9 Best Sew-in Hair Extensions On 2023

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Best Sew-in Hair Extensions

This is our review of the best sew-in hair extensions in 2023.

Sew-in hair extensions are one of the most durable, low-maintenance hairdos among women.

However, the market is swarmed with many sew-in extension brands that make selection difficult. And that’s where this post comes to the rescue.

From my research, I concluded Laavoo Platinum Blonde Weft Hair Extensions are the best sew-in extensions overall.

Because of different hair needs, I also reviewed more sew-in hair extensions best in their categories.

Let’s get to the details. 

Our Top Picks for Sew-in Hair Extensions 

The Best Sew-in Hair Extensions Reviewed 

In this section, we have outlined detailed descriptions of our best sew-in hair extensions. In addition, you’ll fetch knowledge on the good and bad sides of each to be well-informed and more decisive. 

Laavoo Platinum Blonde Weft Hair Extensions 

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  • Key features: Remy human hair, doubt-weft 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Platinum blonde 
  • Extensions length: 12 inches – 24 inches 
  • Best for: Overall

These sew-in wefts are perfect for platinum blonde hair and if you’re after achieving highlights in your hair. Their platinum blonde pigment is extraordinarily warm and evokes an aura for voguish looks.

Complementing the attractive color are the intact cuticles. That means all the hair shafts flow in one direction. And because of that, it’s easy to blend the extensions with your natural hair to give off a soft, bouncy glow.

With these sew-ins, you’ll be getting several length options. You can choose from 12 inches to 24 inches. So, your hopes of styling long hair are no longer obscured if you have short hair, as you can instantly elongate your hair.

But then the hair is not adequately durable and quality as expected of Remy human hair. Some Laavoo clients have complained about the ratchety nature of the hair after 2-3 weeks of wear. The hair tangles up and suddenly looks like doll hair. 

UNice Body Wave Human Hair Sew-in Hair Extensions 

71vJWR2CoeS. SL1100
  • Key features: 10A Brazilian virgin hair, 4 bundles per pack 
  • Hair type: Wavy 
  • Hair color: Natural black 
  • Extensions length: 28 inches 
  • Best for: Body wave hair

The Unice brand is a great pick if you want to invest in some lusciously long sew-in extensions with body waves. These extensions have a ton of body accompanied by flawless loose waves for a flawless hair revamp.

The manufacturer crafted them to be double wefts of hair to be thick for fuller hair. Besides, the hair has no split ends, thus strong, healthy hair that barely breaks when combed or detangled.

And the hair length is full from the roots to the ends, without having any strands being shorter than others. It’s also hard to come by any flyaways within the hair mass, bringing out a gorgeous appeal on you.

The shortcomings of these sew-ins are that the hair does not hold curls easily and gets brittle and dry fast. Immediately you notice the dry feel, oil them with your favorite hair serum often. It could be some argan oil or coconut oil. 

Full Shine Straight Blonde Sew-in Hair Extensions 

71ZLMBCao+L. SL1500
  • Key features: Real human hair, double-wefted hair 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Platinum blonde 
  • Extensions length: 10 inches – 24 inches 
  • Best for: Blonde hair

Blonde hair has these as its most suitable fit for hair sew-ins. These straight sew-in extensions match blonde hair adorably to the extent of being invisible when attached to your hair. No one can see the wefts since they’re concealed, and the hair lies flattered on the head like your natural hair.

Available in various lengths from 10 inches to 24 inches, you’re spoilt for choice. Keeping your hair length in mind, you can wear its shortest length or go for 24 inches to meet your desire. And if the weft is too wide, you can cut it to the right sizes.

Its 9A hair grade Brazilian hair makes it styleable. When tired of the original style, you can curl, perm, or wave it. Or even tie it up into a ponytail or bun.

However, be aware that the hair is less and thinner. Therefore, you’ll have to use several packets to get the volume you’re looking for. And after the first wash, they get frizzled and break upon detangling. 

Vivien Long Straight Remy Sew-in Hair Extensions

71qJCZ7Qa L. SL1500
  • Key features: Remy human hair, thick ends 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Jet black 
  • Extensions length: 22 inches 
  • Best for: Long straight hair

These sew-in extensions solve your troubles with hair growth. Waiting for your hair to be extremely long may take too long, yet length is what you undeniably crave. These sew-ins are 22 inches long and straight to reduce the waiting time.

For the satisfaction of every buyer, the hair is durable, soft, and silky and compliments several hair textures. The hair ends are thick and uni-directional, which makes them have a great hair flow throughout the mane.

