12 Best Blonde Wigs for Women in 2021

For anyone who is looking for a great, stylish and bold blonde wig, there are a ton of options. Plenty of retailers and online merchants have blonde wigs available, so how do you find the best blonde wig for you?

It’s important to find a wig that matches your style and will be durable, long-lasting, and unique. Before you choose which wig company to buy, make sure you have a few basic must-have features in mind.

There are styles that will fit anyone’s taste, so be sure to decide if you want a long, short, thick or thin wig. Pay close attention to the material, and make sure it fits your lifestyle and needs.

Below are the 12 amazing blonde wigs for 2018

1. Wigsis 10 inch Blonde Bob Wig

This blond wig from Wig Sis is great for anyone looking to create an updated hairstyle with a trendy, fun bob. The look is perfect for anyone looking for a moderately short hairstyle, and the wig looks completely natural. It features an adjustable Velcro base and has 100% real human hair. It’s a great way to implement a short bob without having to visit the salon.

10 inch Blonde Bob wig

2. Pretty Shop Long Hair Wig

For those looking for a long, full-bodied blonde wig, Pretty Shop has a refined, layered, and natural looking option worth considering. You can style the bangs, or push them off to the side, and part the wig any way you want. It’s 25 inches long, and the wig cap is adjustable. The soft blonde is a great shade, and the number of styling choices makes this wig highly versatile.

Pretty Shop Long Hair Wig

3. Outop 28″ Women’s Long Wavy Heat-Resistant Wig

This 28” inch long, the platinum blonde wig is absolutely awesome. The back has nice, subtle curls. The front has bangs, which can be styled to your preference. The wig is thin, so it is great for anyone that wants a light, easy to style wig. It is handmade, and very durable. It can also easily be put in a ponytail blonde wig for casual occasions.

28 inch Women Long Wavy Wig

4. WiWigs Wavy Blonde Wig

If you are looking for a full-bodied, vibrant, wavy wig, WiWigs has a great option. The curls and wavy body are great for anyone who wants a new look hairstyle. The bangs can be styled, and the curls look great. It is synthetic but looks natural.

Wavy Blonde Wig

5. Natural Blonde Wig

This wig is longer, and a perfect pick for those looking for a long hairstyle. The wavy style adds body, but the wig is light and thin. The bangs can also be styled, and the hair can be put in a ponytail. The color is a nice platinum blonde and has natural highlights. The wig comes down past the shoulders.

Natural Blonde Wig

6. Enilecor 2 Tones Long Blonde Wig

For anyone looking for a darker blonde wig, Enilecor has an excellent mid-length option. The wig has light highlights contrasted with a darker blonde body and has a wavy style. The two-tone color selection blends two wonderful shades of blonde. This wig is also super durable and is easy to wash.

Wavy Blonde Wig

7. Kalyss Short Blonde Wig

Kaylss has a great wig for those looking for a shorter, curly hairstyle. The wig features a perm design and has mid-length bangs. The curls complement the darker blonde color, and the weave style gives a nice presentation that is definitely trendy.

Kalyss Short Blonde Wig

8. Yopo Wavy Blonde Wig

For all those looking for a long, wavy blonde wig, Yopo has a fantastic option for you. The length is 28 inches, and the body is wavy without being too thick. The color is darker than a platinum blonde and has bangs that look best styled to the side.

2 Tones Blonde Wig

9. Jenny’s Hair Sense Luna Wig

Jenny’s Hair Sense has a super cute long, curly, and vibrant blonde wig that is great for anyone looking for a full-bodied hairstyle. The curls look very natural, and the wig comes without bangs. The natural look and feel are top notch, and the color is immaculate. A great wig for anyone willing to stretch their budget, it definitely gives the look of a natural hairstyle.

Jenny’s Hair Sense Luna Wig

10. Envy Shari Wig

This excellent blonde wig from Envy features a perfect style for anyone looking to incorporate a short hairstyle. The wavy design adds body and panache to the wig. The short blond wig with bangs gives an all-natural look. The thin style is easy to manage and maintain, and the wig looks stylish, sleek, and trendy.

Envy Shari Wig

11. Designer Directs Ravishing Wig

This wig from Designer Direct features a retro, 80’s style perm. For anyone wanting to find a vibrant, unique, and natural looking blonde wig, Designer Direct checks all the boxes. The curls look like a natural perm, and the short bangs truly look fantastic. The look is perfect for those looking for a realistic perm wig that wants to update their hairstyle.Designer Directs Ravishing Wig

12. Fashion Club’s Affection Wig

This truly unique design from the fashion club is tremendous. The short hairstyle integrates a nice texture, and the blonde color is slightly darker than platinum. The body has a nice flow, and the short style makes it super easy to fit with any outfit or wardrobe choice. The wig is easy to wash, adjustable, and unique in character.

Fashion Club Affection Wig


If you are considering buying a blonde wig, take some time to look over all your options. There are tons of choices, and you may be surprised to learn how many different hairstyles you can choose from. Whether you want a short hairstyle, or a long, wavy, curly look, you will definitely be able to find the perfect blonde wig to add to your wardrobe. Make sure you take the time to look through various retailers because you may be shocked at how many choices you really have.


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