7 Best Cheap Clip-in Hair Extensions of 2023

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Best Cheap Clip-in Hair Extensions

Welcome to our review of the best cheap clip-in hair extensions in 2023. 

Clip-in extensions are unmatched because of their versatility and ease of installation. With just a few clip shuts, you look drop-dead gorgeous and ready for the day’s events. 

I’m an extension specialist seeking to give women the freedom to appear beautiful without facing financial hurdles. 

So. I researched cheap clip-in extensions. From that, I realized Wennalife Blonde Highlight Clip-in Extensions are the best cheap clip-ins. 

I added more best cases in this article. Read on to learn more about our full list of cheap clip-in extensions. 

Our Top Picks At a Glance

The Best Cheap Clip-in Hair Extensions Reviewed

If you’ve landed in this section, you’re likely hoping for light to be shed on the above clip-ins list. Therefore, you’ll find descriptions of the beneficial features for you to glam up splendidly. 

Wennalife Blonde Highlight Clip-in Extensions

  • Key features: Virgin human hair, blonde highlights. 
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Light blonde highlighted with golden blonde
  • Hair length: 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”,24”
  • No.of clips: 4 clips
  • Best for: Overall

Wennalife beats most hair brands in terms of giving you affordable clip-in extensions yet of salon quality. Expect to see them covering your bald spots or portions of your hair with thinning hair problems. They’re finely thick and voluminous when added to your natural hair. 

The extension hair is authentic virgin human hair which is soft when touched. The soft feel runs from the roots to the ends for ease when combing and detangling. The same hair strands are strong and devoid of excessive shedding, so they last longer. 

Also, the non-fading silicone-backed clips are lightweight and sit stable and tight on the hair. These clips have a rubber cover that protects your scalp and hair from painful damage. Rarely will you experience scratches or tugging by the clips.

Sadly, the hair is bulky where the clips are inserted. So you cannot use all the clip-in hair, or you’ll look funny.

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Reecho Thick Super Long Clip-in Extensions

  • Key features: Heat-friendly synthetic hair
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Black-brown
  • Hair length: 28”
  • No.of pieces: 3 pieces
  • Best for: Long hair

Luxurious long hair could be what you’ve been longing for recently. Reecho comes to the rescue with their thick 28 inches long clip-in extensions. The length is uniform in all the extensions in the package. Moreover, the extensions are true to length as advertised. 

Its packaging features a 3-piece set that weighs 260g. This depicts that the hair is light and comfortable on the head. Make sure not to overburden your head with many pieces. The clip-ins could work with partial instead of full head wear. 

Despite being synthetic hair, the extension hair behaves like human hair. It hardly forms a nasty matted mess of hair until 2-3 wears lapse. Mostly the hair tangles because of static, but it’s easy to detangle with a little conditioner. 

The clip-in hair is heavy and not conducive for thin hair. They will easily slip down and eventually get out. The clips also do not stay in your hair, as you’ll have to re-clip from time to time.

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Oimigo Balayage Human Hair Clip in Extensions 

  • Key features: Remy human hair/synthetic hair mix
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Balayage
  • Hair length: 15”, 18”, 20”, 22”
  • No.of pieces: 7 pieces
  • Best for: Balayage hair

In case you discover bleaching your hair into having balayage effects is quite costly, you can take this cheaper route. This brand makes affordable balayage clip-in extensions that are easy to wear. And you’re able to avoid weakening your real hair with the saturation of bleaches. 

The balayage comprises a mix of medium brown and blonde hair that perfectly fits brown hair. It adds vibrance to the hair by making it a double-colored mane. That keeps you blooming and looking new and glamorous for the day. 

What’s more, the clip-in extensions are products of collected hair from healthy donors. Hence, you can curl, straighten or shift the hairstyle according to your preference. The hair is highly resistant to heat from heating tools. 

Unfortunately, the hair is thin, and you might need 2 packets or more to gain hair volume. The clips are thin and break after a few uses. 

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Gx Beauty Natural Black Wavy Clip-in Extensions 

  • Key features: Heat-resistant synthetic fiber
  • Hair type: Wavy, curly
  • Hair color: Dark black
  • Hair length: 16”, 22”
  • No.of pieces: 7 pieces
  • Best for: Wavy hair

Good hair days start with wearing the right hair in the right manner. So, if you crave a touch of a cheap option for additional waves on your wavy hair, look this way. Gx Beauty makes nice cost-friendly wavy clip-in extensions. 

The hair is made from high-temperature synthetic fiber. This is the normal type that burns with heat application, as you can use the curling wand for extra tighter waves. Or if the wavy hair bores you with time, you can straighten the hair into straight strands with a hair straightener. 

Moving onto the natural black color, it suits most women. Black is the most common hair color in people and thus could meet the hair expectations of a majority. Plus, it blends easily to levels of being invisible within the hair mass. 

The clips are weak and could easily break. The same clips easily fall out as some are not sewn tightly. And the hair is too thin to meet the desired volume in fine hair, as it may fit thick hair. 

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BHF Afro Kinky Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions 

  • Key features: protein fiber material, double-weft hair
  • Hair type: Kinky, curly
  • Hair color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 24”
  • No. of pieces: 7 pieces
  • Best for: Kinky black hair

Black women with kinky, coiled hair needing voluminous hair have this as their go-to clip-in extensions. The clip-ins have beautiful closely-packed curls. These curls easily complement the afro hair of black ladies because they’re almost completely similar. 

The extensions are double wefts of hair. As such, the double weft sew-in makes the extensions sturdier and more durable. They also add volume and length faster than single-weft extensions. 

Further, the hair is crafted out of high-quality protein fiber. They will look silky, soft, and the most natural when worn. And the curls hold for a longer time before they start loosening up.

