How to Buy Human Hair Wigs for Caucasian

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Are you looking into adding a Caucasian human hair wig to your precious wig stash?

Are you curious what sets them apart among the others?

Are you wondering if its fancy price tag is worth the buy?

We’ve got you covered!

Before you add to cart, here’s everything you need to know about Caucasian human hair wigs.

Why Caucasian Human Hair Wigs Are Expensive?

It all boils down to supply.

There are three basic types of human hair being utilized in wig production: Asian, Indian, and Caucasian (also called European hair).

Wigs made from Asian or Indian hair are abundant because they are the cheapest type of human hair to collect.

However, they are naturally darker in color and have a coarse texture. For the hair to have a lighter tone, they undergo rigorous chemical processing – bleaching and coloring – to achieve the final product.

Emma Tarlo, a professor of anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the author of “Entanglement, the Secret Lives of Hair” told the BBC that one of the reasons why authentic Caucasian human hair is pricey is because they are harder to procure.[1]

“European hair is the most valuable, partly because of its fine textures, the variety of its colors and because it is in shorter supply,” says Tarlo. “Most of this hair comes from countries in Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Romania, or Ukraine.”

Colors and Types of Caucasian Human Hair Wigs

Untreated Caucasian hair comes in different rich shades of brown, red and blond.

German wig company Dening Hair, for example, offers more than 20 color variations in their European human hair wig catalogue.

Their blond line alone is categorized into 14 different shades.

Their brown Caucasian hair wigs come in medium brown, chocolate brown, mocha brown and light brown while their red wig collection has three shades.

Be aware though that wigs with a very light blond shade may have portions of bleached hair in them to achieve the extra light tone.

Caucasian Human Hair Wig

Which color is best for you?

A hair color that complements your skin tone can make you look fresh and glowing.

To draw attention to your eyes, you may also want to opt for a contrasting colour.

If your eyes are blue, golden blond tones will make the blue pop even more. If they are green, soft red tones are a great contrast.

Caucasian human hair wigs are usually offered as either full lace or front lace hairpieces.

A full lace wig is made from a lace cap that spreads to the entire head and human hair is then knotted meticulously into the cap manually.

It can be parted anywhere and pulled up into any desired updo.

Front lace wigs have less parting space but are cheaper than their full lace counterparts.

Caucasian Human Hair Wig


Caucasian Human Hair VS. Other Types

Real Caucasian human hair comes naturally in variations of colors without needing harsh chemical treatments.

Unlike Asian hair (Chinese or Indonesian) which has a thicker, coarser feel, Caucasian hair is naturally fine and thin to the touch.

Indian hair can sometimes be sold as Caucasian hair because it also has a thin texture and can be a good match for a Western woman’s hair.

However, it is collected in bulk during temple shearing rituals where hair inevitably gets tangled.

To address the tangling, hair is then given a harsh acid treatment to get rid of the cuticle layer.

Then to make the dark hair lighter, the hair has to undergo rigorous bleaching. The hair is then coated with a silicone layer which makes it look healthy temporarily.

It will look shiny and beautiful when new but after a month of repeated washes, the silicone starts to fade away making the hair easier to break with a dull, matt appearance.

Real, untreated Caucasian hair, on the other hand, will stand the test of time.

This is why it is best to buy from wig companies with a trustworthy reputation and good ratings. If a company’s offer is too good to be true, it probably is!

How to Make CaucasianWigs Look Natural

Flatten the foundation

A posh Caucasian human hair wig can end up looking cheap if proper placement and blending techniques are not followed.

As with any wigs, the foundation is key. Make sure that your own hair underneath isn’t too bulky. You want the wig to look like it’s growing out of your scalp.

Maximize the power of makeup

For maximum stealth, use makeup to blend, blend, blend especially where your face and hairline meet.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a demarcation line where your foundation ends and your scalp begins. It screams pony hair, even if you’re not wearing one!

Eva Scrivo, a celebrity hair and makeup stylist, shows us how to prevent this. “Apply a small amount of bronzer with an angled brush around the hairline, this warms the complexion and pulls the makeup together. Make sure to connect the bronzer to your cheek contour with a horseshoe-like motion.”[2]

Use a basic makeup sponge to gently blend the bronzer to your foundation, only tapping lightly. This also gives a sunkissed, radiant glow.

Remember to pluck the wig’s hairline.

A natural hairline has more of a layered, gradient look.

The hair on a lace front wig sometimes comes very thick and unnatural-looking so you’ll need to pluck the lace to customize it for the most authentic look.

Tips to Care for Caucasian Wigs

Don’t wash your wig too often

The general rule of thumb is to wash only after 6-8 wearings or once a week. It’s best to reduce washing by going the extra mile to keep your wig clean and dust-free. Brushing wigs while wet is also discouraged as this is when hair is most vulnerable.

Avoid applying hairspray products

Spraying different hair products on your wig can make them greasy and unmanageable. It’s recommended that you veer away from spraying your wig with any type of hairspray.

Don’t use too much heat

Just like your own hair, using heat excessively while styling can damage wigs.

FAQs about Caucasian Human Hair Wigs

1. Can I dye this kind of wig?

Of course, you can. Because of its untreated state, Caucasian human hair wigs can be safely dyed.

However, because this kind of wig is pricey, it’s better to take your wig to a professional colorist to minimize any risks of damage. If you have a blond wig, make sure that it doesn’t contain portions of bleached hair before coloring.

2. How long will the wig last?

If used daily, this kind of wig can last from 6 months up to a year.

3. How do I store this wig?

It’s important to store wigs carefully to protect the hair from tangling and dust. It’s ideal to hang your wig on a mannequin or a hook.

If your wig came in a box, you can keep your wig there after use. Keep them protected with some type of thin net to keep dust away.

4. What shampoo do I use to wash this wig?

Use a gentle shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Remember: the less you shampoo, the better, to avoid more stress on the roots.

5. Where can I buy this kind of wig?

Aside from the websites already mentioned above, wig companies like Vouge wigs, Mimo wigs, Lori’s Wig Site and Wig Superstore also sell them.


Real Caucasian human hair wigs can be a great investment because of its wide selection of naturally-occurring colors without compromising durability. If you are looking for a good splurge that is long-lasting, then this kind of wig is beauty-wise worth every penny.

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