6 Best Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

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Best Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

This post today reviews the best hair extensions for thick hair in 2023. 

Like thin hair, thick hair has its challenges though many believe it’s the unproblematic hair type. 

One of these challenges is working in the right extensions and achieving a lightweight feel and a harmonious blend. 

Alleviating this issue, I conducted worthwhile research for three days. Out of it, Goo Goo clip-in hair extensions caught my eye as the overall best hair extensions for thick hair. 

I also reviewed the best hair extensions for thick hair in the different categories.

Let’s get started.

Top Picks of Hair Extensions for Thick Hair 

6 Best Hair Extensions for Thick Hair Reviewed

In this section, we’re going to unfold the finest details of the best hair extensions for medium to thick hair. We’ll present the truth about our carefully-collated extensions for you to make a well-informed choice. 

Goo Goo Dark Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions

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  • Key feature: 9A grade Remy human hair
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 14” – 22”
  • Pieces per pack: 7 pieces
  • Best for: clip-in hair extensions

Goo Goo clip-in Remy hair extensions save the most time for you, thus, are great daily wear. You clip them into your hair, style it, and you’re ready to go. 

To augment the length of your hair, these hair extensions come in various lengths, from medium to long. In 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”, you’re well-positioned to transform yourself instantly into a lady with long hair.

They’re one of the safest options as they’ll require no harmful products introduced to your hair and scalp. There’ll be no wig glue, tape, or unfriendly heat during installation. Therefore, it creates little-to-no damage; hence it’s easy for your hair to flourish with the extensions present.

Unfortunately, several buyers noticed the wefts are thin and not thick as described. Because of that, you’ll have to use more packets of hair to suffice for a full head.

For instance, if you’ve been using 2 packets, you might use 3 or 4 packets, which is an unnecessary expense. 

Ugeat U-tip Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

710DqR3b9PL. SL1500
  • Key feature: U-tip human hair extensions
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 14” – 24”
  • Temperature limit: 356°F 
  • Best for: Fusion-bonded hair extensions

Ugeat fusion hair extensions are most fusion hair lovers’ favorite. This brand is reputable for making nothing below quality standards, with hair safety in consideration. The extensions are great for coarse hair and hold firmly to the hair. 

The extensions boast remarkable versability owing to how they offer an unlimited array of colors. With the 13 colors available, you’re liberated to find a color that perfectly fits your hair color easily. If you cannot, you can dye to darker colors until they blend in. 

In addition, the U-tips are made with quality keratin that is not sensitive to the scalp. The extensions will be comfortable and give long-lasting wear. 

However, the quality keeps deteriorating in the recent months to a year. The hair is not fabulous as it was before because it now tangles heavily and, upon detangling, sheds a lot. It will not meet your expectations if you’re thinking of it for the long term. 

Full Shine Remy Hair Sew-in Hair Extensions

718wepD0LyL. SL1500
  • Key features:100% human hair, versatile installation
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 14” – 24”
  • Best for: Sew-in hair extensions

Sew-ins are known as long-lasting hair extensions and a highly-protective hairstyle. In that regard, Full Shine sew-in extensions realize those perks with soft, flowy hair. And the sewing method uses no heat application.

Also, the application involving sewing the extensions onto cornrows keeps the hair covered. That way, your natural hair is safeguarded against environmental factors like dust. [1]

The extensions, when properly fixed, lay flat on the head. They do not hump up, making the hair beautifully seamless. As a result, they’re unnoticeable because someone gets the illusion it’s your real hair. 

On the contrary, they become a hot mess of tangles when you wash them. Yet they’ll be silky smooth out of the box. Even if you try to revive them, they will not respond to your tactics whether you’re a hair pro or not. 

Sunny Blonde Highlight Micro-ring Hair Extensions

71Kb5 jKDsL. SL1500
  • Key features: Real human hair, bouncy texture
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair colors: Ash blonde highlights, black ombre balayage
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Temperature limit: 356°F 
  • Best for Micro-ring hair extensions

In case you need ash blonde highlights or balayage added to your hair, these satisfy your urge. These color effects provide a fresher, youthful look different from the common solid colors. 

The micro-ring extensions are simple to apply by squeezing in the rings to clamp onto your hair. The micro-rings are made of silicone material for a firm fitting and a non-damaging hairdo.

