Best 23 Wig Care Products That You Must Have

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Best Wig Accessories

Congratulations on accomplishing the milestone of getting yourself a new wig as a first-timer. Definitely, you’re adopting a different lifestyle from the normal. 

But did it cross your mind you need some items to go along with the wig on your purchase?

For the wig to stay pristine for a long time, you’ll require certain wig accessories to come to your aid.

If you’ve opened this article, you’re in the right place to find the best wig accessories for your wig’s health.  

Let’s kick right in. 

Top 23 Wig Care Accessories You Should Try

Once a wig wearer, your wig is your baby and requires sufficient pampering with these must-have wig products. Here we’ve clarified them one by one, particularly the precise purpose and when to use them. 

Wig Stand

Wig Stand

Number one on our list today is the wig stand. It’s hollow, lightweight, metallic, or plastic and has a collapsible, travel-friendly design. 

This is a suitable method of air-drying or short-term wig storage, especially after taking it off for the next day’s wear. If the wig is not on your head, it can be on a wig stand.

Embracing that will help keep your wig’s construction in its original shape, the hair fluffy and mitigates tangling.

Also, being orderly is always a great time-saver. The wig stand is a way to avoid misplacing or mishandling your wig if you often have busy mornings.

Wig Head

Wig Head

Fortunately, you’re never limited to a wig stand as you can opt for a wig head instead. The wig head is a mannequin with a head only and the other body parts absent. Basically, it’s a replica of a human head for maintaining the wig’s bounce. 

It enables you to style, braid or trim your wig if you can’t do that on your head and store it. For easy styling, you can use wig chin straps or wig pins to hold down the wig.

Since a wig head represents a human head, it’s also perfect for wig display by hair professionals. It brings out the actual appearance of the wig to a potential wearer who could be the most appropriate buyer.

Brush & Comb

Brush & Comb

Whatever wig brush you buy, take one with flexible and gentle bristles on the wig.

The regular brushes and combs, made for real hair, are wig-destructive as they yank out the hair strands. Besides, brushes and combs will help shape your wig in a style of choice. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are necessary for washing your wig when it turns dull and grimy. Frequent wig wear means much exposure of the wig to either sweat, oils, or atmospheric dust.

The two products go hand in hand in cleansing for the revival of the wig back to its former clean state.

During selection, recall that shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for wigs are the best. You ought to check the product specifications to identify whether it’s for wigs and not regular ones.

And if you do not want water in your wig often, you can use dry shampoo to extend wear before a thorough wash. [1]

Wig Spray 

Wig Spray 

When you wear your wig repeatedly, it loses sheen, and that’s where a wig spray comes in handy. Most are in the form of fine mists of hair moisturizers, which restore the shine effect on your wig hair. 

While revitalizing the wig, a wig spray infuses moisture into the wig hair to reduce dryness and rejuvenate the soft silky nature.

Additionally, it eases the detangling process when brushing out the tangles to minimize hair breakage. The best wig sprays are water-soluble, dry fast, and do not leave any residue after drying out. 

Truth be told, wigs cannot last long without rigorous detangling daily. Like your actual hair, a wig is susceptible to tangling. A special wig brush or a wide-toothed comb suffices for the activity. 

Lace Tint Spray

Lace Tint Spray

Lace wigs might require customization of the lace color to blend seamlessly with your scalp skin tone. And for that to happen, you will need a pigmented lace tint spray.

Usually, they come in various colors, mostly shades of brown, because the human complexion revolves around brown.

With a lace tint spray comes the perk of parting your lace wig however you want. And the wig will still look more realistic.

Any lace tint spray you invest in should be water-resistant, residue-free, and dry quickly.

Root Concealer

Root Concealer

Sometimes, the knots of a lace wig can be overly bleached. If this is the case, the root concealer is the go-to product to correct the color. For example, you may find the roots, or the knots, are abnormally brown.

To apply it, turn the wig inside out, place it on a wig head, and blend in the root concealer.

The lace and the cap should be on the outside because the place of concern is at the wig base. 

Wig Tweezer

Wig Tweezer

You’ll have to pluck out some strands at the hairline for the most natural look of a lace wig.

A wig tweezer is an essential tool for performing plucking. It features slanted tips that when pressed together, grip a particular wig fiber and upon lifting, pull it out.

Plucking your wig is usually important to imitate your natural hairline and not appear fake anymore. In doing so, you bolster your confidence in it all day long. 

Wig Cap 

Wig Cap

A wig cap is a protective barrier between your actual hair or scalp and the wig. Wearing it beneath the wig keeps the wig fresh for longer than without. 

Remember, a wig cap will absorb the oils from your hair and scalp and prevent it from getting into your wig.

Instead of cleaning the wig every time, you’ll wash the wig cap. Plus, it keeps all your hair tucked in and none popping out of the wig.

As for people with bald heads, wearing a wig directly on the scalp makes you uneasy. A wig cap will give you a comfortable feel underneath the wig, and clamp it since there’s no hair. 

Wig Band

Wig Band

The major benefit of wig bands is offering additional security to prevent your wig from slipping off.

We both know such a moment can be embarrassing though evitable. It’s a thin piece of fabric worn close to the hairline to keep the wig stationary. 

It could be an alternative to a wig cap if you use it for security. Alternatively, you can have a wig grip or a wig fix which is a silicone band.

Regardless of your best pick, all these should be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable on your scalp. 

Wig Glue

best wig glues wigsmaster

If you need an alternative for wig tape, wig glue comes to the rescue. Similarly, it will hold the wig down. And something great about it, it will secure the wig for a longer time than wig tape.

