Hair Toppers: 4 [Important] Things You Need To Know

Hair loss or thinning of the hair is such a hassle and a letdown that could affect your beauty. This hair condition often starts on top of the head and baldness can become visible once much hair is lost.

Most people would use hair products and other home remedies to counteract hair loss. Likewise, one efficient way to resolve baldness or hair thinning is to use the hair topper. Here are some details on what we know about this functional hair topper.

4 Things You Should Know About the Hair Topper

the Hair Topper

A hair topper is also referred to as wiglet, hairpiece, or hair enhancer. It is a kind of half-wig that is designed to cover the top portion of your head because of reasons such as baldness or thinning of the hair.

Hair toppers vary in shapes and sizes depending on the area that needs to be covered. Usually, hair toppers are about 2 by 4 inches that could only cover the top portion of your head. However, there are also wiglets that are about 8 by 9 inches and could cover your entire head.

The hair topper consists of hair clips that can be attached to your own hair, which also serves as a supplement to the hairpiece. With this, the hair topper must blend with your own hair by being the same color and style of your own hair.

The Benefits of Hair Toppers

If you are undergoing medications such as chemotherapy, have androgenetic alopecia, bald spots, aging, and other hair conditions that trigger baldness, the hair topper could conceal these patches of baldness or thinning areas.

The topper could also add to the fullness or volume of your existing hair. It could also add more hair to the top of a portion of the head as well as the rest of your head.

Hair Toppers VS. Wigs

wigs vs hair toppers

Both hair toppers and wigs can cover and protect your head while also improving your looks. However, they differ from one another. The following are some ways the hair toppers and wig differ:

1. Head Coverage

A topper covers part of your head particularly the top of your head. Because of this, the topper could be of lightweight and breathable. Meanwhile, a wig could cover your whole head. On the other hand, the wig is quite uncomfortable during the summer because you can feel hot and warm once worn.

2. Appearance

A topper is more natural to look at than wigs. This is because a topper must blend with the color of the existing hair. Additionally, it has a realistic-looking scalp so that no one will notice that you are wearing a hairpiece on top of your head.

3. Material

Both toppers and wigs can be made of either human hair or heat-resistant synthetic hair.

4. Color

Wigs come in various colors such as natural black, dark brown, blonde, and ash to light blonde, among others. Likewise, the topper can have those colors available.

5. How to Use

Wigs could be worn using a wig cap or grip underneath it. Meanwhile, a hair topper can be worn using clips attached to existing hair.

6. Cost

Wigs are more expensive than toppers because they are in full length and are bigger than the topper.

How to Choose the Hair Topper

There are numerous hair toppers available on the market today. It is advisable that you must know the following things before you opt for a topper:

1. Stage of Hair Loss

Before you shop for a wiglet, you must know which stage of hair loss you are at. There are three stages of hair loss, namely the beginning stage, progressive stage, and the advanced stage.

The beginning stage usually has minimal hair loss at the top of the head. With this, you could have a topper with a smaller base size.

Meanwhile, in the progressive stage, the scalp becomes visible because of hair loss so you may have to use a medium-large base topper for this stage.

During the advanced stage, the bald areas of the scalp are noticeable because of severe hair loss or thinning of the hair. If you are at this stage, you must use a topper with a large base size to hide the bald areas. With this stage too, some women prefer to use a wig instead of a topper.

2. Base Type

After knowing which stage of hair loss you are at, you could measure and know the location of the area of hair loss. Once done, determine which base type you are going to choose.

The base is made of two types, namely the monofilament construction and the classic type. In the case that your hair is mainly thinning at the part, you must opt for the monofilament construction in which the base is shaped by connecting each hair to a soft, mesh material. The hair is hand-knotted to the base, making it look more natural. However, if your hair is thinning at the crown, you must have the classic style of construction, which has a wide base.

3. Hair Material, Length, and Color

The topper must blend with your existing hair. Because of this, you must choose either synthetic hair or human hair, which allows you to style it just like your own hair using heated styling tools.

Choosing the length of the topper depends on the hairstyle you want to have. If you like shorter hairstyles, you must choose a topper that is shorter. Meanwhile, if you opt for long hairstyles, you should select a topper with length from short to long.

Of course, the color of the topper must be closer to the color of your own hair, However, in some circumstances, you may not be able to find the right shade. In these cases, some women let their existing hair dyed with the color of the topper.

How to Wear the Hair Topper

To wear the hair topper, first, you must prepare and position it. You have to open the clips located underneath the topper then place the front edge of the topper in about one to two inches away from your hairline. Next, position it just above the area of hair loss and then fastened the front clip.

Put pressure on top of the topper and fasten the back clips. After this, you can style the hairpiece closer to your own hair or as you have desired. To give you an idea of how to wear the topper, you may watch the following video.


Hair toppers could not only make you beautiful, but they’re also functional as they could conceal baldness or thinning hair. Besides that, you could choose from a variety of wiglets that could add volume to your hair, enhancing the way that you look. No more worries about hair loss.

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