Top 23 Halloween Costume Wigs for Kids

In America and other parts of the Western world, Halloween every October 31st is a highly popular celebration. It is such a massive event that Americans spend roughly $6 billion annually to celebrate Halloween, only a second fiddle to Christmas (December 25th) as the biggest commercial holiday. Halloween happens a day before All Saints’ Day on November 1st and a couple of days ahead of All Souls’ Day on November 2nd. Thus, it is believed that the ghosts of the dead come back to the earthly world on Halloween.

The Halloween celebration is made memorable with the traditional activities such as trick-or-treating, playing pranks, Halloween parades and costume parties. Aside from the fun, people joining and watching the events anticipate the costumes worn which are mostly ghostly, spooky, and hair-raising. But why such scary incarnations? Old beliefs say that in order to avoid being recognized by the ghosts when they come back to earth during Halloween, people wear masks and disguise as one of them. It is carried on until today through the Halloween costume parade and parties in many parts of America and Europe.

So, if you and your spouse and kids love to celebrate Halloween in out-of-this-world costumes, here are 23 Halloween wigs that you can wear to achieve total perfection in your chilling transformation:

1. Witch’s Wigs

Since ancient until modern times, witches have become a quintessential symbol of Halloween. It is said that witches gather on Halloween night, riding on broomsticks to a party hosted by the devil. Many variations of the witch costume have been created but the right make-up and wig create a stand-out look.

A: Voodoo Witch Wig

A.Voodoo Witch Wig

Dress up as a witch that invokes the souls of people and make them do things beyond their will. What could be a scarier than an encounter with a voodoo witch? To add a daunting factor to your overall look, wear this two-toned, black and reddish wig with thick dreadlocks and embellished with feathers and cord wraps. With the right make up, you can be as authentic as this witch from West Africa.

B: Pink Witch Wig

Pink Witch Wig

Witches are stereotyped to don long, scruffy black or white hair. Can’t a witch be more adventurous with her choice of hair color? Add style and pizzazz to your Halloween witch costume by wearing a huge pink wig with baby horns instead. Scary yet glamorous – that’s the kind of millennial witch that can rock a Halloween night!

C: Gothic Witch Wig

Gothic Witch Wig

If at one point in your life, you were into wearing too much eyeliner, black lipstick, black nail polish and were drawn to occult things (tarot cards and Ouija boards to name a few), then turning into a gothic witch on Halloween is expected of you. So, put on that black dress and adorn yourself with a pentagram pendant and all-black accessories. And last but most important of all, nail the gothic witch look by wearing a black and white long, wavy, badass wig.

D: Wicked Witch of the West Wig

Wicked Witch of the West Wig

One of the most renowned witches in the history of film is the Wicked Witch of the West. This character has appeared in the movies “The Wizard of Oz”, “Oz the Great and Powerful” and the stage production of “Wicked.” So, if you want to be the most popular witch in the Halloween parade or party, be the envious Wicked Witch with a green face and green pointed nose, an all-black ensemble and a long messy green wig with a black tall hat if you want.

E: Wicked Witch Wig for Kids

Wicked Witch Wig for Kids

So, your brave young girl isn’t afraid of witches and actually wants to play a witch on Halloween night? Let her have some fun while giving off sinister vibes while trick-or-treating! Complete her wicked witch get-up with a long wavy black wig that turns either red, greed or purple wig midway through.

2. Malefezia Witch Wig

Malefezia Witch Wig

This unique wig is undoubtedly inspired by the Disney character Maleficent, an evil fairy who brings heartbreaking misfortune in the kingdom of King Stefan and makes the life of Princess Aurora miserable. Maximize the impact of Maleficent’s dark, elegant and dramatic visage by wearing this curly wig with two hairy horns with a black thin veil hanging on each horn.