Since most people’s hair color bends towards natural black, this is a good match for many. Its jet-black hue is uniform from strand to strand. And being a dull color, it will be simple to maintain the hair color of these extensions.

Even with daily thorough brushing, the hair still falls out after a few weeks of use. You’ll find that some strands are missing over time, and you’ll be forced to take them out prematurely. 

Sunny Balayage Weft Hair Extensions 

  • Key feature: Real human hair 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Balayage 
  • Extensions length:12 inches – 24 inches 
  • Best for: Balayage hair

Balayage effects don’t have to be directly on your hair. So, if you intend to be more protective and vigilant, you can opt for these Sunny hair wefts. After braiding down your hair, you fix the wefts onto the braids with a thread and needle.

The balayage is an incredibly beautiful combination of two different colors. The hair starts with medium brown at its base, gradually fading into a spectacular ombre shade.

You’ll only need 2-3 packs for a full head, as you get 100 grams of hair from 14 inches to 24 inches. This suggests that all its length options are economical except for the 12 inches. Choosing 12 inches gives you 70 grams of hair per pack.

Although the extensions are silky soft out of the packaging box, they start to snarl up and get matted up at the back after a week of wear. When you get them, set yourself ready for a daily oiling routine to mitigate the issue. 

Hetto Silky Straight Dark Brown Sew-in Hair Extensions 

81eb+9t7QvL. SL1500
  • Key features: Remy human hair, double wefts 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Dark brown 
  • Extensions length: 12 inches – 22 inches 
  • Best for: Dark brown hair

The Hetto sew-in extensions offer the cutest bold-colored dark brown sew-ins. They work great for dark brown hair or if your need is a color change to dark brown.

As outlined by the brand, the hair is pure Remy human hair sourced from one donor. This justifies that you can treat the hair of these sew-ins the same way you treat your real hair. You can curl, wave, or dye them however it pleases you.

The versatility in styling reveals they’re appropriate for different occasions. You can have them for a poolside party, a wedding, or a birthday you’re planning to attend.

While the hair is thick at the top close to the band, it starts thinning out from the middle to the ends. The blending job becomes harder because you’ll have to trim it down until you get the right blend. And that can only be successful in the hands of an expert; hence not good for beginners. 

Moresoo Highlight Sew-in Hair Extensions 

  • Key features: Remy hair, double wefts, thick ends 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Dark brown with caramel blonde 
  • Extensions length: 14 inches – 24 inches 
  • Best for: Highlight hair

Always wanted to try out highlights but scared to do it on your hair? You can relax because the Moresoo sew-in extensions can take away your worries. It’s an ideal alternative to obtaining highlights without the bleach touching your most-loved treasure.

The highlights are a mixture of dark brown pieces and caramel blonde pieces. These two colors meld with each other well, encouraging a shift from solid colors.

Unlike the traditional single-weft sew-ins, these are double wefts, thicker for fuller hair.

These highlight sew-ins are defective because they have an irritating chemical smell. This smell does not get off the extensions, even with several rounds of washing. And the hair is thin at the ends, so you need to buy 2 inches longer hair to allow for cutting. 

Full Shine Kinky Curly Weave-in Hair Extensions 

71Ae47mwTfL. SL1500
  • Key features: 7A grade Remy hair wefts 
  • Hair type: Kinky curly 
  • Hair color: Natural black 
  • Extensions length: 12 inches – 20 inches 
  • Best for: Kinky curly hair

For kinky curly sew-in extensions, Full shine weave wefts are a safe bet. If you own this item, you’ll get nicely-springed kinks that resemble your hair. Likewise, people will not notice it’s not your hair as a black woman; it will be the best of both worlds.

The kinky curls look cool and well-defined for attractive makeup on you. These curls are great if you wish to have hair with tighter curls.

And the hair, in general, is soft and smooth. Your fingers will run through it with ease from top to bottom. That is a sign of healthy hair extensions.

Unfortunately, some customers reported that their hair is lighter than the weight advertised. The sew-in extensions look like 50g instead of the 100g specified by the manufacturer. 

Munx Balayage Straight Sew-in Hair Extensions 

81ckkb8V8bL. SL1500
  • Key features: 8A grade human hair, intact cuticles 
  • Hair type: Straight 
  • Hair color: Balayage 
  • Extensions length: 12 inch – 14 inch 
  • Best for: Price

With Munx Balayage straight sew-in extensions, you do not have to break the bank to afford it. It’s great value for the price since you get 8A-grade human hair. We both know human hair products are costly in most cases.

