Top 11 Dreads Stores: Your Definitive List

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Best Dreads Stores

The ancient Rastafari culture keeps revolutionizing because of the ever-rising dreadlock popularity. 

Today, there’s a rich diversity in the dreadlocks industry. Think of the instant locs, sisterlocks, and loc extensions that recently came into existence. 

What better way can we embrace them than by taking up the new hairstyle? And to accomplish that, you ought to know the right sources of necessities surrounding dreadlocks.

That’s where my input comes in as a loc specialist with tons of loc experience. 

Putting you in the spotlight, I’ve laid down these best dreads stores for quality items. 

Dread Extensions

David Lee is the mastermind behind Dread Extensions, with over 5 years in this business. The main focus of this brand is the dreadlock-wearing African American people. Few stores minded about this community, motivating the creation of this store.

They manufacture their products in China, from where they’re delivered. They majorly serve the US, but ship to other countries, too. They make loc extensions from human hair and synthetic fibers. The factory also deals with dreadlock tools and accessories. 

You can garner their dreadlocks as micro locs, colored, straight, loop top/loose end, or with curly ends. They provide a wide range of loc extensions. Otherwise, you can buy their afro kinky hair and, later, DIY make loc extensions out of them. 

At Dread Extensions, you receive guidance on how to make dreadlocks out of afro kinky hair. 

Dread Extensions

Dreadhead Shop

The Dreadhead Shop is a Denmark-based dreadlock store. Currently, they have one of the largest European collections of natural products for dreadlocks. On their sites, you’ll come across herbal shampoos and oils for healthy, thick locks. 

They believe in environmental sustainability by using environmentally-friendly packaging. Their mode of packaging is climate paper. And they’re also supporting the Children Welfare Foundation, showing their social side.

In its entirety, this is the place for all the items you need for your dreadlocks. Be it loc extensions, jewelry for decorating, and tools for fixing them, you’ll get them right here. Their locs are made of human hair, synthetic or wool material. 

Dreadhead Shop

Dreadlock Central

Dreadlock Central is the one-stop center for everything pertaining to dreadlocks. This is a retailer at the same time, a teacher, and a service provider. On their website, you will also stumble upon blog posts and extensive courses at all levels, whether beginner or pro. 

So if you seek DIY skills or to be a professional loctician, they will walk you through your learning journey. They guide you on how to do the instant loc crocheting method. And the dreadlocks, you can still source the locs from them.

Their loc extensions are afro hair or non-afro hair. The afro hair dreadlocks are purely human hair, while the non-afro ones are either human hair or synthetic. Colors and lengths are many for an abundance of choice. 

If you do not want to install the locs yourself, you can book an appointment with them. They fix dreadlocks with attention, with maintenance and repair services also available. Their services are top-notch and professional. 

Dreadlock Central

Fashion Dreads

Fashion Dreads is deep-rooted in the US. Their products align with the African American or, rather, the blacks. Some of their label lingoes mention it’s a black-owned venture. 

Two black American sisters founded the store. This store was their second invention after setting up the Nappstar dreadlock salon in New York City. That’s why the care products on Fashion dread’s product pages are branded Nappstar. 

In line with that, their loc extensions are crafted from human hair in different shades and lengths. They also sell Afro kinky hair, styling tools, and dreadlock installation kits. Everything about them pivots around dreadlocks and natural hair.

They also teach stuff concerning dreadlocks. Suppose you’re up for dreadlock lesions, book classes with them on their site. Classes are in different states in America. 

Fashion Dreads

Legacy Locs

When it comes to hand-made dreadlocks, you can barely do better than Legacy Locs. This shop carries many custom-made human hair dreadlock extensions and care products. You’ll also come across textured dreadlocks from them. 

They manufacture all their commodities, including care products, because they bear the brand name. And every dreadlock extension is 100% human hair; therefore, you can bleach or dye them. They consider the dreadlocks needs of people who like affixed natural hair.

Moreover, they make their dread hair lightweight, realistic, durable, and easy to install. Their collection of locs is manufactured for every hair texture. When you add the extensions for repair or elongate your dreads, they fit perfectly. 

