6 Best Wigs for Older Ladies

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Best Wigs for Older Ladies

This is our review of the best wigs for older women in 2023. 

As you age, the hair may become less thick, and the scalp shows up in some spots from time to time. You find there’s a great need to wear wigs to conceal the problem instantly.

So, I researched intensively for wigs for older women. Out of that research, Emmor Silver Grey Pixie Cut Wig is the best overall wig for older ladies.

Because of different hair, this post also details several other wigs for older women best in their categories. 

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Our List of the Finest Wigs for Older Ladies

6 Best Wigs for Older Ladies in 2023

Better than listing, we went ahead to mention the wigs’ features and clear-cut descriptions of them in this section. When you know the fine details, you’re better placed to make the right wig choices as an old lady.

Emmor Silver Grey Pixie Cut Wig

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  • Key features: Short bangs, diamond mesh cap
  • Hair material: Human hair
  • Hair color: Silver grey
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Cap size: 21 – 23 inches
  • Best for: Overall

Of all human hair wigs, this one is the jewel of allure met with great quality standards. Since its quality is fantastic, it’s the best fit for daily wear, especially if you’re an old lady always on the go. 

And in fact, it’s very comfortable because of its high-breathable inner mesh cap. Most wig caps have a flowery lace mesh inside, but this wig has a cap with unique diamond patterns. This aspect lets in more air in and out of the wig for sufficient ventilation within the wig structure. 

The short adorable bangs enhance the marvelous appearance of the cascading waves on the entire wig. In totality, the wig is a charmer as the bangs are precisely-cut and lie perfectly above the eyes.

On the other hand, this wig is much darker than how it’s in the picture. And the cuts were unevenly done as one side looks shorter than the other. So, you’ll have to engage a hair professional to make the sides even through fussy cutting. 

Lydell Short Curly Wavy Wig

71ZhXPrBJqL. SL1450
  • Key features: 6-inches short hair
  • Hair material: Synthetic 
  • Hair color: Strawberry blonde
  • Hair type: Curly, wavy
  • Cap size: 22 – 22.75 inches
  • Best for: Over 50s women

The Lydell short wig is a killer for its bouncy wavy curls it possesses. They’re cutely layered from the back to the front with nice bangs curving inwards. That’s a plus on its gorgeous semblance, making it ideal for older ladies in the 50s age bracket.

Its hair is not any ordinary synthetic material as it’s designed to be greatly heat-friendly, allowing heat-styling. You may define the curls if they start diminishing for extended wear.

Its length is 6 inches. As such, it’s easily noticeable for its pretty-looking short hairstyle. It turns you into a sassy diva with ageless beauty.

Unfortunately, this wig emits a horrible smell that may affect smell-sensitive senior ladies. Washing is a must before wearing it to get rid of the foul smell. Also, it’s uncomfortably tight, so you cannot wear it for long.

Gnimegil Short Curly Wig

61Sgy+wMvrL. SL1000
  • Key features: High-temperature fiber, soft inner cap
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Hair color: Silver grey
  • Hair type: Curly
  • Cap size: 22 inches
  • Best for: Over 60s women

The 60s age is mostly characterized by much deterioration of hair thickness and a massive change of hair color to grey. This wig could mask that up and keep you younger.

Despite being synthetic fibers, it has a natural luster to perfectly mimic your biological hair shine. On top of that, the fibers are soft, easy on the scalp, and silver grey to be closely similar to your natural hair color.

Not forgetting, the wig is 150% density. This is ultimately thick hair appropriate for reviving your hair volume and puffiness.

The top does not have a good appearance. The hair goes in spirals and almost looks fake. It may require restyling to diminish the spiraling. 

Kalyss Short Silver Grey Wig

713ZfTiY3YL. SL1500
  • Key features: Japanese heat-resistant strands, 9-inch length
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Hair color: Silver grey
  • Hair type: Curly
  • Best for: Over 70s women

With old age, around the 70s and above, undeniably comes the need for non-strenuous activities. Our hair can be too wanting and time-consuming in terms of styling and caring for it daily. To do away with that, this “shake and go” wig transforms those hair moments to be effortless for you to enjoy. 

If you’re after re-creating a new hair mass that resembles your natural grey hair, you can with this wig. It’s a retro wig that shows its fluffy bangs.

It’s an economical wig type in that its package has two wig caps besides the wig itself. This helps cut the expenditure of buying wig caps separately from the wig. 

But the wig looks like a mullet in reality and not like the photo. The back is abnormally long, and trimming is necessary to revert it to a lovely wig. 

Casey Whisperlite Wig by Paula Young

61M0g9YvK L. SL1200
  • Key features: Razor-finished layers, pixie-cut
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Best for: Blonde Wig

Most pixies are either curly or wavy. That’s where this expertly designed comes in handy to give a straight hair option. If you like straight blondes, you have one for yourself, as you’re not limited.

You’ll find that this wig looks extraordinarily chic and timeless with its razor-finished layers. That could work to spring your hair appearance back to life and as before in your youthful years. 

Being blonde, older white ladies can easily match their light skin tone. It’s among the most vibrant and glistening wig hues that easily generate a glow in you. 