The balayage color looks wonderful and is worth putting on for an exceptional hair transformation. The color shades here are brown and ombre, creating a nice balayage.

According to the manufacturer, the hair is from healthy donors, and it’s not mixed with synthetic or animal hair. For these reasons, the cuticles align in one direction giving your new hair a soft silky look.

But the ends are super thin, and the hair bundles are small. You’ll end up spending more as 4 to 5 packets is the quantity that can suffice. 

Sew-in Hair Extensions-3

How To Choose Sew-in Hair Extensions 

Before paying for sew-in extensions, you ought to check these low-downs. They will direct your decision-making so that you do not make a wrong choice. 

Hair Quality 

Hair quality differs in hair sew-ins as they’re not made with the same characteristics.

So, if you want to get the best out of sew-in extensions, the best shot is the human hair types. Either choose Remy or virgin hair sew-in extensions. But of the two, the best of the best is virgin hair since it’s not chemically processed.

Even though high quality may come with pricey figures, you can wear them repeatedly for two years or more. That makes them worth their prices, and you can up your savings over time for this good investment.

what is a weave

Hair Color 

It’s awesome how sew-in extensions are available in various colors and shades. And beyond solid colors, some brands offer highlights and balayage effects of sew-in extensions. This high versatility allows you to choose a color you want to bloom in. 

With your skin tone on your fingertips, choosing the perfect color for you will be easier. One thing, you’re free to be as adventurous as you want with sew-ins. This time you can wear blonde sew-ins, next time, you can do brown or ombre.

Before you check out, check the reviews to confirm that the manufacturer is true to the advertised color. Also, the sew-in extensions’ color should not be a fading type so that you do not find yourself with messy hair. 

Hair Color Ring

Hair Type 

Like hair color, hair types of sew-in extensions are several. Across multiple wig manufacturers, you’ll notice that the sew-ins have straight, wavy, curly, kinky, or yaki hair types. Selecting the right hair type in line with your own natural hair usually eases the entire selection process.

For human hair-made sew-in extensions, you can change the hair type from its original. For instance, you can curl or wave straight hair as long as your heating tool does not exceed the stated temperature limits.  

Hair Type

Hair Bundles 

Hair bundles are bunches of wefts inside the extensions’ packaging. Usually, they influence the number of packs adequate for your head size, depending on the type of sew-in installation. Full sew-ins will take more bundles and packs of hair than partial sew-ins.

In the hair industry, the thickness of the bundles may vary with the manufacturers. You need to be aware that some manufacturers produce thinner bundles for long sew-ins.

So you might not get the same hair volume when you shift from short sew-in extensions to long ones. This, as well, can be known through the product reviews section. 

Double Weft Hair Bundles
Double Weft Hair Bundles

FAQs about Sew-in Hair Extensions 

Which brand of sew-in hair extensions is the best? 

The best-selling sew-in hair extension brand today is Laavoo. Similarly, Full Shine, Sunny’s Hair, and Mayven brands equally have a vast range of renowned quality hair wefts. 

Do sew-in hair extensions damage hair? 

The answer to this is a yes or a no, depending on how you perform your installation. If you or your hairstylist over-tightens the braids and the sew-ins, tension occurs at the hair follicles that might lead to hair breakage. You will witness that when you see white flakes at your hair roots. 

But if you are gentle in every action while fixing the sew-in extensions, there’ll be no hair damage. Instead, your hair will be in a conducive environment to grow longer and healthier. 

How often should I get my sew-ins tightened? 

Girl, you can tighten the sew-ins, particularly the sewing thread, every 2-3 weeks. Based on the required duration of wear of 6-8 weeks, you tighten twice or thrice. Before tightening, you can co-wash the sew-ins to reduce oil build-up and extend wear comfortability. 

Are sew-in extensions high maintenance?

 Actually, it’s the opposite. Sew-in extensions are low-maintenance because they’re durable. And they need little touch-ups and products during the entire duration of wear.

You’ll only use thread and needles for maintenance services. Also, you’ll add a leave-in conditioner to the hair between the wefts if it is not braided down and concurrently oil your scalp twice a week. With these few tips in check, you’ll be done with the maintenance. 

In a Nutshell 

The most suitable sew-in extensions should be durable and versatile in their hairstyles. At the same time, the pricing should meet the features of your sew-in extensions of choice.

However, you can consult your trusted extensions stylist for sound advice if struggling to find the right fit. Otherwise, my research landed on Laavoo Platinum Blonde Weft Hair Extensions as the best sew-in extensions.

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