3. Werewolf / Men’s Wolf Wig

Werewolf Man Wolf Wig

Werewolves or “man wolf” is a staple of European folklore. He is a human being who turns into a wolf at night, especially on full moons, and devours his prey (animals, humans or corpses). To recreate a werewolf’s savage look, all it takes is this disheveled, brownish curly wig that comes with long sideburns and big ears. Then your impersonation will be a howling success!

4. Scary Joker Wig

Scary Joker Wig

The scare of Halloween doesn’t come exclusively from the underworld or evil characters. Even a figure from your favorite superhero movie can cause a heart-pounding effect such as the Joker from the Batman movie “The Dark Knight”. A self-confessed psychotic, his terror emanates from his ability to wreak havoc and chaos. So, unleash the Joker in you on Halloween by wearing his signature facial makeup and attire plus a wig in a synthetic wavy, greenish brown, lopsided hairstyle.

5. Elvira Mistress of the Dark Wig

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Wig

If you feel like channeling a sultry with a touch of sexy scare look on Halloween, then go for the Elvira Mistress of the Dark character. Elvira herself doesn’t spell terror; she is a hostess of a horror show who was accused and arrested for witchcraft. Yet, she has been associated with Halloween for decades now. Make a cut with the Elvira wig designed in punk-goth proportions. No need to fluff your hair as this wig provides volume and long, black silky hair that turns you into Elvira in a wink.

6. Chucky Doll Wig

Chucky Doll Wig

Numerous movies have been made since 1988 about Chucky that it goes without saying he has become an icon of horror. A good boy doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, his transformation into a terrorizing doll is indeed frightening. So, for a night of Halloween fun, let your young boy reincarnate Chucky by wearing this bright red-orange layered wig. Just gently remind your little guy that his Halloween role-playing ends at exactly 11:59 p.m. on October 31.

7. Edward Scissorhands Wig

Edward Scissorhands Wig

Edward is the protagonist in a 1990 movie starring Johnny Depp. He is an artificial being created by an inventor who dies and leaves Edward with scissors instead of hands. He is basically gentle, yet his freakish looks scare off people. Your teenage son may be the perfect Edward at a Halloween ball. Aside from the trademark scissor hands, let him wear a wig with big, teased hair that literally stands out.

8. Medusa Wig

Medusa Wig

Greek mythology has created one of the most dreaded female monsters of all time, Medusa. Her distinctive mark is having a head that is a pair of venomous snakes. Her evil curse turns people into stone upon gazing at her face. This Halloween, wear this long, wavy black and green wig with golden snakes sticking out on top of the head, project that deadly gaze and surely, the audience will be stunned into silence.

9. Zombie Wigs for Men and Women

Zombie Wigs for Men and Women

Zombie characters have become a hit in different entertainment platforms that wearing a zombie costume on Halloween is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Also called the “living dead” and the “walking dead”, zombies are corpses revived to life. So, to create that look, you can wear any soiled or blood-stained clothing piece. Then top it off with a zombie wig. For men, it can be a messy and unkempt blonde, black or brown wig while women can opt for a long, tangled, windswept wig with tips covered in fake blood. It’s effortless to achieve that “fresh out of the grave” look!

10. Day of the Dead Senorita Wig

Day of the Dead Senorita Wig

In Mexico, Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) is a celebration in which family and friends remember the dead and pray for their continued spiritual journey. A symbol for the holiday is the skull. If you have a Mexican lineage, then come to a Halloween parade or party dressed up as a Mexican senorita (lady) with a skull mask and a curly red and black wig adored with a red and black rose. For more tips about that, please read The Complete Guideline.

11. Evil Clown Wig

Evil Clown Wig

Clowns in children’s parties bring lots of fun and laughter. But not all of them, as the movie “It” proves there can be an evil entity dressed up as the clown. Halloween is perhaps an excuse for clowns to show their malevolent side so dress up as a clown, paint your face to look like blood is dripping off you and top it off with a spiky bloody red wig that seems happy but deadly underneath.

