10 Best Clip-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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Best Clip-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Let’s unfold our best review of the best clip-in hair extensions for thin hair in 2023. 

Personally, I’m a thin-haired person. And for a long time, I’ve been struggling to grow volume in my hair. For sure, it’s one heck of a slow journey.

So, I thought of other people who face that too. In my thinking, I decided to do thorough research on the best clip-in extensions for them. My research finally clinched Goo Goo Dark Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions as the best clip-in extensions for thin hair. 

For various choices, keep scrolling down to find more clip-in extensions, best category-wise.

A Compilation of Our Top Picks

The 10 Best Clip-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair Reviewed

Logically, for the compilation to be helpful, we thoughtfully described every clip-in extension. All our recommendations have not their good side revealed but also the downsides. 

Goo Goo Dark Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: 9A-grade Remy hair, stainless steel clips
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Extensions length:14″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Number of clips: 16 clips
  • Best for: Overall

Goo Goo clip-ins are undeniably the quickest way to modify the color, volume, or length of your thin hair. In minutes, you’ll be set to leave for your day’s outdoor activities looking spick and span. 

The hair itself is made from high-quality Remy human hair. Precisely, it’s 9A-grade and wearable for long durations; it could be a year or more. Also, the clip-in hair is healthy and smooth right from the base to the ends.

Hence the hair has very minimal tangling and shedding. It behaves similarly to your natural hair because all the extension’s hair is purely human. If adventurous, you’re also free to dye it to your favorite shade.

The problem with these clip-in extensions is the ends are sparsely thin to blend in nicely. The thickness of the hair is not uniform from top to bottom. 

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Wennalife Jet Black Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Virgin human hair, thin silicone-weft base
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Jet black
  • Extensions length:14″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Number of clips: 16 clips
  • Best for: Dark hair

On the other end, Wennalife chose to offer unprocessed glamorous clip-in extensions to revive your hair’s glow and bounce. Its point of concentration is women with dark hair, specifically black shades, since its hair is jet black. It will seamlessly blend in and actually fit as part of your natural body stature. 

The hair has blue undertones throughout the hair configuration for an augmented sheen. You can opt to mix your bright hair with the extensions to reduce their brightness on condition that you achieve a perfect mix. 

In its structure are stainless steel clips well-sewn onto the weft base. These clips are layered with a thin silicone to minimize metal contact with the scalp and hair. That protects your scalp and hair from unnecessary thrust from the clips.

However, the extensions do not lay flat where the clip-ins are. The hair looks bulked up, so you cannot use all the pieces in one go because you’ll look funny. 

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Sunny Black Invisible Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy human hair, hand-sewn clips
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Black
  • Hair length: 10″ – 24″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Best for: Beginners

Sunny clip-in extensions are professionally-crafted in a wide array of length options. You’re unconstrained in changing your hair length. And this provides room for experimentation for extension amateurs.

At the factory production level, each clip is sewn by hand and not machine-sewn. As a result, the clips could be loose and unstable, needing reinforcement. However, the company has an efficient customer support system whereby you can report the issue and get clip replacements.

The 10-12″ hair weighs 70g while the 14 “-24” weighs 120g. This kind of weight is great for thin hair if the right number of extensions is attached to them. While fixing, the bulk of the extensions is barely heavy and strenuous on your head. 

Its shortcoming is the brand makes thin wefts. You’ll use several more packets to achieve the desired look if you have thin hair. The ends are also too thin and stringy. 

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Full Shine Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions 

  • Key features: 9A-grade human hair, double-weft clip-ins
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: white blonde
  • Hair length: 12″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 8 pieces
  • Number of clips: 10 clips
  • Best for: White blonde hair

These versatile clip-in extensions use advanced hair technology to give you a gorgeous long-term feel. The technology infused into the hair strands makes the extensions not the shedding kind because they’ll not readily lose hair.

As you mitigate your thinning hair, you do not have continued hair loss with your new hair. The hair remains the satisfactory solution for a transformative appearance in terms of volume and length. 

Its white-blonde pigmentation befits blonde caucasian ladies. The color sparkles with an unwavering luster that instantly melds with blonde hair and looks like your own.

From a different view, the extensions are too thin. You’ll have to double them up for them to look normal. And the color is so ashy that toning the strands is inevitable. 

