16 Best Hair Vendors 2023: Wholesale Virgin Hair Suppliers

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Usually, wholesale or retail hair suppliers strive to find a reliable hair vendor. They look for vendors selling high-quality hair at the lowest prices. This way, they can generate profits and get value for their money.

However, there are several hair vendors present in the market today. Each of them always promises to deliver high-quality hair and the best services.

Also, other vendors might only take a specific amount of orders, while some may not. This is why finding the right one can be challenging. 

Today, we compiled a detailed guide to help you find the best hair vendors.

Let’s begin!

16 Best Wholesale Human Hair Vendors

The best hair vendor should always be reliable and offer high-quality hair. Here is a curated list of the best hair vendors on the market today.

Luvme Hair

Luvme Hair

Birth of Luvme Hair: 2009

Luvme hair has over eighteen years of experience in the human hair wig market. They sell hair bundles, frontal lace wigs, T-part wigs, 360 lace wigs, and full lace wigs.

Moreover, Luvme hair guarantees informed expert and professional assistance for a satisfactory buying experience.

Customers love Luvme hair due to its affordable prices. Their hair is thick, tangle free, and comes in various textures. It is also soft and easy to style.

Sunber Hair

Sunber Hair

Birth of Sunber Hair: 2019

Sunber Hair is a well-known wig and hair extension store. It is a very active brand that offers different hair textures and quality.

This hair vendor guarantees trendy hairstyles made of quality human hair. Wigs are the dominant hair products of Sunber hair company. Usually, they are beginner-friendly lace, bob, u-part, and v-part wigs with no leave outs.

Alipearl Hair

Alipearl Hair

Birth of Alipearl Hair: 2016

Alipearl hair brand has been on the market for close to seven years and has a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot. Over the years, it has gained recognition in many countries worldwide. [1]

The Alipearl hair company primarily uses virgin hair collected from Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Their hair products come in textures like straight, curly, or loose waves.

Furthermore, this company prides itself on high-quality items, lower rates, and fast shipment.

Wiggins Hair

Wiggins Hair

Birth of Wiggins Hair: 1997

Wiggins hair has been on the market longer than other hair vendors. Although Wiggin built a foundation in 2016, the company has been around for longer. It has a good reputation and positive feedback from many global customers.

Moreover, this hair supplier focuses on high-quality, 100% virgin human hair products. This includes lace wigs, closures, lace frontal, and hair weaves. You also get to enjoy superior customer service and quick delivery.



Birth of UNice Hair: 2006

UNice prides itself as one of the premier 100% unprocessed virgin human hair brands. They are a popular brand with over 20 years of experience in the human hair market.

On top of that, this hair company offers wigs, hair extensions, lace closures, and hair weaves. The virgin hair provided has no trace of synthetic hair or chemicals.

West Kiss Hair

West Kiss Hair

Birth of West Kiss Hair: 1999

West kiss hair factory has had its existence for over 10 years. It majorly sources its hair from 100% human hair in different lengths and textures. The hair has unique wave patterns, is bouncy, and comes at reasonable prices.

Also, the quality is high, with no synthetic fillers or chemical processing. And once you place an order, processing takes 24 hours, except over the holidays or weekends.

Asteria Hair

Asteria Hair

Birth of Asteria Hair: 2006

Asteria hair is a human hair vendor supporting retail and wholesale drop shipping businesses. It provides human hair bundles, closures, hair extensions, wigs, and hair weaves.

To provide a better shopping experience, they offer professional and reliable customer service. The company also meets the different needs of customers before and after sales.



Birth of Nadula: 2017

Nadula is a global human hair brand that brings luxurious, natural, and durable hair to women. They provide a range of options like wigs, closures, hair bundles, and weave hair products. All these varieties have natural root-to-tip 100% Remy human hair.

Also, Nadula hair company mainly services online store owners, salons, vendors, and distributors. They do this with no middle charges.

Yolissa Hair

Yolissa Hair

Birth of Yolissa Hair hair: 2014

Yolissa hair supplies products such as lace frontals, hair bundles, and lace wigs. The hair is very soft, with no smell and minimal shedding. It also has a good curl pattern that would stay on for a long time.

What’s more, their customer service is very reliable. The staff is usually concerned with your orders before and after their sales.

Klaiyi Hair

Klaiyi Hair

Birth of Klaiyi Hair: 2017

Klaiyi hair helps millions of women around the world to feel beautiful. The company provides 100% virgin human hair at affordable prices.

The virgin hair provided has no trace of synthetic hair or chemicals. It is also soft, thick, and free from tangling.

Generally, Klaiyi embodies quality, fashion, and style in each hair bundle. Their website will direct you on how to style their units. Most customers find their services to be very convenient.



Birth of Lordhair: 2006

Lordhair is an international supplier of high-quality men’s and women’s hairpieces. They offer both weaves and wigs in various textures, lengths, and colors.

Moreover, Lordhair incorporates high-quality hair while maintaining low prices. They offer customization of pre-cutting and the convenience of fast delivery.

This company has comprehensive customer service. They also offer free consultations to all its customers.

