Will Hand-tied Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

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Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied extensions do not cause damage if fixed by a professional hairstylist. Instead, they give the extra length and volume your hair needs while maintaining its natural look.

As a fan of hair extensions, I’ll always put on hand-tied extensions over and over again.

And, I’ve come across wonderful ladies adamant about exploring hand-tied extensions. Not because they’ve tried them before and things did not go well. 

It’s an underlying fear that hand-tied extensions may pull out their real hair. Probably, you have the same fright. I’ve been there before, and I understand it’s out of ignorance.

This article will delve into the perks and drawbacks of hand-tied extensions. And I’m certain you can learn a lot from my personal hair extensions experience. 

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The Pros of Hand-tied Extensions

There are several advantages to wearing hand-tied extensions. Ask yourself how you can capitalize on them to get the most out of hand-tied extensions.

More Volume

We all want to feel confident in our own hair. Unfortunately, some of us do not have long, voluminous hair. Hand-tied extensions are the go-to solution in such a case.

It’s in the form of hair strands fixed onto wefts. The installation method is nearly like the beaded wefts process. The hairstylist creates 1-3 rows across your heads and clips tiny beads into your hair or braids. Then anchors the hand-tied extensions onto them. As simple as that, you wear the luscious hair of your dreams.

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Hand-tied hair extensions offer great versatility and flexibility. They’re available in various weights, colors, lengths, and styles.

If you cannot find the color you need, these extensions are dye-able to suit your color taste. You can also play along with any hairstyle you want, whether ponytail, high bun, low bun, or twists.

Natural Looking

Not every hair extension gives a seamless, natural look. The beauty of hand-tied extensions is that they provide a 110% natural hair appearance. You feel like they’re genetically your own. This happens only when your choice of professional does a diligent job.

The hairstylist uses their expertise to help you choose a color that blends with your real hair. The beads and wefts lie flatter against the hair. They’re unnoticeable even in close view and undetectable with a hairstyle change.

No Residue

The hand-tying installation technique does not involve the use of heat. Hence no irking residues show up as a result. But, hand-tied extensions allow heating using heating tools. And can be curled or straightened to one’s liking.

Easy to maintain

Hand-tied extensions need no special hair maintenance products to maintain a beautiful look. You’re always good to go with just applying hair oil. Cleansing and conditioning is a normal routine as you would do with your natural hair.

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The Cons of Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Anything with remarkable benefits has its dark side. Hand-tied hair extensions are no exception. 

Some downsides are minimizable, while others are not. But that should not scare you not to put on hand-tied extensions.


The cost of hand-tied extensions is higher than other types of hair extensions. Do not feel surprised upon finding out you are to spend a fortune. It could be as high as $2000 depending on quality, choice of professional, and your hair desires.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur due to poorly installation or high tension during installation. Most hair extension enthusiasts like re-using their hand-tied extensions. The constant tugging of the hair and the scalp can lead to an adverse hair loss known as traction alopecia.[1]


Excellent hand-tied extension services align with competent professionalism. No expert takes less than five hours to row your head and install the wefts at the correct spots. The whole process is time-consuming and needs much patience.

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FAQs about Hand-tied Hair Extensions

How many rows of hair will I need?

The number of rows of hair varies with your hair density, head size, and what kind of hair volume suits you. One row could be enough in one appointment. But in another, you may switch to two to three rows. Generally, hand-tied extensions need 1-6 rows for optimum comfort.

How long do hand-tied extensions last?

One can stay with hand-tied extensions for 8-12 weeks. How well you care for your extensions determines how long they’ll serve you. When poorly maintained, they last shorter than expected.

The easiest hack is to be gentle with your hand-tied extension to increase its longevity on your head.

Do hand-tied extensions work on short hair?

Yes. Hand-tied extensions work well on short hair.

The extension stylist has to apply adept professionalism during installation. That’s to ensure your real hair is indiscernible from the hand-tied extensions. A harmonious blend would give the desired natural appearance.

Can hand-tied extensions hurt my scalp?

Sister, hand-tied extensions installations are somewhat painless with professional installation services. There could be little scalp pain due to some tension upon installation, which dies off after a day or two.

If you feel excruciating pain, the installation might have been poor. You ought to schedule another hair appointment immediately to find a pain-free solution.

Do hand-tied extensions limit hair growth?

Hand-tied extensions do not prevent hair growth. Instead, they protect the hair and maintain its health. In such a conducive environment, the hair strands lengthen naturally and unforced.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should no longer be doubtful about hand-tied extensions. With proper care and professionalism, you can avoid the damage from hand-tied extensions. As for people with sparse hair, these extensions gets you the natural beauty you need in no time. 

If you have any questions about hand-tied hair extensions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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