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Goo Goo Balayage Thick Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy hair, PU clip-ins
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Chocolate brown to caramel blonde
  • Hair length: 14″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Number of clips: 16 clips
  • Best for: Balayage hair

If you want some worth for your hard-earned money when searching for balayage clip-ins, these are a great pick. The balayage is an elegant cascade of two complementary colors. The chocolate brown at the hair base lightens into the caramel-blonde hue. 

The PU design is the center of these extensions’ production. The Goo Goo PU wefts, unlike the traditional wefts, are flat and more lightweight on the hair and scalp. In that regard, the weft base at the point of attachment does not lift, and the clips stay optimally invisible.

With these clip-ins, people with fine hair have the clips peeking through as the least of their worries. Also, the hair has double PU wefts whose strips are bonded 7 times through 7 layers of bonding so that you do not lose hair.

But the brand does not adequately meet its product specifications. The wefts appear to lay flat at the time of installation. But later on. You’ll feel like they’re partially sticking out. 

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Wennalife Balayage Long Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Real human hair, silicone-backed clips
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Dark brown to chestnut brown
  • Hair length: 24″
  • Pieces per set: 9 pieces
  • Number of clips: 20 clips
  • Best for: Long hair

On our list, Wennalife brings you to the real depiction of long straight clip-in extension hair. Such hair equals a fun-loving, explorative personality. As you walk around, the hair falls over your back and gently waves, creating eye-catching movements. 

People you walk by stan at a goddess of natural beauty without them realizing it’s false hair. Your hair receives a good volume as one pack features a wholesome 9 pieces of extensions. These pose a great number for enhancing fullness in thin-haired women.

Regardless of where you position them, the clips give off a seamless appeal. This is as long as the extensions are fixed a few inches away from the hairline. 

Despite the pros, some buyers claim the hair is heavy. So, it easily slips down and will require frequent adjustments. You must be alert and cautious every time you wear clip-in extensions. 

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Laavoo Highlight Ponytail Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy human hair, wrap-around ponytail
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Light blonde
  • Hair length: 12″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 1 piece
  • Best for: Ponytail Hair

Most times, we come across clip-ins we clip directly onto our hair. Rarely do we come across ponytails that are clipped in. The Laavoo brand strategically made ponytail clip-in extensions to extend your short hair after tying it up. 

In this way, you’re granted the chance to have an instant ponytail. Alternatively, you can customize the pony into a bun or make some beautiful three-strand plaits. The clip-in is a wrap-round bunch of hair, with the clips situated on the inside, hence unnoticeable. 

If the clips do not suffice, you can use bobby pins for increased security so that it does not slip off. The ponytail extension may be heavy on thin hair and contribute to its slippage. 

Sadly, some people bought it and found particles stuck onto the hair mass. As much as the packaging reads new, you might not receive the extensions in a new and clean state. 

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Lacer Caramel Blonde Silky Thick Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy Hair, U-shaped clips
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Caramel blonde
  • Hair length: 14″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Number of clips:16 clips
  • Best for: Fine hair

Finally, bid a hearty goodbye to the long-awaited natural hair growth with these thick clip-ins. They’re compatible with fine hair since it is delicate and intolerant to long hair stays. The clip-ins are a day’s wear, which is supported by the fact they’re easy to install and remove. 

If you love unique shapes, the snap clips are U-shaped and absolutely adorable. These U-shaped clips are stainless steel coated with silicone rubber for utmost comfort during wear. You can wear the clips for long without them causing damage or tug effects to the hair. 

For increased durability of the clip-in hair, the brand’s packaging comes with a storage bag. This ensures you keep your hair safe from tangling after removal for the next day’s wear. Also, the hair is kept free from external dirt, reducing the frequency of washing. 

The section from the mid-shaft to the ends is grossly thin. Even if you choose to trim, it will not work out for you. And once you wash them, you might see a lot of hair coming off and going down the sink drain. 

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Cecycocy Black Kinky Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: 4A-grade human hair
  • Hair type: kinky, curly
  • Hair color: Black
  • Hair length: 14″ – 26″
  • Pieces per set: 8 pieces
  • Number of clips: 18 clips
  • Best for: Curly hair

Looking for kinky and curly hair? Cecycocy clip-in extensions are easy to find and apply. The kinked curls match the black hair texture so that black women can customize their hair in pursuit of beauty. 

