Halo Extensions Length: The Ultimate Guide

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Halo Extensions Length The Guide

Halo extensions are a popular, one-step method of adding volume and length to your hair. They come with a thin, invisible wire to secure them firmly on top of your head within just a few minutes.

Still, knowing how to choose the correct halo hair extension length is very important. The length you pick will always impact how your hair looks after styling.

Today, we created a complete guide to help you discover how to pick the correct length to make styling easier.

Let’s begin!

Different Halo Hair Extensions Length

Halo hair extensions mostly come in different hair lengths. This is why you should pick the right length to blend the weft perfectly. The hair should not be too short or too long; otherwise, your hair will look very unnatural.

Here are the different types of halo hair extensions length.

Halo Hair Extensions Length

12” Halo Extensions

The 12” halo hair extension is the shortest length available. It reaches the average shoulder length and is ideal for those with hair length below the collarbones.

Usually, 12” halo hair extensions add subtle length and volume, making them suitable for shorter hair.

14” Halo Extensions

The 14” halo hair extensions should lie on the upper back when worn. But your hair does not have to be the exact length on your upper back to wear this 14” length.

Still, 14” halo hair extensions are preferable on short hair and could be perfect for creating bob hairstyles.

It gives instant fullness and blends the blunt ends seamlessly for a natural look. Just ensure you distribute the weft evenly to avoid having too much volume or weight on one side of the head.

halo hair extensions (2)

16” Halo Extensions

Extensions of this length usually hit around mid back on most wearers. They are perfect for everyday wear and look very realistic when worn.

You can try this length to add some length and volume if your natural hair lies around shoulder length.

Typically, the ends of 16” halo hair extensions are not super thick and look very natural. They taper off toward the ends as your natural hair would.

18” Halo Extensions

18” strands are medium length and are favorable for people with longer hair. They are perfect if you want a significant change in length to give your hair more character.

It will increase the length and volume of your hair to get that full extension appeal.

The 18” halo hair extension is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. But you should style them correctly; otherwise, the strands will stick out and look shabby.

halo hair extensions (4)

20” Halo Extensions

20” is the most popular length of halo hair extensions and is a good fit for people of all hair types. They reach the lower back when straight and are longer even after curling or styling.

You can braid or do long ponytails when wearing these extensions. The downside is that this extra length may be challenging to manage and can add more weight to thin hair.

22” Halo Extensions

The 22” halo hair extensions reach waist length and are perfect for those with dense or thick hair.

Usually, halo extensions with this length get relatively thicker in the middle and taper off towards the ends. They can thus double your hair’s length without interfering with its natural look.

Unfortunately, they damage easily as they are too long and heavy. This is why they are not for everyday wear and are better off worn on special occasions.

24” Halo Extensions

24” halo hair extension is the longest and falls past the waist when worn. Extensions this long match very long hair and are great for achieving bold looks.

With the 24” length, you will get longer strands with a little thickness to your natural hair. Also, you can style the hair however you want without losing that extra-long look.

How to Choose Halo Hair Extensions Length

You should choose the right halo hair extension length to avoid creating tension or discomfort in your natural hair. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect halo extension length.

Your Natural Hair

You will get a seamless blend with a halo extension whose length is about 4” – 6” longer than your natural hair. On anything shorter than that, the strands will stick out and look very unnatural.

I recommend measuring your hair to see which length of hair extensions is ideal. To measure your hair, position the zero mark of a soft measuring tape at the top of your ear.

Then, run the tape along the length of your hair and take the measurements once you reach the tip of your hair.

halo hair extensions

Your Height

Halo hair extensions of the same length will appear different on every person depending on their height.

For instance, if you are rather tall, an 18” bundle will hit slightly below your shoulders and appear shorter.

However, if you are shorter, it will be slightly above the waist and appear longer on you.

Usually, if you are around average height, it is best to stick with extensions between 16” – 20”. Wear extensions between 12” – 14” if shorter than average, and go for 22” or 24” if you’re taller than average.

halo hair extensions


Generally, it is good to have extensions longer than your natural hair. But how you style your halo extensions will determine the length you should pick.

For instance, choose longer halo extensions if you wear a cascade haircut. This is because part of the hair has to be cut when shaping such a haircut. Also, pick longer extensions if you want voluminous updos or ponytails.

However, shorter halo extensions are suitable for creating shorter hairstyles, such as bob cuts. You will be able to create instant length and thickness without any hassle.

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Hair Texture

The length of hair on extensions is primarily measured when the hair is straight and not wavy or curly. Therefore, depending on the hair texture, consider getting an extension longer than your natural hair.

I recommend getting a bundle about 2” longer than your natural hair if getting a straight hair extension. For extensions with wavy hair, go for a bundle about 4” longer. And a bundle about 6” longer would be ideal for a curly hair extension.

Hair Type

FAQs About Halo Hair Extensions Length

How Long Should Your Hair Be for Halo Extensions?

Usually, your natural hair should be around shoulder length to conceal and blend the halo hair extensions. While it is okay to wear halo hair extensions on shorter hair, it can look pretty unnatural when worn on very short hair. The short strands will not hide the attachment points properly.

Does Halo Extension Work With Short Hair?

Halo hair extensions will not blend perfectly with very short hair. If worn on shorter hair, the hairstyle will have several blunt ends and look unnatural. However, those with short hair of about shoulder length could use halo extensions.

I recommend using 12” halo hair extensions for those with short hair. They are about shoulder length and would blend perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about halo hair extensions length, including how to pick the correct length. Moreover, if you are considering buying halo extensions, consider this list of the best halo hair extensions for thin hair.

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