Beauty Forever

Beauty Forever

Birth of Beauty forever: 2016

Beauty Forever serves as one of the best hair vendors around the world. It offers high-quality unprocessed virgin hair at low prices. Additionally, it provides reliable customer service.

Unlike most human hair vendors, the hair from Beauty Forever has no smell, tangles, or shedding. The hair is soft and responds well to heat or dyes. It will also maintain its curl pattern for a very long time without getting weary.

Julia Hair

Julia Hair

Birth of Julia Hair: 2017

Julia company provides hair with long lengths, and the prices are very affordable. It is well known for its beautiful premium human hair having all textures.

This brand has a variety of hair, such as Peruvian hair, Filipino hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, and Indian hair.

Depending on hairstyles, Julia constantly develops various styles for customers. This is to cater to their personality concept. It strives to match your hairstyle, whether body wave, straight hair, or curly hair.

Supernova Hair

Supernova Hair

Birth of Supernova Hair hair: 2000

Supernova specializes in manufacturing high-quality 100% human hair products. They provide lace wigs, closures, hair bundles, lace frontal, and hair weaves.

Moreover, their hair is easy to style and will blend perfectly with most hair textures. You will also like how fast the delivery is and the design of their package.

Arabella Hair

Arabella Hair

Birth of Arabella Hair: 2016

Arabellahair delivers premium-quality virgin hair at low prices for its customers. You can even send a personalized order, and they will make you a deal with the cheapest service fee.

On top of that, Arabella Hair provides reliable customer service and fast delivery services. They also have a 7-day money return policy for dissatisfied customers.



Gorgius creates versatile and stylish wigs with high quality. The wigs are durable and come in different colors and textures. It maintains an exceptional reputation and positive feedback from its customers.

This hair company handles all its products professionally to ensure beautiful hairpieces. Moreover, the hair will not require much maintenance as it is soft and effortless to style.

How to Find the Best Hair Vendors

Not all hair vendors guarantee to offer high-quality hair at affordable prices. That is why it is essential to do more research before settling on a hair vendor. Here are some factors to consider when trying to find the best hair vendor.

Lower Cost

You should find a reliable hair supplier with quality products and affordable prices. Consider choosing a hair factory directly and avoid hair trading companies.

Hair factories have the lowest wholesale prices and usually have special offers for large purchases.

Also, buying directly from the factory cuts out the middleman. Meaning you will not only save on costs but also get a lower per-unit cost for the products. This way, you can sell to the end consumers and still get a lot of profit.

best hair vendors

Hair Quality

The hair should be of high quality, whether it is human hair or synthetic hair. Quality assurance can always guarantee your customer’s satisfaction.

For instance, customers may want hair that is easy to manipulate and style. In this case, you might recommend the best quality hair, such as virgin hair, Remy hair, or raw hair. But, if you have bad hair quality, your business will get affected, and you may lose customers.

I recommend purchasing unprocessed hair or hair that looks as natural as possible. They are usually soft, smooth, and durable.

best hair vendors

Customer Service

Good customer service is an ideal indication of a good hair vendor. The vendor should be able to communicate and give quick responses. It is best to go for vendors whose online customer care team is responsive 24/7.

Also, see if you can contact the sales team via email, social media, or phone. This can be a factor to help in placing your order on time.

Again, the hair vendor should have more relevant knowledge support and products wholesale info on their public web page. A discount code is also a bonus to ensure they are not just making money from you.

capless wig-2


They should be able to provide many products and accept customized orders. Sometimes you might run into the trouble of too many custom orders.

Your order might exceed the usual product quantity. Therefore, the best hair vendor should be ready to deliver.

best hair vendors

Company Policy

Ensure the company supports giving out free samples. It will make it easier to check samples beforehand and ensure good quality.

Also, inquire about the shipping time and cost. Good hair vendors usually provide free, fast shipping services to save money and time. The payment method should be trustworthy and processed through their site. Not in cash or another APP!

Moreover, the vendor should have a good return policy. You should get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with their product. This is another great deal to show that they are confident in their products.

best hair vendors

Real Reviews

Before trying a new vendor, check the reviews from YouTube, Amazon, social platforms, or websites like Trustpilot and Choice. Try looking for unsponsored videos to get the most unbiased review opinions.

Additionally, search for reviews that have pictures. They will give you an idea of what a particular hair looks like. These reviews provide honest opinions about a specific vendor to help you find the best one.

Note: In my experience, good hair vendors usually have a rating of 93% and above, with a completed order list of at least 300 buyers on platforms such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

best hair vendors

Other Place to Find Best Hair Vendors?

You can directly find the best hair vendors from online shops.

One of the online shops to find hair vendors is Alibaba or AliExpress, which is just an extension of Alibaba. Alibaba is a b2b company with businesses that readily sells to other business owners. They sell the best quality hair at very affordable prices.

Another place to find your vendor would be on Google and YouTube. You will find various hair vendor pages with their different hair products.

Also, you can always find hair vendors on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Most vendors will upload photos and videos, which can be a guiding factor to help you find the right one.

Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the best hair vendors and how to find the right one. You can buy from these hair vendors as they have a good reputation and positive customer feedback. If you are still looking for a reputable hair vendor, consider this list of the best online wig stores.

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