Hot Fusion Extensions: The Definitive Guide

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hot fusion hair extension

Come to think of it, did you know you can have fantastic false hair for half a year straight up?

I doubt if you knew because you are used to tape-ins and other kinds of extensions.

As an extensions specialist, l surfed online platforms only to realize little is talked about hot fusion hair extensions. Conclusively, many know little about them. Yet hair is a woman’s treasure, and a change is always good for the soul.

In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of fusion hair extensions and how to care for them for extensive wear.

What are Hot Fusion Extensions?

Hot fusion extensions are hair extensions that come as individual strands with a pre-bonded keratin tip. This extension, otherwise called pre-bonded, flat tip, or U-tip extensions, is famous among women. It’s one of the safest hair extensions as keratin is a major component of your natural hair. [1]

different colors of hot fusion hair extensions

The hair strand is connected to a flat U-shaped keratin material appearance-wise. The solid keratin looks like a nail plate when fresh from a package, to be more precise.

A heat connector iron melts it during installation, getting the strands fused onto your hair. The keratin holds the hair firmly once it solidifies in seconds.

If you aim to put on long-term hair extensions, hot fusion extensions are one of the most appropriate. They’re permanent hair extensions that last for 3-6 months.

Pros of Hot Fusion Extensions

Before deciding to wear hot fusion extensions, you should assess what advantages you’ll gain from them. After all, your hair aspects and desires should dictate everything.

Natural Looking

The strand by strand technique of application creates a very natural-looking appearance. Moreover, rolling the keratin for a firm bond highly contributes to the invisible nature of these extensions.

They end up blending nicely with your own hair. That being said, it’s hard for anyone to know you’re putting them on.

And with the current hair technology, the keratin tip exists in various colors. Hence, you can match the keratin material with your hair color for the most natural and seamless feel.


Hot fusion extensions get manufactured in a variety of color options and textures. This diversity of choice eliminates the possibility of sticking to one color from time to time.

They also provide the freedom to explore different hairstyles like ponytails, braids, pigtails, and buns.

Without revealing the bonds, you can have your hair up with fusion hair extensions. Or you can shift from a straight look to curls or waves.

Great for Coarse Hair

Coarse or thick hair looks healthier in hot fusion extensions. The strands bonded to your coarse hair are thick and therefore blend properly.

This is the ultimate confidence boost since they’ll add unnoticeable volume and length to how you wish. A proper selection and installation by your stylist aggravate that splendid natural look.

Firm Hold

This is the most significant benefit of fusion hair extensions. The bonds of the fusion extensions are made from melted keratin tips and grip firmly upon cooling.

You cannot move them down even with a slight push, unlike micro ring extensions when improperly installed. As they’re bonded using beads, micro ring extensions are prone to loosening up and slipping down.


You cannot compare the bonding power of the U-tip extensions to other temporary hair extensions, such as clip-in or halo hair extensions.

The hair itself lasts for 3-6 months or more since the keratin bond may stay intact for the longest time. On the contrary, clip-ins or halo extensions get removed before sleeping every day. 

Cons of Hot Fusion Extensions

As you look into the pros of hot fusion extensions, don’t forget to enlighten yourself with the cons. 

Heat Issue

Although we consider hot fusion extensions safe, the part of heating glue to bond is a tricky ordeal. If your stylist messes at any point, your hair will not escape massive damage.

That’s why you’re advised to implore the help of an expert technician experienced in fixing hot fusion extensions. That’s to minimize cases of weakened hair.


These extensions will leave you spending $300- $1500 or more for installation. Applying these extensions takes up much labor and time, at most 5 hours.

This equates to the high installation prices. And the packs of hair may cost an average of $200-$300, depending on the hair quality you buy.

Hard to re-use

The pre-bonded hair extensions are not re-usable like tape-ins and micro-ring extensions. When they exhaust their lifespan, they are removed.

The keratin glue is irreplaceable; you can hardly renew them for the second time of wear.

How to Install Hot Fusion Extensions

Installing hot fusion extensions must be professionally done. With a professional, the application will be correct to avoid hair damage.

And if you were expecting to leave the salon within one hour, you’re wrong. Hot fusion extensions take a minimum of 3 hours to install and can consume up to 5 hours. It will depend on how much hair you have and how fast your stylist is.

Also, your decision to apply the extensions on a full head or sections will affect the installation time. Let’s see the procedure of installation and the tools needed.

Tools Needed

  • Melting connector
  • Shield disc
  • Quick pick hair parter
  • Hair clips

Tip: Watch this video to see those steps in the form of visuals.