Legacy Locs


Dreadfulhippie came up in 2016 by two magnificent women in Utah. They geared their focus towards empowering women with dreadlocks. They look forward to seeing women enjoy their feminine selves through dreads.

To them, women are their best when they have a strong sense of self-expression. Regarding that, the brand carries multiple synthetic dreadlock extensions. Their products last for years with a touch of luxury.

For a blast of color, they have shades of blonde, brunette, red, auburn, grey, and white. Their large variety allows you to explore and bring out your adventurous spirit. They own a youtube channel where you can watch their educative videos on styling and dreadlock care. 


Salty Dreads

In Portugal, there exists the Salty Dreads shop for your dreadlocks concerns. Salty dreads is the work of Marjolein, a dread artist. She began this enterprise after moving from the Netherlands to Portugal in 2016. 

Her first time wearing dreadlocks intrigued her overwhelming love for them. To her, it was a magical experience that she had never felt before on her hair giving birth to her dreads journey. She invested herself in learning professional styling and all about dreads.

After acquiring extensive skills, she invented her technique of making dreadlocks. These hand-made dreadlocks are sold on the Salty Dreads website in mini, partial, and full sets. You’ll find the dreadlocks as dread sets, clip-ins, or ponytails.

The dreadlocks are made from human hair, synthetic or wool material. And the site also features dreadlock beads and care products. 

Salty Dreads

Enam’s Locs

Enam’s Locs, as it sounds, got its name from the co-founder, Enam Kutse. It was put up in Ghana within the premises of the University of Ghana. Its existence was inspired by discoveries from the founders when they realized it’s hard to come by hair professionals. 

The shop sells their own products. They trained young women who hand make the loc extensions as part of women’s empowerment. These loc extensions are natural-looking, afro-kinky human hair extensions.

Plus, their items are real black hair loc extensions. Because of the quality and credible manufacturing, their clients are both local and international. They also offer salon installation services at friendly prices in Accra, Ghana. 

Enam's Locs


Dreadshop is a web store with a presence felt internationally. Anyone from wherever they are can access their products over the internet. On the other hand, their walk-in salon is in the Netherlands and provides excellent dreadlocks services. 

It was founded by Renate, a charming lady passionate and enthusiastic about dreadlocks. She’s been wearing dreadlocks since 2016, and all her merchandise is sold out of first-hand experience. 

The store specializes in human hair, synthetic locs care products, and installation tools. They offer partial and full-head dreadlock sets, either decorated or plain sets. 

You can customize your set with their help to get the color combination you want. Feel free to mix your colors of choice at their store website for the desired vibrancy. 



Kraler is a hair company located in China. Originally, they were on Amazon, but now they own a well-established website for ease of reach. They’re professional and skilled to give your dreadlocks a fantastic appeal. 

And they consider all races, Caucasian or black; they have dreadlocks for everyone. Their loc extensions are of various colors, lengths, and thicknesses with either one or two ends. And their packages come with gifts, such as beads, crochet hooks, rubber bands, or cuffs.

If you also need to accessorize your dreads, they’re well-equipped. They sell rubber bands, cuffs, and clips for spicing up the look of your dreadlocks. You can also buy satin sleep caps, crochet hooks, and a heatless hair curler for curling your locs. 


Dreadlock Box

Since 2015, Jacek, the company owner, has been making dreadlocks. And the Dreadlock Box is the place to find his quality dreadlocks. The company is located in Poland. 

Each set of dreadlocks is handcrafted from high-quality synthetic hair. The dreadlocks are crocheted with a crochet hook. They are in different lengths and have more than 30 solid color shades for a large selection.

Additionally, there are various thickness ranges to choose from. And unique ombre shades are sold altogether. All these aspects are in the different dreadlock sets, which are fluffy, wraps, or curly sets. 

The top of the dreadlocks is loop or brush-like. It’s up to you to select what works for you. Delivery is within 3-7 days to anywhere in the world. 

Dreadlock Box

The Bottomline

Concerning dreadlocks, always choose the set and items that match your interests. The dread stores have all your dreadlocks needs covered. The final decision lies in your hands. 

Happy shopping!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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