12. Gothic Broken Doll Tween’s Wig

Gothic Broken Doll Tween Wig

A doll reflects innocence and pure happiness, so they become a girl’s best friend. But what if gets sad and broken? Will it still be as adorable and cuddly? They become a fitting get up for Halloween because of their somber and mysterious visage. Your family’s tween can be a gothic broken doll on Halloween with this blue and purple wig with ponytailed twirls tied with black ribbons and topped with a small purple gingham hat. Wear a half mask to give an illusion of a broken doll who perhaps hides a broken spirit.

13. White Lady Supernatural Being Wig

White Lady Supernatural Being Wig

Whether it’s Halloween season or not, people in the mood for a scare like talking about supernatural beings – particularly a white lady ghost. She is a female ghost dressed in all-white that appears out of nowhere, especially in rural areas, and causes a tragedy. For Halloween, a while lady look is the easiest to pull off with a long, flowing white dress, white facial makeup and dark-circled eyes. But the highlight of this simple look should be the waist-long, free-flowing white (or grayish white) wig that creates a spooky feel, especially when it covers the face.

14. Beetlejuice Wig

Beetlejuice Wig

“Being the ghost with the most”, Beetlejuice is a ghost character in the movie of the same title. He is a rude, mischievous and perverted ghost who possesses a lot of powers and abilities. To get his look, wear a black and white striped jacket, pants, white shirt and black tie. Paint your face with crazy make-up and wear a big, knotted white wig that flows in every direction.

15. Emily the Corpse Bride Wig

Emily the Corpse Bride Wig

This character is from the 2005 film “Corpse Bride”, a stop-motion animated film with music and fantasy. Emily is the central character as a charismatic zombie woman who sacrificed her love to the man she was supposed to marry. Imitating the corpse bride’s look requires you to wear a long wavy blue wig encircled with a wreath of beautiful blue flowers. Of course, you have to wear a worn-out bride’s dress to become Halloween night’s beautiful but sad bride.

16. Gothic Vampire Wig

Gothic Vampire Wig

Think of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt in the smash hit “Interview with the Vampire” movie and you get an idea what a gothic vampire is. He is basically a “romantic Goth (the Germanic race that invaded the Roman Empire) with fangs.” So aside from the fangs, wear a luxurious cape, paint your face a ghostly white and wear a brownish wavy wig that was considered romantic in Gothic times.

17. Annabelle Doll Wig

Annabelle Doll Wig

Annabelle the doll is truly one of the memorable movie doll characters in recent years. It first appeared in the 2013 film “The Conjuring” as an allegedly haunted rag doll. Its popularity rose thereafter so movies devoted to her character were released in 2014 and 2017. So, it is most likely that your young lass is very much aware who Annabelle is and may love to dress up as her on Halloween. Get that white and red dress and polish off her look with the Annabelle wig – auburn long side braids with red ribbons.

18. Ghost Town Indian Wig

Ghost Town Indian Wig

Imagine getting lost in a creepy, abandoned old town with no one in sight – a ghost town. Then suddenly, a white-haired Indian man appears and as you approach him, he swiftly floats into thin air… and reappears behind you. Such is the scary story behind the ghost town Indian. Get his look by donning this long silky white wig coupled with a worn out Indian wig outfit, headdress and pale white face make-up. Now people can be convinced that there is indeed an Indian ghost, at least on Halloween night.

19. She Devil Wig

She Devil Wig

The devil who lords it over in the hell can be a she. For the sake of bringing fright and fun on Halloween, be the mistress of hell in black and red. Match your fiery red dress with a mid-length black and red wavy wig attached with a pair of glittery red horns. Then all hell will break loose as the temptress from hell makes her presence known (and that will be you!).


Families indeed look forward to Halloween as a special holiday when they can share fun and excitement together. Although it only happens on a single day, preparations are made weeks ahead especially in ensuring that everyone comes up with the spookiest attires in the costume parade and revelries. From choosing the pieces of clothing to deciding on the perfect wig to wear, Halloween is truly the only time of the year when people appear in their scary best!

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