Step-by-step Tutorial

STEP 1: Prepare the rows along which the installation occurs. There should be enough hair left from the hair perimeter to make the fusion extensions undetectable. Clip the hair above every row of hair you’re working on to have clean partings.

STEP 2: Going row by row from the back, use the quick pick to separate the tiny section of hair. That is from the entire mass of hair.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Install Tutorial

STEP 3: Insert the tiny hair section through the circle at the center of the shield disc. The top part of the inner circle should lie off the hair base. This should be so that the fusion extension will not be close to the hair roots.

STEP 4: Take a hair clip and clip the disc to the hair underneath to secure it. You’ll have fully detached the hair strand from the rest of the hair at this point. And that prevents the keratin bond from spreading beyond the hair strand.

STEP 5: Grab the extensions strand. Let the keratin tip sit on the natural hair strand at the bottom of the disc.

STEP 6: Place the keratin bond part between the jaws of the melting connector. The keratin bond melts and spreads.

STEP 7: Remove the melting connector, and press the keratin in a rolling motion to bond to the hair. Ensure you roll between your fingers. The extension strand fuses onto your natural hair, as the name fusion hair extensions suggests.

STEP 8: Detach the hair clip and the shield disc. That’s it; you’re done fixing your first extensions strand.

STEP 9: Repeat the same steps on other actual strands of hair till you achieve your desired look.

remove hot fusion hair extension via glue

How to Remove Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion extensions have to get out once their lifespan is over. You cannot move up these extensions or replace the bonding material to extend the lifespan. It’s a done deal once the fusion hair extensions excessively wear out.

To avoid damage, you have to do what’s right with the help of a professional stylist. You cannot compromise that advice for the sake of saving costs. That would mean you would rather see your hair break and be destroyed than spend a dime.

So how should the stylist remove the fusion hair extensions?

Part the hair in rows according to how the fusion extensions were rowed across your head. Clip the top hair to isolate every row you work on. That’s how you get to where the bonded extensions are.

After doing that, select the strands one by one,

  1. Select the strands one by one.
  2. Apply a generous amount of an alcohol-based remover.
  3. Roll the attachment point to disintegrate the bond.
  4. Use the luxe tool to break the keratin further and release the extensions strand from your hair.
  5. Repeat the entire procedure until all strands get removed.

As actions are better than words, this video enables you to understand them deeper.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Remove Tutorial

How to Care for Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

You must invest in proper care to leverage your fusion hair extensions experience. In most cases, women start to act when the extensions show signs of dulling and tangling.

It’s at that instance they began getting lost. They should care for the keratin extensions from the first day after installation. And further, incorporate these care tips into their care routine:

  • Avoid blow-drying the keratin bond area when drying your hair. Keratin melts in the presence of heat. Therefore, the extension strands loosen and may fall out.
  • Use hair extension brushes only to detangle and smooth out the hair alignment. This brush is specific for all hair extensions, including hot fusion extensions. It has widely-spaced soft bristles that run through the hair with ease.
  • Always use a shampoo with no alcohol or oil additives, such as argan or coconut oil. These break down the keratin bonds earlier than expected.
  • Do not sleep with wet hair as it will tangle to extents you cannot reverse. Also, learn to sleep in a low pony or braid to minimize matting and tangling.
  • When washing, avoid scrubbing aggressively since you may interfere with the bonds. It may also lead to matting.
  • Use hair products moderately to prevent the excesses from accumulating into a build-up.
hair extension after hairstyle

FAQs about Hot Fusion Extensions

How many fusion extensions will be needed for a full head?

Conclusively, the average range for a full head is 5 to 9 packs. It all depends on your hair aspects and to what extent you seek to pimp up your hair.

Remember, one pack of fusion hair extensions includes 20 strands of hair. And each strand weighs 1 gram. If you convert mathematically, 100-180 strands suffice for a full head application.

How to sleep with hot fusion extensions?

If left in a freely-falling state, the hair tangles up very fast because of your frequent turns in bed. The hair is also likely to get matted as it may take up flint matter from your bedding. However, it will be best to lie your head on a satin flint-free pillow.

You will also feel comfortable while asleep and eventually have a great night’s rest. Therefore, work to see you have your hair up in a loose high ponytail, for instance, and cover with a satin bonnet.

Is hot fusion hair extension permanent?

Of course, yes! They can last the longest for 3-6 months, validating them as permanent hair extensions. Other types of permanent hair extensions are tape-ins, micro rings, hand-tied extension, and sew-ins.

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