8 Maintenance Tips to Ace Your Instant Locs

How to Maintain Instant Locs

While you’re eager to ace instant locs for a facelift, learning their maintenance is equally important.  Usually, there’s the misconception that instant locs maintenance is less demanding than with loose natural hair.  And some believe it’s the best idea to avoid regular care regimens compared to all hairstyles. This article disputes that by showing instant …

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Instant vs. Starter Locs: Which One is Better?

Instant Locs vs. Starter Locs

If you’ve opened this article, chances are you’re free-spirited and love the vibe locs bring along.  But then you cannot tell instant locs from starter locs. The two terms got you mixed up. Buddy, I’m here to make you decipher the exact differences as a seasoned loctician. I understand your loc journey can be easier only …

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Instant Locs: Pros & Cons, How to Create

Instant Locs

Instant locs have recently gained popularity among dreadlocks fanatics. There are many approaches to starting instant locs today. From plaiting, comb coil, twisting or using the loc extensions. Due to its recent trends, people often wonder whether getting instant dreads is best. I, thus, teamed up with professional Locticians to help you learn about instant …

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How To Interlock Dreads? The Pros & Cons

Interlock Dreads

There are several available locs maintenance methods. Among them, the interlock dreads technique is the most popular. Thus, many people wonder whether the interlocking locs is the best option. As a locs specialist, I have gotten this question several times. I will be breaking down the method to help you learn about interlocking dreadlocks. So, …

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How To Determine Your Loc Sizes?

Dreadlock Size

Choosing the right locs size chart can be tedious for many loc enthusiasts. Many people already have a perfect picture of what their locs should look like. However, it is essential to know that hair texture and density differ. So, whatever works for another person might not work for you. As a certified Loctician, I …

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5 Loc Stages By Month: Differences and How to Maintain

Locs Stage By Month

Sculpting your hair into locs is a time-consuming process yet a worthwhile decision. For a successful loc journey, knowing the different loc stages by month is necessary.  The locs undergo five different stages. It begins from the starter stage, through the budding stage, teen stage, maturity stage, and finally, the rooted stage. These phases take …

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Are Dreads Dirty & How To Keep Hair Clean?

Are Dreads Dirty

Are Dreads Dirty? For the short answer, it is NO! With proper care, dreads are not dirty. I have had clients ask me this very question. For years, dreads have been regarded as dirty and dreadful. But they aren’t. Dreads are gorgeous. They are tightly knotted hair that is low-key, a cool investment. They are …

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