Some are in gel form, and others spray; some clear, others white. Whichever you go with, be careful to choose a non-sensitive high-quality wig glue that will not react with your scalp or block the scalp pores.

It should also be water-proof to have a perfect adherence for highly-perspiring women. 

When applying wig glue, ensure you apply as sparingly as possible and an inch or ½ inch away from your hairline. An excessive application will bring about flakes and a messy hairdo. 

Bond Remover

Bond Remover

Installing your wig means at one point, you will have to remove the wig for refreshment or a change of look. So, you must equip yourself with a bond remover if you use any adhesive, be it wig glue or wig tape. 

Bond removers are solvent-based formulas designed specifically for loosening any adhesive.

They enable you to dissolve the wig adhesive effortlessly in less than 3 minutes. While undoing the bond, it’s painless as no hair strand gets pulled, and no hair loss occurs. 

Elastic Headband

Elastic Headband

You can achieve wig security with something superficial as an elastic headband. Instead of securing your wig underneath the wig, you can do it on top. 

This also works if your scalp is sensitive to the scalp-touching products for gripping your wig down. Or you can use an elastic headband to accessorize your wig for a more beautiful appeal.

An elastic headband stretches to fit your head circumference and relaxes to allow a snug fit. Most are cotton-made, hence soft on the wig.

Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant

Since the heat from hair dryers and hairstyling irons may be destructive, you might have to apply a heat protectant beforehand.

It’s better to prevent damage completely than to be sorry about the situation later. 

Better explained, a heat protectant creates a protective shield on the wig hair to protect it from excessive heat from heating tools.

It’s commonly found in spray, serum, or cream forms. Heat is known to strip keratin off the hair, weakening it and making the wig more vulnerable to shedding and hair loss. 

Hair Color Ring

Hair Color Ring

A hair color ring is a stainless steel ring with a set of hair locks of different color shades.

For instance, you may get a set of 26 colors or 30 colors all on one ring. This ring can be opened to remove any hair lock and have it separately. 

With this in your possession, you can choose a hair color that matches your complexion before purchasing.

Or through it, you can know what color to partially bleach or dye your wig. A hair color ring is more like a collection of wig color samples. 

Wig Clips

Wig Clips

As much as wigs come with combs attached, getting more wig clips reinforces clamping. The greater the security, the more peace of mind you’ll have when you put on your wig. 

These wig clips are small metallic combs clipped into the natural hair.

You sew them on the inner side of the wig and the wig cap. That way, none of them will move over your head. 

Wig Storage Bag

Wig Storage Bag

A wig storage bag resembles a suit bag with a hanger on one end and a zip opening at the front. It is a protective casing for wigs that protects the wig hair against dust, moisture, and dirt.

This storage technique is effective for long-term storage, probably weeks or months.

Since it bears a hanger, it’s hangable in a closet for extra protection and makes it out of reach for toddlers.

Sleep Cap

Sleep Cap

Wig care goes a long way to how you sleep with your wig if you choose to sleep in it. You cannot let it stay bare because it’s prone to tangling as you toss and turn in bed.

Here, a sleep cap is the most crucial necessity during the night to protect the wig.

That sleep cap could be a hair bonnet or a silk scarf. It will cushion the hair against friction from contacting the pillow or bed sheets.

Moreover, the sleep cap gives a comfortable sleep as the hair is put away inside the cap.

Lace Wig Tape

Lace Wig Tape

The lace wig tape is a silicone strip with a double-sided continuous layer of sticky adhesive.

This is a great idea of holding down the lace at the front hairline for lace wigs. Tapes are easy to mount and create no residue when working with them.

It takes little application time of 1 minute or less, depending on how much of the tape you apply.

And you can also use it to stick down the wig if you’re bald. It will still work effectively for wig security. 

Wig Steamer

Wig Steamer

Most synthetic wig fibers are sensitive to heat, and styling them needs much care. Therefore, you use a wig steamer in place of heating tools. With synthetics, you have to avoid heating tools.

A wig steamer features a can that’s filled with distilled water and a nozzle connected to it. The nozzle is the exit route of steam directed onto the wig hair.

 It gives a lot of versatility to synthetic wigs, as you can use it to curl or straighten the wig. Not to mention, it reduces damage and frizz for the wig hair to flow in the same direction together. 

Hairstyling Iron

Hairstyling Iron

Hairstyling irons are vital items when you’re looking to do touch-ups with your wig. You might want to switch to a different hairstyle rather than buy a new wig.  

If you crave curls or beach weaves, curling irons or curling wig wands are the most appropriate for the task.

On the other hand, flat irons can re-align your hair into straight strands. These are heating tools and you should factor in the temperature limit for your wig to avoid heat damage.

Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors

You might find yourself buying a wig longer than your preference. That might imply tweaking it by trimming it with hair-cutting scissors for a shorter length. 

Or you may use the hair scissors to eliminate hair splits that may come up on your human hair wig. Hair-cutting scissors are made to have sharp blades that cut hair precisely.

A piece of advice for you: do not use the regular house scissors on your wig hair. They might pull or break them instead of cutting them because they’re not for hair use. 

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

There are moments when you need to clean your wig and wear it as soon as possible. The hair dryer helps quicken up drying after washing your wig.

That’s instead of fully air-drying it which takes much time to attain a completely dry wig. 

Otherwise, a hair dryer could be for blow-drying over wig glue if you want it to dry faster than the time-consuming natural way. It also comes through when styling your wig.


The care and maintenance of your wig is your obligation from the first day you become a wig wearer. Keep it well-accessorized to gain long-lasting benefits from it over time.

Girl, if you have more to add to our list of wig accessories, share them with us in the comments. And if possible, disclose how you use it and your experience with it so far.

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