Although the curls are attention-grabbing, the hair easily falls out. And the hair blends better with 3A hair than the advertised 4B hair; product descriptions do not match. 

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Calie Bleach Blonde Double Weft Clip-in Extensions

  • Key features: Seamless human hair clip-ins
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Bleach blonde
  • Hair length: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”
  • No.of pieces: 7 pieces
  • Best for: Blonde hair

You can otherwise rock blonde hair if that melts your heart. Calie blonde clip-in extensions make you look younger, trendy, and more classy to feel more confident about yourself. It triggers a sense of fashion and mood for pool parting and girlfriend’s night out. 

This hair offers a bleach blonde hue, cute for especially caucasian ladies. It’s designed to work like your own hair. Therefore, it possesses minimal shedding and tangling, hence can last up to 12 weeks with continuous wear.

Its clips are covered with lace as a protective casing to lessen damaging friction on the hair. And they are sewn on the wefts tightly for the clip-in extensions not to fall when worn. You need not worry about embarrassing moments of your clip-in extensions getting out of your hair. 

But you have to employ vigilance when checking the color to avoid wrong purchases. If you do not do that, you will not receive the exact blonde color of the item purchased. 

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Winsky Straight Highlights Colored Clip-in Extensions

  • Key features: Soft colored human hair clip-ins
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 18”
  • No.of pieces: 5 pieces
  • Best for: Color highlights

Bring your hair back to life with vibrant colors from the Winsky Colored Clip-ins. They evoke a spirit of warmth, energy, and cheerfulness in an individual. They light you up and enhance your facial features when you put them on. 

The bright colors include red, burgundy, pink, purple, blue, orange-red, purple-red, and sunset yellow. You can add pieces of these colors to your hair as color highlights to minimize the monotony of solid hair color.

By having these colorful pigments, the clip-in extensions could work as cosplay units. Alternatively, you could wear them to enter a party in style. They’re a great way to have fun with your hair. 

However, the extensions are thin towards the ends of the hair. If not careful, they might stick out in your fine hair. Also, the hair color may fade when washed with shampoo and conditioner

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Buying Guide for Quality Cheap Clip-in Extensions

Buying clip-ins extensions is one wholesome investment that should be taken with much seriousness. If you do not want your hard-earned dollars going to drain, you need to understand the kind of clip-ins to stand up for. Consider the following elements of clip-ins, so you do not settle for less while aiming for affordability.

Quality of the Material

In the world of hair extensions, you can only get yourself extensions made of human hair or synthetic fibers. The nature of these materials goes a long way in determining the quality and durability of your extensions. The greater the quality, the less the shedding and tangling, and the longer the lifespan. 

human hair vs synthetic hair

If indeed what you want is cost-friendly clip-in extensions, this is important to reduce the frequency of purchases. The point here is the longer you own them before they wear out, the less the need for replacements. You save up more money in the long run. 

Not forgetting, we advise you to be extremely cautious with cheap human hair extensions. Some manufacturers may claim the hair is pure human hair when in real sense, it’s adulterated. 

The market is filled with cynical brands that may convince you through their adverts. To be safe, consult your trusted expert hairdressers to get guidance from their experience.

In addition to that, scroll down on the brand’s product page to the reviews section to read the comments from previous buyers. 

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Type of Clips

We both know that for clip-in extensions to serve their purpose, the clips must snugly fit in your hair. Therefore, you cannot turn a blind eye to the quality of the clip-ins, or else you’ll be in for loose installations. 

Wig Clips

Lean towards clip-in extensions with strong, sturdy clip-ins with a good grip. These clips should also not cause tension on the hair contributing to unwanted hair breakage.

In other words, they should be gentle on the hair so that your hair is safe and fully protected, allowing continuous healthy hair growth.

We recommend looking for silicone-lined clips in clip-in extensions. This type of clips is soft on your hair for a comfortable feel. The silicone coating creates a protective barrier that minimizes tugging due to friction. 

Best Clip In Hair Extensions-clip in

Extension Weight

Every clip-in extension brand comes open about the weight of their hairpieces. The weight of the extensions influences the level of comfort you will enjoy with your clip-in extensions.When you’re aware of the weight, you get to figure out the number of clip-in wefts that fit your hair thickness.

You will also know whether a full or partial head installation will work best for you. All in all, be careful not to burden your natural hair with excessive clip-in wefts. This may cause a strain on your hair follicles and, later, bald patches due to hair loss. 

Cheap Clip-in Hair Extensions

FAQs about Cheap Clip-in Extensions

How much do clip-in extensions cost?

Clip-in extensions cost as low as $15 going upwards depending on the quality and source, darling. If you’re also going for partial head installation, it will be cheaper than going for a full head. Costs incurred vary with your hair needs and preferences, too.

Is it OK to wear clip-in extensions everyday?

In all honesty, it is totally OK to wear clip-in extensions everyday. They’re pieces you can wear daily hassle-free as long as you get them out before a night’s rest. It’s recommended to avoid sleeping in them because the turns and tosses in bed may damage them and your natural hair. 

How long can you leave in clip-ins?

There’s no definite time as to how long you should leave clip-ins in your hair. The only point of concern is not going to bed in them when you want to sleep. You can wear them the entire day as they will not pose any damage with proper care. 

The Bottomline

Clip-in extensions can be fancy and budget-friendly at the same time, depending on the brand you buy. Overall, they are the easiest installation option for obtaining a hair revamp in minutes. 
In our research, the Wennalife Blonde Highlight Clip-in Extensions are the best cheap clip-in extensions. We rank them the best for their ability to give you a long-lasting killer look at small prices. Add them to your cart for a try soon.

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