If you dislike straight hair, it comes in, and you can switch them to a curly, wavy, or permed texture. They’re heat-resistant as long as you do not exceed 356°F setting on the heating tools.

Similarly, you can reverse them to their original straightness if you’re fed up with the initial transformations. 

Sadly, the hair gets dry and brittle so fast. So, you’ll have to oil it regularly to maintain its softness. And the strands take up dye partially, which clearly shows part of the hair is synthetic. 

Full Shine Double Weft Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Double weft extensions, human hair material
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 14” – 24”
  • Best for: Weft hair extensions

For those who want to try out weft hair for the non-braid method, you can opt for this option. Being double weft extensions means two strips of wefts are bound together. Therefore, the hair is twice thicker, more dense, and thick hair- friendly. 

According to the manufacturer, they last for 6-8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. This is a long time for hair to remain intact and pristine. From that, you can tell the hair extensions are durable due to their great quality.

Lastly, this hair does not fall out easily because of the technique used in fixing it. It gets secured in place by either micro links and sewing together or sewing only. These techniques can let the extensions loosen with time because of your hair growth but cannot let the extensions dangle over your head. 

However, the hair keeps breaking at its ends. So, you find that it shortens in length quickly. And after washing and air drying, the ends turn out stiff and might need trimming to revive them. 

Huayi Silky Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

81UWqiMQFyL. SL1500
  • Key features: Human hair strands, high-quality tapes
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair length: 14” – 22”
  • Pieces per pack: 20 pieces
  • Best for: Tape-in hair extensions

If you prefer tape-in extensions for your thick hair, check out the Huayi tape-in extensions. This product has strong adhesive tapes that do not slide out easily unless worn for long. And the hair itself is of great human hair quality as it’s non-tangling, soft, and silky like your biological hair. 

Each package contains 20 pieces of tape-in wefts. These are many pieces that could make a single package enough for a full-head installation. Hence, it’s a great deal for the money. 

The tape-ins are available in unique ombre shades, natural black, and dark brown. Speaking of the ombre shades, we have mushroom brown ombre, dark brown to lavender ombre, and golden brown to blonde ombre. These eye-catching ombre shades make you artsy and stand out with unwavering beauty. 

But the tape-in extensions do not hold curls well. So, if you want to switch up your hairstyle, you’ll have to go for waves because they hold the best. 

hair extension

How To Choose Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Yes, the secret of finding suitable extensions is through intensive research. But you need to know what exactly you’ll be researching. Every brand of hair extensions for thick hair is different from another, and the peculiarities lie in the factors below.

Hair Textures

Hair texture defines the thickness or coarseness of the hair, which extends to the hairstyle the extensions come in. Hair extensions can be straight, curly, kinky, afro-like, or wavy. You have to watch out for the style or rather the texture it features because you can modify some, like kinky and afro, to another style. 

Hair Texture

And as much as curly, straight, and wavy are adjustable, you may want to avoid the hassle of transforming them to the style you want. In the event of that, It’s better to receive your extensions in a ready-to-wear condition. Then, later on, when they bore you, you can switch up the style.

Hair Type

Type of Extensions

First, before anything else, you must decide the type of hair extensions you want for yourself. In the world of today, we not only have tape-ins, sew-ins and clip-ins but fusion bonded extensions and micro-ring extensions too.

permanent hair extensions

The type of extensions unveil the installation techniques you can use and if they’ll be safe for your hair. By knowing the installation techniques, you’ll also be able to gauge the duration of the installation. And assess whether you can withstand the long durations and if you must involve a certified stylist. 

Plus, the type of extensions will determine the duration of wear. For instance, clip-ins are daily wearing; you should remove them in the evening before sleeping. On the other hand, sew-ins are more permanent and can stay in your hair for 3 months without removal. 

hair extension

In Conclusion

All that said, thick-hair people have the freedom to wear hair extensions like any person out there. If you desire to put them on, proceed with doing that without letting the belief that you shouldn’t get into you. 
For a start, you can do Goo Goo Clip-in Hair Extensions, which are our overall best extensions for thick hair. It’s only in exploring that you get to know how best you’d look in your hair.

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