The fit of the inner cap is small since one struggles to adjust it on their head to a snug state. And the wig’s color may not be exactly as it is in the manufacturer’s photo. 

Kalyss Dark Brown Short Wig

61d9nDIFDnL. SL1100
  • Key features: Natural-looking bangs, 9-inch length
  • Hair material: Synthetic
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Hair type: Curly
  • Cap size: 21.5 – 22 inches
  • Best for: Dark brown wig

If you wish to jazz up your appearance in a dark brown wig, this Kalyss short wig comes through for older women. It’s 9 inches long and great for someone who doesn’t desire overly short pixie cuts. 

The top of this wig is slightly-raised to give an impression of a thick wig and augment your facial features. From that, you tend to appear more beautiful and stylish in addition to the bangs in place. The bangs are natural-looking and amplify your facial shape, for instance, by hiding a huge forehead. 

Looking at the nature of its design, it’s suitable to wear for memorable occasions. As a mature lady, you can wear them to weddings, theme parties, or Halloween parties.

However, the wig is too big to fit a normal head size. It stays loose even after tightening the adjustable straps. 

What to Look for in Wigs for Older Women

When purchasing sprees, you should be keen and meticulous with specific aspects of a wig. Learn to take your time to analyze them one by one, and to help you with that, we.ve disclosed them below. 

Hair Material

The makeup of wig hair is either synthetic or human hair and lies with one’s preference and purchasing power. So, this has to be checked not to find yourself with a human hair wig instead of the synthetic type or vice versa. 

human hair vs synthetic hair

Though if we’re frank with each other, human hair is better in terms of quality and more natural compared to synthetic. Human hair is more likely to last you longer because it’s real hair and may not tangle fast. 

You can also scrutinize the hair donor’s country or region of origin so that you can own hair that is within your race or ethnicity. For example, European human hair is best-suited for European women.

Best Wigs for Older Ladies-2

Hair Color

Hair color and age also have to go hand in hand together. One thing common in women is that the hair color they pick up while young is the same color they’ll embrace over the years. In actual sense, the hair color of when you’re 18 years old may not look good when in your 60s.

Best Wigs for Older Ladies-4

The human skin keeps changing as you grow older. Therefore, it’s advisable to go with not more than two levels lighter than your natural hair growing out of your scalp. For instance, if you’re a dark brown lady, you’ll look best with medium brown or light brown. 


In most senior women, you’ll notice that avid wig wearers prefer it to be short and cute. Pixie-cuts and other short wigs are the most popular kind because of the ease of wear and occasional combing. Since age has caught up with them, these effortlessly-styled wigs become their thing as they are physically weaker.

Best Wigs for Older Ladies-3

Nonetheless, short wigs are not the only length option for older people. Long wigs are also good for them if they’re still energetic enough to care for the long length correctly. They can have wigs longer than 12 inches, particularly if that’s where their desire lies. 

Face-framing Hairstyles

The various wig hairstyles in the market pose an opportunity to explore and line yourself with what’s satisfying to you.

However, you cannot blindly wear a wig if it does not compliment your facial shape because you’d look strange. Possibly, take yourself to a hairstylist with a variety of wigs for fittings so that you know what works for you prior. 

If curls look good on you, then stick with that. And if they do not, experiment with waves, straight hair, wigs with fringes/bangs, or cascading layers. You’ll not have to frequent salons when you know your best looks since you can shop wigs online and do everything yourself without involving a stylist.

Best Wigs for Older Ladies-1

Confidence Boost

Lastly, the main reason most older women wear wigs is to increase confidence in them. A majority deal with hair issues, right from thinning hair and alopecia, either due to old age or cancer therapy. 

Sometimes, everything may be perfect, but your inner self is not at peace with the wig choice. In such a situation, you will not feel happy and 100% comfortable amidst other people. Therefore, aim for a wig that strikes a smile on your face because you’re happy with every bit of it. 

Best Wigs for Older Ladies-5

FAQs About Wigs for Older Ladies

Should older women wear wigs?

Yes, if it perfectly suits the hair predicament, they’re facing and for personal satisfaction. Most women approaching their 50s, 60s, or 70s usually start to experience thinning of hair.

Sometimes, the hair recedes from the hairline, or bald patches appear, which may stifle their self-esteem. 

Do wigs make you older?

In our perspective, wigs don’t make you older unless you’re a youngster and wear wigs for mature women. Every age group has its type of wig, as all ages are well-catered-for by most wig-manufacturing companies

As a matter of fact, the question as to whether wigs make you older or not narrows down to the wig type you choose. For instance, if you’re in your 20s or 30s, you should consider choosing a youthful-looking wig. And if you’re over 50 or 60, check that your wig pick meets your age. 

In Summary

Ageing is not a disease and can be easy on someone with a positive attitude towards it. One way is to acknowledge you’re beautiful regardless of age. To feel much better about yourself, you can search for the best wig for older women that looks best on you.

In my three days of research, I realized Emmor Silver Grey Pixie Cut Wig is the best overall wig for older ladies. Generally, keep glowing with whatever wig that suits you best.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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