7 Proven Reasons Why Celebrities Swear By Lace Frontal Wigs

Celebrities and other social media personalities undoubtedly have a large array of varying looks and hundreds of makeovers, as shown on their Instagram and other image-sharing social accounts. They have already given rise to the popularity of lace wigs, particularly lace frontal wigs, as their instant makeover change tool.

Just to give you a little overview – A lace front wig is in fact, a variation of a lace wig. It is so-called because the lace material is on the front of the base cap, while its full lace counterpart covers the whole cap.

Keep scrolling down and I’ll tell you more about every detail (Plus all the expanded and guaranteed reasons!) why this kind of wig is the choice of your favorite celebrity:

1. Your New Hairstyle Will Look More Natural

The one unique characteristic of the lace frontal wig that makes it stand out from other types of wigs is its invisible hairline feature. The lace mesh it features is attached to the front part that touches your forehead and this is what gives the hairpiece its realistic look. What’s better about this, you ask? It provides a natural look that celebrities love because people would indeed mistake them for having a real under-the-heat hair makeover!

You don’t have to worry about being the topic of gossip that you are wearing a wig. I know the stigma that is forever attached to the person wearing a wig. (In fact, I’ve had my fair share of all those looks and taunting stares from a lot of people because of my obvious wigs back when I was just a beginner who had no idea about wigs yet.)

Well, all I can say is, chin up. Chin up and walk confidently without people noticing that it is a hundred percent wig on your head.

2. It Is A Lightweight Type of Wig Which Feels Comfortable

Beauty should not feel uncomfortable. I have heard and read a lot of negative reviews in person and online regarding the ‘awkward’ feeling some people get whenever they wear a wig. I can only say two things about that: either they’ve got the wrong cap size or the type of hairpiece they chose didn’t suit their fashion and comfort needs.

This wig is composed of a lace mesh front plus some stretchy material for a comfortable cap which generally makes it feel light on the head. The comfort will give you is one of the most important considerations when choosing the right wig.

(Here’s a tip: Be sure to try on all the available sizes a store has for a wig. You don’t want to walk under the heat of the sun in front of numerous bystanders and feel very constricted, just because you bought the wrong wig size.)

For further comfort, pair your lace frontal wig with the proper wearing technique, and you’re good to go. Choose only high-quality materials and you will thank yourself later. Go out there with your social circle and participate in your usual outdoor activities without having that constricted feeling with this type of wig!

3. Part It In Half Or Tie It Low

Low ponytail lovers, here’s the hairpiece just for you! Low ponytails, side ponytails, or even half ponytails – you can certainly do these hairdos with this type of hairpiece, without being mistaken that you are styling a wig! Yes, I’ve done this and yes, it feels so much like this wig I’m wearing is my real hair.

Even if the lace panel doesn’t extend fully up to your hairline at the nape, the low ponytail can mask it and still give you the appearance of a natural look. This wig is certainly not a problem if you like going out for a walk or a jog while sporting a low comfortable ponytail. Bystanders will have no idea that you are, in fact, sporting a wig!

(Here’s another tip just for you: People purchase wigs because they want to try a new hair color, or sport a trendy hairstyle. Chances are high that each and every social personality that you follow has changed hairstyles more than twice and wigs have become their best friend.

While styling a wig with real human hair is possible, you can also keep in mind that there are already a lot of lace wig hairstyles on the market. Thinking whether a pixie cut will suit you? Great, a lace wig will make it possible for you to try. How about a straight bob with bangs? Consider it done.)

4. Change Your Look Instantly Without Having To Do Real Alterations

Let’s all be honest here: no matter how you seem to grow so tired of your real hair, still, you don’t want any damaging changes to be done to it. You just know that there is this voice in your head telling you not to let your hair undergo the salon heat.

Remember that your hair is your most natural asset, after all. It is more healthy and better if you can still flip your real hair in public at times when you feel like it. No matter how your hair seems to be out of trend nowadays, it will still be your natural and unique style forever.

With wigs, all you need to do is secure your hair (any way you want as long as it will look flat and smooth from the top) and wrap it with your chosen lace wig. No need to undergo hair-damaging treatments. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on styling and hair maintenance. It’s all instant: wrap, style, and go.

Remember, celebrities and other personalities still care about their real hair. In fact, they also spend hundreds of dollars just for maintenance and to retain its luster and softness. New hair trends are damaging, so why not resort to a natural-looking and instant hairstyle change without doing such damage?

5. You Don’t Have To Worry About It Tearing Easily

The half part of the base cap that doesn’t use any lace material is made up of a sturdy but comfortable material, which makes the modern lace wig long-lasting and more durable. With the right and high-quality materials, lace front wigs will have minimal to no shedding for a long time.

You would only need adhesive tape on the hairline to properly secure the wig. Other than that, it will not slip off easily, and your scalp and hairline are protected from the harsh long-term effects of using adhesive on the skin. Don’t worry about the small adhesive requirement not being enough to hold your wig in place, because you can still flip your hair naturally and even play sports with the appropriate adhesive (such as waterproof adhesive if you go swimming).

Furthermore, cleaning and storing lace frontal wigs should not be that hard. Have a proper storage area for your wigs where they are properly shielded from the heat, sunlight, and dust. Most importantly, don’t put it somewhere that children can reach and play with it.

(I had a niece one time who came to my house and found my wigs. As soon as I came back, she was parading the now tangled and abused wigs around the house, with my pet dog as her audience. Funny story, but you get my point that wigs are an investment. Don’t forget that. *wink)

6. It Has A Wide Array Of Lace Colors For Your Skin Tone

For sure, first-time wig users here have a bugging question on their minds: What if the lace color doesn’t match my skin tone?

Lace frontal wigs are already dominating the market because of their cheaper price tags than their full lace counterparts! Physical and online stores have already been producing lace wigs with a diverse selection of colors. Sure enough, the market competition and its popularity are enough for you not to worry about not finding the right lace that matches your skin tone.

(Take this from me, I’ve seen lots of celebrities and people out there with a very obvious wig hairline. Well, they’ve obviously made a wrong color choice. This wig’s mesh cap, with the right lace color that blends with your forehead, makes it more realistic and even more so if paired with real human hair.)

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7. It Is Much Cheaper Than The Full Lace Wig

Beauty doesn’t also need to cost you so much money, even though others perceive new hairstyles to be a costly vice. A lace frontal wig is indeed much cheaper compared to a full lace wig with their only difference being the full lace cap coverage.

This type of hairpiece is, in fact, a wiser choice for beginners who don’t want to shell out a fortune on complicated wigs. Spend a little less money without worrying about not getting the most out of this lace front wig.

(Beware of the overly commercialized wigs that will cost you more than usual. Get rid of the thought that expensive things would always give you the best value.)

The realistic appearance of this variety of wig is what attracts mainly celebrities and fashionistas towards it. You don’t have to worry and think about the stigma of wearing a wig, because the lace frontal wig delivers all the above reasons better than any other type. The dominance of this wig in the market only proves that it’s not just celebrities who swear by this product.

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