Costume Wigs: 20 Character Wigs That Your Kids Can Rock at Parties

“Here comes September!” as the so-called ‘BER months are officially ushered in! Most people instantly feel a rush of excitement just thinking about the last four months of the year. And why not? For most parts of the world, hugely fun-filled celebrations take place between September and December, so much so that these ‘BER months are associated with a lot of frenzy and tons of revelry. Of course, the most anticipated of these celebrations are Halloween (the eve of October 31), Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November in the US, 2nd Monday in October in Canada), Christmas (the eve of December 24 until December 25), and New Year (the eve of December 31 until January 1).

Each of these celebrations has its own significance and meaning, but they all bring people together in festivities filled with eating, drinking and entertainment. And to boost the fun factor, a lot of people hold parties in costumes which young and old just love to indulge in. Kids especially look forward to costume parties as they find it so thrilling to turn into their favorite character. Parents too can share in their kids’ delight and in fact, they will go the extra mile in putting together their kids’ make-overs. And yeah, they know that a perfect costume needs a perfect wig to achieve that picture-perfect transformation! So here are 20 awesome character wigs that young girls and boys can wear to costume parties and become an instant hit:

Let’s dive right in.

10 Best Character Wigs For Girls at the Party

1. Lavagirl Kid’s Wig

Lavagirl Kids Wig

An all pink ensemble that has a fiery pink wig with long, curly tresses is for your young girl who has heroic dreams of saving the world. Lava Girl is a character from the 2005 movie “Sharkboy and Lavagirl” who has the ability to blast off fire (since she is made of lava). Turn your girl into an amazing character who has the compassion to save those in danger. If you can have a smoke effect rising off her wig, then that is one holy smoke of a wig!

2. Cruella De Vil Kid’s Wig

Cruella De Vil Kids Wig

Why not let your little girl be a popular villainess on Halloween night, who can scare off the bad spirits with her “evil” vibe? Then Cruella De Vil is the perfect choice for being an iconic antagonist in the movie “101 Dalmatians.” Fixated on using the spotted skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies for a fur coat, Cruella is a fashionable heiress, so dress up your little girl in a luxurious faux fur coat and top it with Cruella’s signature hairstyle – a two-toned, black-on-the-right and white-on-the-left big wig! Just remind your kid that she’s just role-playing and once she takes off her wig at the end of the night, she is still the sweet, affectionate, cute girl that she always is.

3. Rapunzel with Flowers Kid’s Wig

Rapunzel with Flowers Kids Wig

Every young girl dreams of being a Disney princess but there’s only one princess who is distinctively liked because of her amazing hair: Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled”.  She has beautiful golden hair that has grown 70 feet long while being locked up in a tower. Her lustrous hair has healing powers too which adds to the excitement of any girl who dresses up like Rapunzel. The costume’s highlight is definitely the wig – long, shiny, golden braid adorned with colorful flowers for that princess-like beauty.

4. Harley Quinn Kid’s Wig

Harley Quinn Kids Wig

Pre-teen girls would surely love to channel the fierceness of Harley Quinn in costume parties. This supervillain in the movie “Suicide Squad” has an unpredictable character, and so are her fashion choices. She can easily change her style which includes a change in her hair styling, too. So for a fun Halloween Makeup night, put on a synthetic Harley Quinn wig in white styled with a center parting, blunt bangs, and two pigtails with red and blue streaks. It may look crazy and weird, but it’s definitely stylish and edgy, just like Harley Quinn herself.

5. Tinkerbell Kid’s Wig

Tinker Bell Kids Wig

Whenever Peter Pan is around, you can bet his sidekick fairy Tinkerbell won’t be far behind. Wouldn’t you find a tiny tot dressed up as this Disney fairy really cute and adorable? So turn your four or five year old angel into this cute but sassy pixie dust-producing fairy. Cover her head with a blonde wig tied to a bun with a blue, green or gold ribbon and with bangs flipping out. And at her school or community Christmas costume party, let your Tinkerbell hum the carol “Silver Bell” and everyone will be in awe!

