GooGoo Hair Review: Scam Or Worth It?

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googoo hair review

When shopping for a particular hair brand, you yearn for the real picture of what you’re getting yourself. Truth be told, the marketplace has plenty of hair brands, even on e-commerce platforms.

And every brand speaks highly of its products. We’re often given false positive expectations, yet nothing in this world is 100% perfect. 

From my experience with tons of brands, I’ll review Goo Goo Hair today from an unbiased perspective.

Upon reading to the end of this article, you’ll have gained eye-opening insights regarding the popular brand. 

Keep scrolling. 

What is Goo Goo Hair?

Goo Goo Hair is a global hair brand established over 20 years ago. The e-commerce enterprise is deeply rooted in the hair industry, with a solid experience in hair extensions

This company’s office, factory, and warehouse are in the USA. Coming to their merchandise, they deal in a beautiful collection of clip-ins, tape-ins, halo extensions, and ponytail extensions. Over time, they’ve sharpened their expertise in delivering quality through ethical workmanship.

All their hairpieces are human hair products. With a great client base, they own a website for easy access to their hair units. The site is user-friendly, even for a novice looking for hair extensions online for the first time. 

GooGoo Hair Review

Deeply-analyzed GooGoo Hair Reviews

Having tasted the essentials about Goo Goo, let’s dig into greater detail about them. Every information below is plain and unvarnished, regardless of the seller’s claims. 


Are Goo Goo hair products authentic? Are their hair extensions 100% human hair, as they advertise? This is usually the key point of interest for most buyers. 

googoo hair review

With a frank mind, the hair is silky soft when you run your fingers through the strands. I verified that; however, it is not satisfactory enough. I frequently wore clip-in hair, heat-styled, making curls or waves, and the hair hardly frailed.

I washed the hair some days, and the color remained intact, with no discoloration. Goo Goo hair is pure human hair. It’s not adulterated with synthetic or animal fibers and is absolutely dye-free. 

googoo hair review (3)

The extensions are made out of real Remy hair. The hair is collected from multiple donors, with the cuticles intact and the hair aligning in the same direction. 

Even though the company asserts that Remy hair is Brazillian, it’s a marketing strategy. It’s a tactful habit popular in more than 90% of beauty stores to sell in the competitive hair industry. In reality, the hair is of Indian or Asian origin. 

googoo hair review (2)

Plus, the hair being 9A grade is also a means of winning our hearts. There are no common standards for hair grades amongst most hair producers. 9A grade hair in Goo Goo hair company depicts not the same quality as that of other companies as standards are different. 


Every company strives to show us clear, attractive pictures of their faultless hair products. Yes, that’s a trap to entice you that the hair is freaking flawless. Pictures can be deceiving because how often does a product ordered online look different in your hands?

googoo hair review (5)

Blame not the camera crew. Definitely, you won’t set your eyes on their products twice if they appear blurred and fuzzy. As for Goo Goo hair, it’s the same clever tactic, though their pictures show the actual items. 

googoo hair review (4)

However, the most realistic picture of hair extensions is by bare sight. On several occasions I’ve bought this brand, the hair was soft and natural from the roots to the ends. They boast natural colors and shades of chocolate brown, dark brown, balayage, highlights, etc.

googoo hair review (10)

Since hair colors may appear exaggerated in photos, they provide color-matching services. Simply take photos from different sides of your hair, from root to tip, in natural outdoor lighting. 

And engage them using those photos on Whatsapp, email, Instagram, or an online Web chat. Those photos will give them a right clue on your best color fits. 

googoo hair review (9)


Sincerely speaking, it’s hard to give a precise lifespan because longevity varies for every wearer. 

How well you care for them and the wearing frequency determines how long you’ll have them. This applies to all categories of hair extensions, be it tape-ins, halos, or clip-ins.

googoo hair review (7)

Nevertheless, the manufacturer guarantees 2-4 months of wear with proper TLC. However, longevity can go up to a year; it boils down to your care regimen and hacks to keep them alive longer. 

googoo hair review (8)

Customer Feedback

The brand keeps customers posted from the point of order to the end of the delivery process. The company attests to providing 24/7 customer support, 24 hours every day of the week.

Upon placing my order, I received an immediate confirmation message via email. This got followed with the tracking information when the order started being shipped to my location. 

The emails looked automated but provided the needed details in good time. And the customer support is friendly and responsive. You can contact them through Whatsapp or Instagram if emails seem less navigable. 

googoo hair review (11)

And good thing, you can directly reach out to them through live chats on the site. Sometimes, canceling orders, returns and tracking them if delivery delays may be necessary. At first, it may look like bots talking to you, but the team later gets in touch.

Delivery Time

They take one business day to process your order. Shipment arrangements begin mostly the following business day after orders get in. Regular deliveries are free worldwide from their warehouse in the US. 

The nature of the delivery depends on the shipping address. If you live in the US, you will receive your package in 2-3 business days, delivered by USPS. 

Delivery to Europe and other countries in the world takes more time. You’ll wait for 3-5 business days to have your new hair with you. The courier of service is FedEx. You notice that all their couriers are the most trusted and reliable globally. 

For expedited deliveries, the package takes less than 2 days to arrive. 

Payment and Returns

The payment systems are reliable and universal: Klarna, Paypal, and Credit Cards. 

Klarna supports buy now and pay later through them. It allows you to pay in 4 equal interest-free installments. That helps you to feel comfortable and financially unstrained in the long run. 

The payment means are secure and encrypted. All your credentials are kept private between you and them, protecting you from fraud. 

GooGoo Hair Review - payment

If you don’t receive the exact item you wanted, you get a 30-day return/exchange period from the delivery date. Keep them informed of your needs. 

They’ll accept returns only if the package is in its original state. You’ll have to keep the hair if it is used, dyed, or damaged. 

Refunds start immediately after they receive the returned item if you’re not up for an exchange. If it’s an exchange, they process and dispatch the shipment after getting the returns. 

Promotion and Discounts

On their website, sign up for the 10% discount code! A sweet way of reducing expenditure. 

For more save-ups, join the reward program by creating an account on the site. Every time you shop, log into your account and buy your goodies to earn points. Do not miss out on the login step. 

Whenever you feel you’re low on cash, redeem the points for discounted prices. Earning points is not only through buying their products. 

You can earn points by following them on Instagram and Facebook and liking and sharing their posts. Alternatively, review their items. 

Discounts could be through referrals, too. Take their referral link on their site and post it on your social media platforms. Each prospect who uses the $5 promo code in the link at checkout gets you a $5 discount. 

GooGoo Hair Review - Referal

Other Opinions

My verdict about Goo Goo definitely is not enough. I analyzed reviews from their other customers on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

I scrutinized only those that looked genuine and not business-driven. 

The site’s reviews are few and not detailed as I expected. 

So I overlooked them and centered on the e-commerce sites. They had plenty of reviews that gave deeper clarity. Amazon and Shopify reviews were my major focus.

I discovered most buyers seemed content with the products. They highly regarded their customer services, hair quality, reasonable prices, and shipping costs. 

On the flip side, some customers detested how thin the hair was. You may require more packs of hair to achieve a desirable volume, and the clips and tapes were slightly weak. And some say it’s not human hair. 

Fair enough, the hair is good because disappointed customers were few compared to those who liked it. On a scale of 1-10, a rating of 8 is decent.

Basically, complaints never lack in every product as none equals perfection. 


Now that you have a breakdown of Goo Goo hair, you know what you will buy. For the best judgment, get a pack of their hair on or Amazon store

Try them out one day. We’d also like to hear your sentiments. And let us know in the comments below.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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