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hair companies in ca

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re a Canadian resident looking for a hair company situated in Canada. Definitely, the remedy to your quest lies in this article.

All over the world, you find that most hair sellers and producers are China, UK, or US based. Our list of hair companies in Canada means happier hair days for Canadians.

With the hair merchants nearby, access to services improves, and shipment times decrease.

So, let’s unravel which companies they are and more about them.

Keep your eyes glued here to the very end.

Gorgeous Hair Wigs

Gorgeous Hair is an Ottawa-based online store founded in 2010. It’s a retail business that sells a vast collection of wigs, hair extensions, and other hairpieces. You’ll find that your choices are unlimited when you browse through their products.

They believe they have hair for everyone from high-end brands. Their items are Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor, Ellen Wille, Noriko, and Amore, among others. They associate themselves with the best manufacturers with ethical hair sourcing and manufacturing.

Regarding their merchandise, they sell human hair, synthetic, lace front, and monofilament wigs. All these wig types are available in more subcategories. As for the hair extensions, you can buy their clip-in extensions, bangs, and ponytails.

Their hair extensions are human hair, synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic extensions. So, if you’re looking for the affordable synthetic type you can heat style, here is the place to fetch them. They’re also gender-neutral by providing wigs and toupees for men.

When it comes to entertainment, Halloween, and film production, they offer costume wigs. Take a leap of using their costume wigs to bring out your acting talent. Canadian locals can physically pick up their orders at their shop in Manotick, Ottawa.

Gorgeous Hair Wigs

Canada Hair

Canada Hair is a world-class Canadian hair company. They have other enterprises across the globe intending to give women access to affordable, good-quality hair. Their sales mission is to make you look chic and pretty through the transformative power of hair.

They deal in four brands: Tara Hair, Quality Hair, Marie-Anne, and CheveuxRoyal. And they have a diverse array of human hair and synthetic wigs, toppers, and hair extensions. You also get all types of hair extensions: tape-ins, clip-ins, fusion, micro-ring, nano rings, invisible wire, ponytails, or sew-ins.

Looking at their wigs and toppers, they’re in various designs. They also vend hair heating tools and wig care products. They’re sufficient in all pertaining to hair needs, including styling and maintenance.

On every purchase of their products, they reward you with points. You can redeem these points on your next spend for a discount. They seek to enable loyal customers to buy from them at lower prices.

Canada Hair Company

Best Weave Hair

Best Weave Hair is a women-powered hair seller aiming to provide 100% virgin human hair. They’re committed to hairpieces o superior quality with the greatest lifespan. Their primary interest is uncompromised hair quality for client satisfaction.

They want you to rock your hair with a smile beaming on your face. Ensuring that, they have plenty of wigs and hair extensions. Freely search for lace frontals, closures, full lace wigs, and synthetic braided wigs.

When shopping, you’ll also see clip-ins, ponytails, sew-in weaves, and hair-related items. Let your wig or extensions not spoil due to lack of proper tools, yet they have nice brushes, hair scarfs, and storage bags.

They’re also hair wholesalers. If you want to start a retail business, you could get your stock from them in bulk. Through that, you can save over 40% with them and use the saving to grow your start-up. Buyers with small orders receive free shipping for all orders of $350 and above.

Arda Wigs Canada

Arda Wigs didn’t start in Canada. The brand was originally located in the US from the year 2009. Later, they opened a branch in Ontario, Canada, in 2015 to easily reach Canadian customers.

Regardless of location, they sell and ship to the world through their website. Wherever you are, open their website and make an order without necessarily being in US or Canada. In fact, they have responsive customer service, even in helping you find your color match.

Their specialization is nothing but wigs. If you’re after wig units, you can get classic, silky, and premium lace front wigs from them. For the best looks, they also boast styling tools such as brushes, combs, and scissors.

Helping you be conversant with the world of wigs, they guide you through tutorials. They have a large Youtube presence with how-to guides in abundance on their Arda Wigs Youtube channel. Keep scrolling and listening to them to understand how to use their stuff.

Arda Wigs Canada


Aside from being deeply rooted in US and Australia, Chiquel is also in Canada. As fancy as the brand sounds, they target to keep you stylish and glamorous. They pride themselves in seeing you express yourself through the beauty of your hair.

When you buy a Chiquel wig, you purchase either human hair, synthetic wigs, or a blend of both. They ensure gender and age inclusivity by providing men’s, women’s, and kids’ wigs. For whatever reason, whether medical or not, you can flaunt your new hairstyle.

They also focus on hair extensions and hairpieces like buns, bangs, and ponytails. In terms of quality, they go with on-trend brands like Belle Tress, Jon Renau, Rene of Paris, and Hairdo. These are a few of the 17 brands they sell.

You can also source your hair care and accessories from their store. Whether it’s a wig cap, stand, liners, brushes, combs, color rings, or headwear, you’ll come across them. They ease accessibility of hair tools and care products instead of looking for them elsewhere. 

And their services extend beyond the point of sale. They keep you aware of how to care for your newly-bought items to optimize longevity. Besides virtual consultations, you get well-informed through their care instructions.


Super Hairpieces

Super Hairpieces are both manufacturers and retailers. Even though their offices and warehouses are in Canada and USA, their factory is in Qingdao, China. That’s where their units on sale are manufactured under strict quality inspection.

The brand found its way into the hair industry in 1996. At this point in time, they’re versed with technologies in the production of the finest hair. This is not only wigs and hair extensions but also toupees and hair toppers.

As sellers of their products, they cut out intermediaries for the costs to be as low as possible for the consumer. Simply get onto their site, order, and you’ll have your hair shipped from their warehouses to you.

Their hair extensions are in a wide variety. Expect clip-in, tape-in, nail tip, stick tip, machine weft, hand-tied weft, and halo hair extensions. The wigs are European, Indian, and Chinese human hair or synthetic Japanese Kanekalon.

In more detail, they offer lace or monofilament wigs. These wigs have their base as lace, silicone, monofilament, or a skin base. And all come in unique sizes, colors, and lengths of choice. The men’s selections are toupees, custom full wigs, or small hair patches.

Super Hairpieces


Hopefully, you’ve arrived at your hair company of choice. Of most importance is getting high-quality, durable, and comfortable-to-wear hairpieces. All these elements in consideration grant you worth for your spent coins.

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