Clip-on Hairpieces: Things You Need To Know 2021

Do you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities wear a certain hairstyle one day and sport a different one the next day? Or maybe you just want to have longer and fuller hair without waiting months or using expensive hair products? There are many ways for you to achieve those superstar locks you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Clip-on hairpieces are your best bet if you are looking for quick and easy hair fixes and simple ways to style your hair. You can have length, volume, and even a new color without the commitment that goes with it.  With clip-on hairpieces, you can change your hairstyle as often as your moods.

Different Types of Clip-on Hairpieces

1.Top Pieces

Top pieces add volume, length, color, and coverage to your own natural hair. If you want extra thickness through your crown, top pieces are a good choice. You can clip them on to hide any roots that are growing out or add a layer of style.

Clip-on top pieces are great for those who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. You can place them in a small area to cover where the hair on your head is sparse. They come in different lengths and styles and are the best alternatives for using a full wig.

Top Pieces Clip-on Hairpieces

2. Ponytails

If you want the glam and style of a ponytail but have short hair, clip-on will do the trick quite well. Using jaw clips, elastic strings, or interlocking combs, you can have a ponytail in no time. This is ideal for those who cannot wait for their hair to grow or want to have a ponytail for a one-time event only.

Ponytails Clip-on Hairpieces

3. Bangs

Bangs are a great way to frame your face and enhance your features. You no longer have to cut your hair to try having bangs. Clip-on bangs can help you get the look of having them without committing to a haircut.

Clip-on bangs come in different styles, colors, and lengths. From side-swept, choppy or pixie to blunt bangs, the choices are countless. You can change styles whenever you feel like it or whatever the situation calls for.

Bangs Clip-on Hairpieces

4. Buns and Wraps

Buns and wraps are hairpieces that you clip or wrap on your hair to create the illusion of having long hair in a bun. You can have that instant updo without waiting for months to grow your hair. They are perfect for those who want a classic and elegant look of tied up hair.

Buns and Wraps Clip-on Hairpieces

The difference between Clip-Ons, Tape-Ins, and Sew-Ins

As mentioned above, clip-on are easy to put on and take off and are only temporary. Other hair extension methods such as tape-ins and sew-ins differ from clip-on in many ways. Let us look at the reasons salon professionals and home users prefer clip-on more.

What are Tape-In Hairpieces?

Tape-ins are hairpieces that use single or double-sided tapes to glue them onto your hair. They are semi-permanent and can last for up to three months. They are safe, will not damage your hair, or cause hair loss.

They are easy to apply, and you can have them on your hair in as little as 45 minutes. If given proper care, they are reusable for up to three years. But, there are also downsides to using them.

Tape-In Hairpieces

First up, tape-ins offer less mobility, which means you cannot flip your hair or tie it in a bun. Then, there is the risk of the hair panels slipping off because of the oils used in the glue on the tapes. Also, there is the off-chance that the tapes will be visible through your natural hair.

What are Sew-In Hairpieces?

The sew-in or weave method first braids your hair into cornrows, then the hair extensions are sewn in. Using a needle and thread, this is a secure method and you can be sure that the extensions stay in place. It looks natural and needs no glue or heat in the application.

Sew-In Hairpieces

If your hair is thin, this is not the one for you as this can work only for those with thick and curly hair. Longer hair extensions may pull your hair down and may result in hair loss. You also need to take special care in cleaning your hair to prevent scabbing and infections.

How to Make Your Own Clip-On Hairpieces

The market abounds with choices of clip-on hair extensions but there is no reason not to make your own. Making your own can be less expensive and can get you the perfect one that you will not find elsewhere. Also, doing it yourself can be fun and exciting as well.

What You Need

  • One or two packs of either human or synthetic hair of your choice
  • Hair extension or wig clips
  • Brown or black sewing thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Measure and Cut the Pieces

Find out how many pieces you want and how long you want them. Section your hair where you plan to attach the extensions and take the measurements. From the back of your head, take the hair weft to give you an idea of the length that is right for you.

Then with the scissors, cut the hair extensions to fit your measurements. You can now use this to cut identical lengths and widths with the other wefts. You will need about four or five tracks and the clips you need will depend on these and their length.

Attach the Hair Clips

With your needle and thread, sew the hair wefts into the holes of the clips. Make sure that the part of the clips that snap open are facing where your real hair is.

Place one clip on both the edges and one in the middle. Pass the needle and thread through the top of the extension until reaching the last hole of the clip. Finish it with small knots to keep the thread secure.

Prepare Your Natural Hair

Here are a few tips to get your hair ready for the clip-on hairpiece you are about to make.

  1. Wash and moisturize the area you are going to attach the clip-on to make it stronger. Clip-on can cause considerable damage if not handled the right way.
  2. Vary the positions of your hair extensions to prevent pressure on the same areas. This way, some parts of your hair can get some rest while the other sections hold the clip-on.
  3. Apply extra care when applying and taking them off. This prevents the clips from catching your natural hair, thus avoiding breakage.
  4. Hold the roots of your hair when combing it to avoid tugging which may result in hair loss.
  5. Make it a point to remove the clip-on before going to bed. Again, this is to avoid breakage while your head rolls around the bed while you sleep.

How to Maintain Your Clip-On Hairpieces

Like your real hair, your clip-on hairpieces also need proper care and maintenance. You will need to exert some effort but its benefits definitely outweigh them. Depending on the hair used, taking care of them will prolong their beauty and extend their life.


Comb your hair extensions with a wide-toothed comb before washing it. Combing them when wet may cause breakage. Make sure that you get rid of all tangles and knots for a smooth texture and finish.

2. Washing

You need to wash your hair extensions every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them looking and smelling clean. Frequency depends on the styling products you use or how often you use it. It also depends on where or what type of climate you use it in.

Fill a small basin or your sink with lukewarm water and put in a decent amount of moisturizing shampoo in it. Swirl the water with shampoo with your hand until frothy or bubbly. Dip the hair extension and with gentle strokes, wash until squeaky clean.

Rinse with cool water and towel dry. Do not wring or blow dry as these may damage the hair. If you are in a hurry and need to dry the hair, you can use a blow dryer but only with the lowest setting.

3. Moisturizing

You can use a conditioner to make the hair soft but it is preferable to use spray conditioners. Leave-on conditioners will also work but make sure that you do not use too much. A small amount will do and will not make the hair oily or cause a build-up.

4. Styling

Avoid using styling products that can damage your hair extensions. You can use products such as heat protectants to help prolong the life of your hairpieces. This is especially good if you use heat when styling your hair.

5. Storage

Store your clip-on hairpieces in a cool and dry place, in a box or container where it will not be tangled.


These Clip-on hairpieces are easy to apply. In fact, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. They are temporary so you can change your style depending on the situation. You can be glamorous on nights out and have that polished look at your workplace.

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