Freeform Dreads: Benefits, Maintenance, Styles


When you consider locing your hair but don’t know which way to start with, then freeform locs are certainly a good choice. While there are many ways to lock your hair, freeform locs can show the authentic state of your natural hair. They allow people to fully embrace the beauty in their natural hair in …

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Hispanic Dreadlocks: Ways and Maintenance


Do you know hispanic dreadlocks? With the popularity of reggae, hip-hop music, and NBA, dreadlocks are gaining followers beyond the black community. For example, Hispanic men and women love it! On the Internet, you can see Hispanic-rooted people sharing their dreadlock journey and styling ideas. Even the “queen of Latin music,” Shakira, is no exception. …

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Starter Locs with Extensions: Ways and Tips


Want to try starter locs with extensions? Free-flow afro hair is cool, but delicate. From time to time, you might need to switch to protective hairstyles like locs to give it a rest. “Starter locs look funny to me.” You frowned. Don’t worry – We are not at the time when Princess Rapunzel grows her …

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12 Best Moisturizers for Locs

Best Moisturizers for Locs

This is our review of the best moisturizers for locs in 2023.  We often go for locs to be associated with the dreads culture. If not, we believe the hairstyle requires little commitment. But care is inevitable.  That said, moisturizers are essential in your care kit.  To have the best quality, I decided to review …

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Flat Dreads: Common Causes and Ways to Fix It


Ready to rock chic and trendy flat dreads? Your locs become more susceptible to flattening as they grow out and mature. If you’ve been rocking locs for longer than a month, this is a serious challenge you cannot ignore.  Hearing the low-maintenance tales may have influenced your decision to lock your hair. However, it’s often …

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Palm Rolling Locs: Benefits and Ways to Get


Curious about palm rolling locs? If you have dreadlocks, you understand there’s the maintenance side of them. You always have to think about how you’ll keep your locks firm, intact, and healthy.  One of the methods of maintenance is palm rolling. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but you’re probably unaware of the nitty gritties …

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Top 9 Protective Hairstyles for Locs


Want some protective hairstyles for locs? Kinky, wooly, dense – all of these speak for the charm of natural Afro locs. But these characteristics also indicate fragility. Compared to straight or wavy hair, afro is more susceptible to aggressive manipulation and harsh weather. That’s where protective hairstyles kick in. Designed to minimize styling, these styles …

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Top 25 Loc Bun Styles to Elevate Your Look


Buns are a fantastic way to create fabulous dreadlocks. However, most people think the style is limiting and lacks many options. We are here to prove that wrong. The style has been a staple over the years, loved for its low maintenance and taming ability. Because of its popularity, this article ventured into revealing the …

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3 Strand Twist Dreads: Ways and Benefits


Come to know 3 Strand Twist Dreads! Perhaps you understand twists are 2 strands only when three strands can make twists too. 3 strand twists are a protective hairstyle that you could embrace to kick off your loc journey.  Like 2-strand twist dreads, you can have the 3-strand dreads. But details are crucial for someone …

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