Top 10 Classic Beverly Johnson Wigs For Women


Wigs have conquered the world of celebrities just like the supermodel and actress, Beverly Johnson. Besides being the first African-American to appear in Vogue magazine, she was also the first to introduce the lace front wig. Moreover, she has launched hair care products including different styles of wigs, designing and supplying many styles of wigs …

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Best 8 Curly Hair Extensions for Women


A fun way of accenting your beauty is by wearing a beautiful curly hair, which could enhance your appearance as well as protect your hair. In addition, wearing a hair extension could restore the confidence of those who are suffering from baldness or the effects of chemotherapy. Reecho Full Head Curly Synthetic Hair Get that …

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11 Best Natural Looking Wigs for Men


Wigs are no longer a women’s affair. Men can flaunt wigs too and the best part is no one can tell if you are wearing one. In this article, I listed out the fashionest wigs for men, bringing you back to the youthful style. Let’s go. 11 Best Realistic Men Wigs for Party on 2022 …

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12 Best Blonde Wigs for Women


For anyone who is looking for a great, stylish and bold blonde wig, there are a ton of options. Plenty of retailers and online merchants have blonde wigs available, so how do you find the best blonde wig for you? It’s important to find a wig that matches your style and will be durable, long-lasting, …

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Top 10 Natural Looking Wigs for White Women


Most of us are not clear why white females would try wigs as they are usually already blessed with abundant hair. However, the fact is that many white women often start to find their hair thinning as they age. Then it becomes mandatory for them to wear wigs to protect their hair on a long-term …

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7 Best Updo Wigs for Your Party


What should I wear? A common question, when you are going to join the proms or weddings. Most often, the basic hairdo is the updo. Great updos can be created with wigs. In this article, I have listed out most popular updo wigs for your special occasions. Let’s check it. 1. Asuitofk Blonde & Brown …

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