6. Bubbles Powerpuff Girl’s Wig

Bubbles Powerpuff Girls Wig

Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup? Nope, they’re not ice cream sundae flavors but the Powerpuff Girls with super powers! If you have three lovely girls to dress up for a costume party, the kindest and sweetest of them all is definitely a shoo-in as Bubbles. Achieve the Bubbles look by pairing up her sky blue dress (Bubbles’ signature color) with a blonde wig in short pigtails secured with blue hair clips. This light and the fancy-free wig is easy to wear as your girl enjoys and leads the party parlor games.

7. Glinda the Good Witch Kid’s Wig

Glinda the Good Witch Kids Wig

The 1939 classic film “The Wizard of Oz” has brought to life a witch character, Glinda, but unlike most witches, Glinda is a “witch with a twist”, for she is one with a good heart. She guides Dorothy, the main star in the movie, to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City where Dorothy’s wish to return home will be granted by a powerful wizard. Your kind-hearted daughter, sister or friend can easily pull off this character. Simply match her pink gown with a wig in reddish-blonde, soft-curled hair topped with a silver crown.

8. Wonder Woman Kid’s Wig

Wonder Woman Kids Wig

Thanks to the worldwide success of the 2017 movie reboot, Wonder Woman has once again become a poster girl for empowered women that even millennials worship her. Let your kid be the heroine adored by everyone in her WW costume, gold tiara and wig in long, flowing dark brown hair with soft waves. And whether your girl strikes the WW fighting form pose, or kicks and turns, her graceful and bouncy wig hair will be a scene-stealer.

9. Madeline Hatter Kid’s Wig

Madeline Hatter Kids Wig

Does your girl love to dress up in fancy and stylish costumes? The Madeline Hatter look will suit her best and outshine the rest! Madie, as she is fondly called, is a character in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” who is always friendly, energetic and optimistic. And she loves tea cups! So your child’s wig as Madeline is curly and wavy, a portion of which is highlighted in blue and purple (two of her signature colors) and a purple teacup set is attached to it. And if there’s an afternoon tea costume party for kids, this wig is all your kid needs to make a unique statement.

10. Poison Ivy Kid’s Wig

Poison Ivy Kids Wig

She is one of the supervillains in the DC Comics world who uses plants to create highly potent toxins which she secretes through a kiss. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for an adolescent girl to channel the seductive Poison Ivy character at costume parties. Wear a wig that shows her trademark long gorgeous red hair with vine leaves weaving through it. Setting aside her villain side, Poison Ivy can be a fitting costume for a Christmas party, since red and green are the dominant colors in her look.

10 Best Character Wigs For Boys at the Party

1. Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat and Wig for Kids

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat and Wig for Kids

The swashbuckling hero of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a top choice for boys who want to stand out in a costume party. A Jack Sparrow costume consists of a shirt, loose pants and vest with intricate design, knee-high boots, costume jewelry, a sword and the headpiece. To complete this look, your boy needs a wig with long beaded braid locks attached to a red headband and distressed leathery hat. Ta-da! Your kid’s got the looks and the swag of the legendary pirate!

2. Willy Wonka Kid’s Wig

Willy Wonka Kid Wig

Perhaps nine out of ten kids in the world love candies and chocolate, so playing the character of chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka will surely be appealing to young boys. To get the look of Willy based on the 2005 film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, dress your boy in a wig with a brown shoulder-length bob cut hairstyle and a black top hat. Willy is child-like and is hyperactive and jumpy, perhaps just like your boy. So when he jumps around, his bouncing wig hair shows how much fun he’s having!

3. Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Z Kid’s Wig

Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Z Kids Wig

A manga or anime character is definitely a staple presence in any costume party because of its huge popularity worldwide. Such is the case with Goku, a fierce warrior of the Saiyan race and protagonist in “Dragon Ball Z”. Originally sporting black hair, Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan changed his hair color into the blond. Your little warrior boy can achieve this look by wearing a blond wig with spiky top and pointy bangs in front.

