Bob Wigs for Women: Find Your Perfect Bob Style Wigs

Wigs are becoming trendy and stylish nowadays, particularly the bob wigs. This type of wig is such a cool hairstyle that would make you beautiful and appealing. If you want a new, stunning look, a bob wig is definitely the best choice.

A Bob wig is a short hairstyle, about 10 to 12 inches long. You may choose a bob wig based on its style, length or color and most of all, that it perfectly fits your face. To give you an idea of which bob wig is suitable for you, here are some details about the bob wig types, and the most popular ones on the market nowadays.


The Different Types of Bob Wigs

1. Cool and Handsome Type

Cool, isn’t it? Yes, this cool and handsome type of bob wig is usually short and could boost your confidence. It is mostly lightweight and comfortable to wear. This bob wig is ideal in summer and could refresh you with its short length. Most of these bob wigs have long or short bangs, which could gently accent your face, making you handsome too.

Cool and Handsome Type wig

2. Cute and Sweet Type

The cute and sweet type of bob wig comes in neat bangs that are perfect for young girls or yuppies. This hairstyle is designed to provide a natural appearance. It has smooth arcs that emphasize a round face, creating a sweet countenance.

Cute and Sweet Type wig

3. Mature Woman Type

A short bob wig, particularly the one that is an asymmetrical short cut, is perfect for a mature woman. This type of wig could make a mature woman look younger. Also, some mature woman types of bob wig have wispy ends which could provide bounce and cheerfulness in your face just like the image below.

Mature Woman Type wig


Top 7 Trendy Bob Wig for Women in 2018

In line with our goal to provide you with the best wigs on the market nowadays, we round up the following best 7 bob wigs in 2018:

1. Raquel Welch Upstage Bob Wig

If you want to look elegant and flawless while gracing a party, this upstage bob wig by Raquel Welch is an ideal choice. It is made from a heat-resistant, synthetic hair that is designed to look like natural hair.

Raquel Welch Upstage Bob Wig

Also, it features a monofilament cap that could make the parting pliable and adaptable. It also comes with a ready-to-wear lace front. This bob wig is suitable for those with oval, round, diamond, square, pearl, and heart-shaped faces.

2. Noriko Sky Wig

A Noriko Sky wig will definitely make you look smart with its short length, feathered layers and wispy ends. It is one of the best-seller bob wigs on the market now. It comes with a thinned bang leaning sideways and looks very natural.

Noriko Sky Wig

It is lightweight and made from a synthetic hair that is ready-to-wear. It also comes with adjustable straps, which you can fit perfectly in your head. The Noriko Sky wig is best suited for those with oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes. Also, it is easy to style and is very cool.

3. Raquel Welch Synthetic Lace Front Bob Wig

Charm everyone with this top seller Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch. It is a contemporary look that features a layered bob with loose, bouncy, and soft waves. The wavy bangs just perfectly blend with the layers of the hair, which emphasize your face. What we like about this bob wig is that you could style the hair easily behind your ear or away from your face.

Raquel Welch Synthetic Lace Front Wig

In addition, it comes in other colors such as blonde, black coffee, ginger brown, copper mahogany, and light ash blonde, among others. Those with square, diamond, oblong, pear, heart, oval face shapes could use this modern bob wig.

4. Amore Codi Synthetic Bob Wig

If you want to look simple yet beautiful and elegant, this Codi by Amore wig is perfect for you. It is an above the shoulder length bob wig with swingy hair angled around a diamond, heart, oval, pear, round face shapes. It comes with a two-layer monofilament top construction.

Amore Codi Synthetic Bob Wig

Codi is made of synthetic hair. This bob wig creates a natural appearance, which is just suitable for you.

5. Gabor Soft and Subtle Wig

This bob wig by Gabor features tumbled waves that make you appealing and has more of a casual style. It is best for daily use or on any occasion.

Gabor Soft and Subtle Wig

This synthetic bob wig looks classy and is stylish to look at. It is a shoulder length cut and comes in various colors. These include black coffee, honey pecan, dark chocolate, sandy blonde, dark blonde, hazelnut, rusty auburn, and dark copper, among others. It perfectly fits those who have diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round, and square face shapes.

6. eNilecor Short Bob Wig with Flat Bangs

The eNilecor short bob wig is the cute and sweet type of bob wig suitable for young women. This wig is highly-rated and among the top sellers. The bob wig comes with bangs that will achieve a pretty appearance.

eNilecor Short Bob Wig with Flat Bangs

It is high-quality and made of heat friendly, resistant, synthetic fiber. Also, it has a soft touch and looks natural just like human hair. In addition, it has two adjustment straps at the two sides of the wig, which you could intertwine to perfectly fit your head. This 12-inch bob wig is ideal for special parties, daily use, dating, and other occasions.

7. Ellen Wille Echo Bob Wig

The Echo short bob wig by Ellen Wille is among the best seller bob wigs now. It looks bold and smart, yet has a touch of a feminine look. It comes with long bangs that perfectly fuse with the haircut.

Ellen Wille Echo Bob Wig

This bob wig is made of synthetic fiber hair and is easy to maintain. It has soft straps that could be adjusted up to half an inch in any direction for a comfortable fit. Also, it has a basic cap with lace front and left mono part cap construction.


A bob wig is definitely cool and trendy. You may try this wig to elevate your beauty or simply hide hair conditions such as baldness. This would certainly boost your confidence and at the same time, achieve that fresh, new look all the time.

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