Made from Remy hair material, the brand clarifies that the hair is soft, silky, clean, and shiny. It bears no lice, as every manufacturing procedure undergoes a thorough inspection. Your hair and scalp are kept out of harm’s way.

Every set features 8 pieces of extensions. These pieces are double-wefted, whereby two wefts are sewn together. According to the brand, 2 sets are enough for thicker hair, while for stretched hair, it should be 2-3 sets for a full head. 

These extensions cannot be combed when they’re dry. They frizz up. Therefore, it’s advisable to spritz some water using a bottle spray and apply mousse before combing. 

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Easyouth Highlight Kinky Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy hair, double wefts
  • Hair type: Kinky, curly
  • Hair color: Dark brown highlighted with caramel blonde
  • Hair length: 12″ – 22″
  • Pieces per set: 7 pieces
  • Number of clips: 16 clips
  • Best for: Dark brown hair

Your dark-brown hair deserves refinement once in a while, or when need be. Staying with the same hair color can be boring in the long run. Avoiding the tiring rounds of hair styling, you can add a few pieces of these Easyouth clip-in extensions. 

The extensions comprise dark brown hair highlighted with caramel blonde, adding a pop of color. Defining this aspect to look better are the fluffy kinky curls that bounce over you. The curls boost the cuteness overall. 

Unlike most hair brands, this brand offers the same hair weight across all hair lengths. The outlined variation is the longer the hair, the thinner the set, but weight is standard. The brand further recommends 1 set for adding volume and 2 sets for the entire head.

Nonetheless, you might receive super-thin hair. That suggests you’ll have to use several sets to enjoy the volume. And you might also get a slightly different tone that requires color correction. 

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A Rundown on How to Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions

Coming in handy is our explanation of the best way to install your clip-in extensions. For your best choice to be fully the best for you, you need to understand how to apply them. 

Before you start, have with you a rat tail comb and at least two no-slip clips. Now here is the best and shortest procedure to take up.

Step 1: Pick your rat tail comb and part your hair from the back, leaving a thick layer beneath. Clip up the rest of the hair to keep it out of the way. 

Step 2: Take one weft with three clips from the clip-in extensions set and clip it along the parting. 

Step 3: Make another hair parting above to create the second layer of your hair. This second layer lies over your initially-fixed weft. 

Step 4: Fix the weft with four clips like you do with the first weft. And repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 5: Coming at the front, part the hair from the front towards the back and fix the clip-ins. At the fronts, apply only the two-clipped wefts, and once you’re done, do your preferred styling. 

FAQs about Clip-in Extensions for Thin Hair

How do you hide clip-ins in thin hair? 

Simply, tease your hair around the area you want to clip the clip-ins for them to stay put. And if the hair that lies over it still looks thin and the clips are showing through, tease the hair at the roots. Generally, ensure you pick the right color that blends with your hair so that the clip-ins do not stand out. 

Do you have to remove clip-in extensions every night?

Girl, the truth that’s going to come out hurts a little but saves a bundle. You have no choice but to remove clip-ins before tucking yourself in between your bed sheets. It’s better to adopt the new habit than to lose your hair, spoil your extensions and bruise your scalp.

How many clip-in extensions do I need for thin hair?

A range of 8 -10 pieces may be enough for wear. The number of clip-in extensions you need for your thin hair depends on the volume you’re after. Moreover, the thickness of the clip-ins also determines the quantity. 

The thicker the clip-in, the less you’ll need. Please refrain from the excessive installation of the clip-ins. If they’re too many in thin hair, they’re likely to pop out and not blend in. 

Do clip-in extensions fall out easily?

Realistically, how well you attach them to your hair influences the level of slippage. If you do not take your time to clamp the clips tightly, they will not hold up in one position for long. And if your hair is soft, spray some dry shampoo on the area you’re to clamp at to increase the grip. 


Clip-in extensions are the easiest hairdos on the planet. They take the least amount of time to fix them. At the same time, you barely face hurdles in their general use and maintenance. 
On that note, you can revitalize your thin hair with our best matching clip-in extensions. In our research, we landed on Goo Goo Dark Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions as the best clip-in extensions for thin hair. It’s stylist-approved and beginner-friendly.

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