9 Best Drag Queen Wigs & Hair Extensions

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Now, preparing for your drag queen for the upcoming party?

Before reading my article, I believe you already searched “best drag makeup tools”, or more simply “best wigs for drag queens”. As a result, they almost refer to the drag queen wigs.

True enough, the wig is one of the highlights of a queen’s overall look. They come in a variety of colors and styles based on how a queen prefers them to be. But, where do drag queens buy their wigs?

In this article, I listed the most popular wigs for drag queens, hope it could help your first “queen” out.

Let’s go. 

Top 9 Fashion Drag Queen Wigs for Party in 2023

UniWigs Blue Long Drag Wig

Drag Queen Wigs & Hair Extensions
UniWigs Blue Long Drag Wig

UniWigs has since been known for its tagline, “Unique Design Just for You”.

Indeed, their consistency in light and natural designs all throughout the years has given them the right to claim “uniqueness”. It was like wearing a wig but looks like you are not wearing one at all.

Everybody will definitely love how natural it looks. They produce soft, durable, and very delicate designs that are very comfortable to wear in each performance.

UniWigs have also a few collaborations with beauty bloggers.

MapofBeauty Lolita Long Ponytails Cosplay Wig

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Lolita Long Ponytails Cosplay Wig

This styled drag wig is made of Kanekalon fiber which is a high-temperature resistance fiber.

It can be curled or straightened by an electronic hair stick. Wig length is about 28 inches, ponytail length is 20 inches.

IMSTYLE Long Wavy Drag Queen Natural Wig

IMSTYLE Long Wavy Drag Queen Natural Wig

This drag queen lace front wig has a 13*1.5 inch front lace, which is easy to stick and comfortable. It is heat resistant, can be used on this wig temperature-friendly synthetic hair, up to 320℉.

Pink never goes out of style. Whether it is a party, or cosplay, drag queen, Lolita, this pink wig will always be your trusted choice.

Mersi Long Rainbow Wavy Cosplay Wig

71MaQZI81rL. SL1000
Long Rainbow Wavy Cosplay Wig

Rainbow cosplay wigs are for women, right?

It is also the best choice for your drag queen. Made of high-quality synthetic fiber. Length is about 27 inches, weight 260g, the long rainbow wig will match your costume perfectly when you attend a party.

The cap circumference is 21-23 inches, with adjustable straps, you can adjust it to find the perfect fit. It is perfect for cosplay, Halloween, theme parties, and other occasions.

Imstyle Drag Queen Cosplay Lace Front Wig

812mqNuYUsL. SL1500
Imstyle Drag Queen Cosplay Lace Front Wig

It is made from quality heat-friendly synthetic hair, can be restyled by heat tools which give you more style possibilities.

Pre-cut into a bob hairstyle with shoulder-length, natural loose wavy with a deep hand-made parting.

The cap circumference is 22.75 Inches with 2 adjustable straps and 3 hair collection combs inside, you can adjust it to fit your size.

Morticia Long Curly Updo Drag Queen Wig

51DVyM0Gt4S. SL1000
Morticia Long Curly Updo Drag Queen Wig

This long curly updo 70s wig is pre-styled and ready to wear, you can wear it the moment it was taken out of the package.

The material is a heat-resistant synthetic fiber, can be straightened and curled. There are 2 adjustable straps within the cap for you to adjust the size.

SimBeauty Dark Blue Long Wave Front Lace Wigs

61F9 rkMVcL. SL1000
SimBeauty Dark Blue Long Wave Front Lace Wigs

The color is Fire.

Circumference 22.5 inches stretched medium cap (average cap size) with adjustable straps and 3 combs.

There is lace in front so that you could make the parting as you want, its own parting space is about 2.5-3 inches, the more side you make the part, the less parting you could make.

TopWigy Rainbow Synthetic Drag Wigs

61hR4TcCU6L. SL1300
TopWigy Rainbow Synthetic Drag Wigs

They value volume and 130% density wigs to provide a more appealing and eye-catching look to the queens.

At the same time, the big waves on their wigs provide emphasis to the queen’s beautiful assets.

RayWigs Drag Wig

Ray Wigs
RayWigs Drag Wig

Ray Wigs sell high-quality synthetic lace front wigs and wafted cap wigs. They have an array of different colors of a rainbow and styles to choose from.

Lots of drag queens prefer their wigs specially matched with wild costumes. If you are up to something fun and playful, Ray Wigs is the right place for you!

FAQ about Drag Queen Wigs

What’s the difference between drag queen wig and ordinary wig?

Drag queen wigs usually have a larger cap size than ordinary wigs. The purpose of this is to fit every hairpiece to a male head which is always bigger than a female head.

Further, the hairlines of each wig were carefully made in order to cover a male hairline and provide a more feminine illusion. Furthermore, Drag queen wigs typically come in all colors of a rainbow and a variety of crazy styles as these are mainly used for stage performance.

What does a drag queen look for when choosing a wig?

It depends upon their preference and the theme of occasions. However, in an interview conducted by allure, Drag queen Shea Coulee reveals that she prefers lace front.

Jinkx Monsoon, on the other hand, prefers the convenience of synthetics as they are more durable and easier to manage. Alaska also expresses her likeness to durable and seamless lace made with high quality and fullness.

Other tips to choose drag queen wig?

According to Bible Girl by Elle, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a wig. During performances, she prefers lightweight styles – layered, slick, and wet-looking shoulder-length cuts.

Cara Cavalli, on the other hand, prefers a more monochromatic look when styling. She prefers her hair, make-up, and costumes in the same tone. She also prefers texture that looks believable – not too shiny nor plastic-looking.


No matter which brands a queen prefers, what is certain is that every wig was made with passion and love. They were sewn together to allow people to achieve their full potential of beauty. Thus, despite the differences of the queens’ taste in wigs, one thing is alike to them – they wear it proud and beautifully!

Let us know if there are other brands that you want us to feature. Leave a comment below!

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