Top 5 Braided Wigs for Ladies 2021 (And How to Maintain)

Braided wigs were by far one of the most trending hairstyles last year. But how about now? Well, it seems like braided wigs are still on the rise and have become a trend among women of different nationalities and races. Why, you ask?

Because it looks fabulous, alright!

Here are 5 Best Braided Wigs In 2018

1. Lace Front Braided Wigs

From a distance, this braided wig does not seem like a braided wig.

If you want a minimalist braided style, then this micro braid lace front wig should be perfect for you. Micro braids or million braids look like tiny Senegalese twists. It is very lightweight, absolutely gorgeous and easy to style. Plus, its color is really fun.

Braided Wigs

  • Braid Type: Million braids / Micro braids
  • Materials used: Synthetic hair extensions
  • Color: Purple and black
  • Cap: Black mesh cap with adjustable combs and straps
  • Length: 20 inches to 22 inches

2. Blonde Box Braid Wigs

Not as lightweight as micro braids, box braids offer gorgeousness and superb comfort. This hair braid is characterized by square shaped or “boxy” hair divisions.


  • Braid Type: Regular Box Braids
  • Materials used: Synthetic hair extension
  • Color: Strawberry blonde
  • Cap: Black lace frontal mesh cap with adjustable combs and straps
  • Length: 20 inches to 22 inches

3. Fully Hand Braided Kinky Twists Wigs

Want short hair for a change? Try this adorable fully braided wig with a kinky twist. Coarse with a bob-style look that is quite similar to dreadlocks, this kinky twists braided wig provides a kinky swirl of hair at the end to spice up your look.


  • Braid Type: Kinky Twists Braid
  • The material used: Synthetic hair extensions
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Cap: Black mesh with adjustable combs and strap
  • Length: 12 inches to 14 inches

4. Senegalese Twist Fully Hand Braided Wig Feathers

Not as heavy as box braids, the Senegalese twist braid looks very much like a rope twist. This braided wig is very comfy, stunning and blends really well with your natural hair.

braid wigs

  • Braid Type: Senegalese Twist – feathers style
  • Materials used: Synthetic Hair Extension
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Cap: Black lace frontal mesh cap with adjustable comb and strap
  • Length: 12 inches to 14 inches

5. Ghana Braids Lace Front Wig

Ghana Weaves usually come in single plaits at the back and cornrows at the front. This Ghana braid is carried with a lace in the mid part of the wig.

braided wigs for ladies

  • Braid Style: Ghana Weave Braid
  • Materials used: Synthetic hair extension
  • Color: Black
  • Cap: Black mesh cap with adjustable combs and strap
  • Length: 20 inches

How to Maintain Your Braided Wigs

Braided wigs are just awesome and gorgeous! Not only that, but wigs have also become every woman’s rescue secret, especially for immediate hairstyling needs.

However, the question now is: how often do you want to use your braided wigs and have them always ready? You might say “Always”, however, your treatment and maintenance of these beauties determine how well they can serve you.

Braided wigs are more difficult to maintain that other types of wigs because of the risk that you might ruin those beautiful braids. These trending wigs are made out of either synthetic or human hair. Both types need shampoo and conditioner made specifically for wigs and not hair products that are similar to those used on natural hair.

For a long-lasting braided wig, follow these simple tips on how to maintain and keep your braided wigs tidy and shining that will make other ladies envious:

1. Wash, Wash, Wash

All braided wigs need to be washed thoroughly by hand. It is important to always wash your braided wigs in cool water in order to preserve them and prevent the braid from falling apart. Most braided wigs can stand to be washed at least 10 to 15 times, depending on how often you need to wear them.

2. Dry Them Properly

This next step might be a lengthy process, but in the name of gorgeousness, this too must be done. Braided wigs are best left to dry overnight. However, a human hair braided wig needs to be blow dried, unlike its synthetic counterpart, since it can cause frizz.

3. Apply Conditioner Or Cream To Your Wig

Adding conditioner and cream to your braided wig is also important although it might depend on the kind of braid you have. For a human hair type of braided wig, you can apply a cream conditioner, whereas a synthetic braided wig needs a spray-on conditioner. Rub or spray in the conditioner thoroughly, then you are ready to rock it away.

4. DO NOT do the following

  • Do not plait the ends.
  • Do not tie your braided wig often since it will leave the ends looking tacky.
  • Do not sleep while you are still wearing your braided wig. This will result in a lot of frayed hairs.

Proper maintenance is the key to getting good value for the money you have spent. Keep in mind that no matter how good something is, if it is not properly maintained, then it will deteriorate within a short time.


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