Why Most Black Women Love Short Wigs?

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We have seen black women rock a wig with awesome locks and gorgeous braided wigs; whether in a box, Ghana, or micro braid wig style.

They are simply amazing and beautiful!

However, like most trendy things, wig styles do transition to different phases.

Now the newest wigs preferred by most black women are short ones.

Yes, neck length or bob cut wigs are today’s wig trends.

But why? Here are 8 reasons:

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a wig is not an easy job, especially a braided wig.

You need to constantly clean it with shampoo, wait for it to dry, and apply conditioners to ensure long-lasting use of the wig.

Lengthy wigs will consume more time in cleaning and drying and will require high maintenance for them to last longer.

Meanwhile, a shorter wig, say a neck length wig, is easier to clean and maintain.

It is easier to dry off a shorter wig than its lengthy counterpart.

Just clean it, wait a few minutes to dry or blow dry it, and then you are ready to go.

Quicker to Style

A long and thick wig is really hard to style. You pick the hair on this side and the other will just fall off.

Imagine the stress when thinking of a unique style to go with a lengthy wig.

With a shorter wig, you can rock the look with or without styling. You can use bandanas or headbands and you are off.

Or you can just add a beautiful ribbon clip on the side and you are done.

No more hours wasted in front of the mirror and having a hard time tying or applying your hair into a labyrinth of bobby pins to breeze a unique hairstyle.

Best During the Summer

Summer is finally here!

No one wants to look all sweaty and haggard and we all want to look our best, even under the annoying heat of the sun.

While lengthy hair wigs are gorgeous and all, they are not really great during the summer season.

Opting for a shorter wig will relieve your shoulders and neck of that curtain of wig, and will allow your body temperature to drop by about 5 degrees.

Also, who wants to pile a lengthy wig into a messy bun in order to avoid all the sweat running down your neck?

No one, right

And that is why short wigs are the best!

Celebrities Rock the Look

Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway and other favorite celebrities of today all cut their hair short.

For most black women, cutting their hair short can be a no-no, but wearing a short wig will keep them on the trend.

From shoulder-length waves to bobs and pixie cuts, there are endless options to choose from.

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Do Not Get Trapped

The most annoying part of having a long wig is the fact that it gets stuck or trapped everywhere you go.

It gets knotted around your bag or purse or gets stuck on your face whenever a fast car passes by.

Every time you plop onto the couch, you tend to sit on it and it ends up hurting you or gets completely removed.

Whenever a strong wind blows it accidentally, it gets caught in your mouth or sticks to your lipstick.

Long story short, a long wig will constantly annoy you.

With a short wig, you do not need to yank your hair out of random places from time to time.

For a Change

We have seen black women flaunt their amazing long braids and thick hair locks.

For so many years, we have seen black women rock and style their really long hair to braids and pair it with bandanas and fashionable headbands to have their own unique hairstyles.

While it is very common to see black women with really long hair, a black woman with short hair will surely turn heads.

Since most of us are used to seeing black women with amazing long braids, short wigs for black women signify an amazing trendy change in their looks.

Show Off Your Features

With a short wig, black women can flaunt their amazing neck, shoulders and other parts of their body, while long wigs hide the parts of the body that are supposed to be shown off.

Because some black women do not have confidence in their own body features, they prefer to hide or cover and ignore them with long wigs.

However, wearing a short wig will help those women embrace their own unique features and flaws, thus increasing confidence to rock that look!

Low Costs

Most black women prefer short wigs because they are more budget-friendly than their longer counterparts.

Long wigs are really expensive, mainly because of their length, whereas a short wig can be half the cost of a longer wig.

Furthermore, when it comes to maintenance costs, a short wig has the advantage.

Special shampoos and conditioners designed to maintain wigs are really expensive, but with a longer wig, you need to buy more products for its maintenance, since one bottle of shampoo and conditioner only seems to last for a few days.

With a short wig, you do not need to buy wig shampoo and conditioner so often, since it only needs a small amount to maintain a short length of hair, and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner can last for a few weeks or even months.

That will surely save you more maintenance expenses.


Short wigs for black women are starting to become a steady trend this year. Although long hair and gorgeous braids and locks are trademarks of black women, these too are transitioning and continuing to help them explore other gorgeous hairstyles and wigs in order to look their best. No matter what they choose or prefer, they will always have the audacity to rock any look!

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Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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