

Use Premium-quality Hair Products

The hair products you use on your tape-ins should be purely natural. They should not have any toxic ingredients that may destroy your hair and scalp.

To be safe, always consult your hairstylist for recommendations on the most suitable products for your tape-ins.

Wear Protective Hairstyles

Braids or low ponytails lower the risk of hair breakage and increase moisture retention. It deters hair from losing its original length. These hairstyles are also good ideas to implore when going to sleep to prevent tangling while rolling on your bed.

Wash After 48 hours

Most tape-in extensions brands advise washing the tape-ins 48 hours after installation. By doing so, the tapes will have enough time to bond completely without any interferences. After 48 hours, they’ll be tough enough to withstand the wash.

Use the Heat-protecting Spray

Heating tools expose your hair to heat damage and shorter service life. Applying a heat-protecting spray before perming or curling your hair protects against excess heat.

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Don’ts for Tape-in Extensions

Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair

As we both know, hair is weaker when wet. So sleeping with wet hair is likely to cause massive tangles. Similarly, the tapes for anchorage become weak and very delicate.

Also, the moist conditions encourage unwanted fungi and bacteria to develop on your scalp.

Don’t Apply Flat Iron on The Tape

The heat from the flat iron melts the bond between the tapes. The result will be unbonded tape-ins sliding out of your hair.

Don’t Use Non-water-soluble Silicone Products

Hair products with non-water-soluble silicone cause a build-up of residue on the scalp and dullness on the hair over time.

And in turn, the hair feels burdened with additional weight and gets weaker, eventually leading to hair loss. The residue may also make the tape-ins itch.

Don’t Apply Oil-based Products Near Your Roots

Oil-based products like hair oils and serums dissolve the adhesive between the tapes if applied close to the roots.

Don’t Apply Excessive Heat Styling

In most cases, hair manufacturers recommend setting your heating tool, not beyond 3500F. Any temperature above that is excess and damaging to your tape-in extensions’ wefts.

Don’t Over-wash

Over-washing tampers with the tapes’ attachment loosening it. And the scalp gets overly dry because the over-wash clears the natural oils released from the scalp. Wah once to twice a week.

Don’t Dye by Yourself

If you color your hair on your own, you’re likely to mess up, though you can by yourself. However, it’s safer to let a professional hairstylist do it for you to avoid damage. Dying should be done to colors darker than the initial shade of your tape-in extensions.

Don’t Use Hair Shampoo with Sulfate

Sulfate shampoo rips off moisture from the hair making the hair dry and brittle. The scalp gets affected as the sulfate sparks irritation and discomfort.

Don’t Use Any Type of Brush.

Going with any type of brush may tug your hair and pull it out. Always brush your hair with a hair extensions brush and nothing else. It reduces the tangles and knots on the tape-in hair without pulling and damaging the extensions.

Wash Properly

How you wash your tape-ins is very crucial. The washing technique you apply should be gentle and hair-friendly. After reading the step-by-step guide, you’ll know how to treat your tape-ins with caution.

Prefer video? Here you go:

STEP 1: Detangle the hair thoroughly by brushing in gentle strokes before hopping into the shower. It’s never easy to wash tangled hair as you run your fingers through it.

STEP 2: Let the water flow onto your hair for about five minutes until it’s immensely wet. The water should drench every hair strand, including the scalp area.

STEP 3: Apply a generous amount of sulfate-free shampoo twice in the two rounds of cleansing. Work it into your hair and distribute it to the scalp. Massage the scalp gently left to right until you feel the scalp is refreshed.

And run your fingers through the hair from time to time. Do not be rough with your tape-in extensions, as they’ll loosen.

STEP 4: Rinse out the shampoo foam and squeeze the excess water out of the hair.

STEP 5: Apply conditioner mid-length to the ends. Let it sit in for a couple of minutes, at least five minutes.

STEP 6: Wash out the conditioner and get out as much water as you can. Pat the hair with a clean towel to take out the excess water. Avoid towel-dabbing in a circular motion and wrapping in a towel as the hair will knot and tangle.

STEP 7: Blow-dry with the lowest heat setting. But if you have the time, let the hair air dry since it’s safer and more protective on the hair.

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Tape Quality

How long you can use your tape-in extensions lies at the mercy of the tape quality and durability. And that’s further determined by the tape-in extensions brand you like to wear.

If you’re an amateur tape-extension wearer, the best advice is to buy from famous worldwide brands. Glam Seamless, Bellami, and Goo Goo are some of the most popular brands in the tape-in hair industry.

Any good-quality tape should have a strong medical-grade adhesive that bonds for at least 4-6 weeks. After this duration, meet up with your hairstylist to check if they can last longer or not. If they have worn out, the hairstylist will have to replace the tape at the tabs with new ones.

Taking a longer time than required to replace the tapes will make the tapes difficult to remove. And that may leave your hair prone to tugging and damage.

Hair Growth

You cannot stop nature from taking its course. Hair growth is inevitable, affecting the position of the tapes in your hair over time. But one thing, hair growth rate is different from one woman to another. And that’s where the difference lies in the longevity of tape-in extensions.[1]

If your hair grows super fast, the tape-ins in your hair will move down faster than in slow-growing hair. The extensions will sag and stick out easily if not moved up in good time. It usually takes 3-4 weeks before the extensions need re-adjustment to the initial position.

What’s Next

Tape-ins last long depending on how serious and correct you are in maintaining them. It’s a matter of understanding what tactics to apply for them to last longer while staying beautiful and luscious. Want to try the tape-in hair extensions? Find out about it in this article.

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