4. Vampire Dracula Kid’s Wig

Vampire Dracula Kids Wig

Let your little man bring some cute scares to Halloween – whether attending a costume party or doing a trick or treat – as the vampire Count Dracula!  Your kid will surely have great fun donning a long black cape with standing collar and a black wig that has a V-shaped hairline with white streaks on the upper right and left parts. But what about the white streaks? Well, they signify that this fictitious legendary character has been undead for centuries. You can add fake blood dripping from your kid’s mouth for a fun bloody fright night!

5. Gandalf Beard and Wig Set for Kids

Gandalf Beard and Wig Set for Kids

Is it possible for a 7 or 9 year old boy to turn into an approximately 2,000-year old man? Absolutely, but only if he appears in a costume party as the wizard Gandalf from the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”! Creating this look is quite easy as long as you get your boy a long grey robe, black shoes and a tall pointed grey hat that matches the robe. But the remarkable distinction of this fictitious character from Middle-earth is his hair and beard. So cover your kid’s head with a long grayish-white wig that falls almost to his chest, and put on a beard of the same color that reaches down to his waist.

6. Maui Kid’s Wig

Maui Kids Wig

In describing who he is, Maui himself says that he is the greatest demigod in all the Pacific Islands in the movie “Moana.” As half-God, half-mortal, Maui rules the wind and sea so his appearance looks “beach style”.  Your family’s little boy can get Maui’s breezy costume by wearing a full body skin suit with tattoo designs and a grass skirt with leaves design. And to complete his Samoan and Maori demigod look, your boy will wear a wig with shoulder-length brown curly hair as men of such descent do.

7. Creek Troll Kid’s Wig

Creek Troll Kids Wig

For a no-fuss, no-frills character for boys to channel, the look of Creek, one of the characters from the movie “Trolls” is the easiest choice. Just like the other trolls, Creek wants positive and good vibes, that’s why he has a calm and serene aura. Dressing up is Creek for a costume party is less complicated because your young boy just needs a blue or purple shirt, yellow pants and that distinct tall, straight blue wig.  Even with this simple look, your young man can still have heaps of fun!

8. Oompa Loompa Kid’s Wig

Oompa Loompa Kid Wig

Oompa Loompas are the tiny human factory workers in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. In the 2005 version of the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, only one actor played all the identical Oompa Loompas. Since they are just knee-high, an Oompa Loompa costume will look apt on a little tyke. Dress up your young boy in a brown long sleeved shirt, baggy pants, paint his face orange and don’t forget the costume’s highlight – an avocado green, wavy wig that really defines the character.

9. Aquaman Beard and Wig Set for Kids

Aquaman Beard and Wig Set for Kids

Your little boy would surely be delighted to get into an Aquaman costume just in time for the release of the movie in mid-December this year. Aquaman’s updated look is based on actor Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the superhero. So to mimic his look, dress your kid in a skin-tone long sleeve shirt, shiny black trousers and a long, scruffy and curly brown wig with moustache and the rough beard. Parading as a new superhero, your kid will surely stand tall in a crowd of costumed characters.

10. Albert Einstein Kid’s Wig

Albert Einstein Kids Wig

Does your young boy dig science, like laboratory experiments and dream of inventing things useful to mankind?  Then by all means he can rock a costume party with a very smart scientist look and vibe ala Albert Einstein. All it takes is a long, white laboratory coat with a shirt and tie underneath, black formal slacks, a pair of black leather shoes and an all-white frizzy wig and moustache. A full white wig is a sure sign of love for wisdom which your kid will hopefully keep long beyond the time when he has taken off his Einstein wig.


Happy occasions and celebrations call for your eager participation. So when your kid receives an invitation to another exciting costume party, get the adrenaline started as soon as you can! Hunt for the best costumes and wigs for your kid that will truly be Instagram and Facebook worthy. But more than that, the experience of donning the costume and hairstyle of their favorite character is one magical, remarkable and amazing memory that your kids will remember forever.

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