10 Most Lovely Ponytails Hairstyle For Women – Hair Extension

Wigs work wonder for the beauty of people particularly the women. With this, different varieties of wigs are manufactured, including hair extensions such as ponytail extensions.

This new hairpiece could make you look smart and classy; it is also lightweight and has a comfortable fit. Additionally, we would like to provide you with this list of the most stylish ponytail extensions in the market today.

Top 10 Best Ponytail Extensions in 2018

1. Easihair Rampage Synthetic Ponytail

Rampage Synthetic Ponytail wig


One of the best-selling ponytail extensions is the Easihair Rampage Synthetic Ponytail. You will look charming and smart with this wavy, layered ponytail clip-on. It comes with a claw comb and is mid-length size. This extension can be styled in the way that it would look more or less wavy. It is best paired with a formal or sophisticated nightgown.


2. Easihair Classy Clip on Ponytail

Classy Clip on Ponytail


The Easihair ponytail is such a classy hairpiece. It has curls and is a shorter length, which is stylish to look at. It is easy to put on with just a claw-clip attachment and then off you go to a party or to your office. We’re confident that you will receive a lot of compliments from your friends.


3. Hairdo Straight Synthetic Pony

Hairdo Straight Synthetic Pony


Project that appealing look with this Straight Pony by Hairdo. This ponytail extension is so natural to look at even though it is made from synthetic hair. It is about 18 inches long and could also be styled in any way you want it because it comes with a comb and clip attachments. To give accent to your ponytail, you could wrap a strip of hair around the ponytail that meets your hair and attached it with Velcro. Once done, secure it with a provided bobby pin. It is perfect for daily use whether you are going to school, the office, or are meeting your friends for a day out.


4. Jon Renau Breathless Synthetic Ponytail

Jon Renau Breathless Synthetic Ponytail


Jon Renau Breathless hairpiece features a layered and full style ponytail. You just have to turn it upside down and secure it with a ponytail holder. You can also put the claw clip attachment above the ponytail so that it is easy to apply and best for busy mornings.


5. Vivica Fox Pocket Bun Rose Ponytail

Vivica Fox Pocket Bun Rose Ponytail


The Pocket Bun Rose by Vivica Fox is such an alluring 28-inch ponytail extension. It features a Yaki textured and a simple, straight hairstyle with a pocket bun base. Additionally, it is made from heat-resistant synthetic fiber. To achieve different looks, you could style it in a few ways. It looks like natural hair because of its texture and is most suitable for diamond, heart, oblong, oval, pear, round, and square-shaped faces.


6. Hairdo Wrap Around Color Splash Pony

Hairdo Wrap Splash Pony


What an awesome look, isn’t it? This star look could materialize with the Hairdo Color Splash Ponytail. It features colored, wavy hair at the bottom that provides emphasis of this 23-inch long hairpiece. The colors may vary from pastel hues such as lavender, pink, blue, and light green. It also comes with a straight comb attachment that is easy to attach. Additionally, it has a longer strip of hair wraps that could cover the area where the hair meets the ponytail. This extension could elevate the beauty of women who have round, square, diamond, oblong, pear, heart, and oval shaped faces. An awesome ponytail, indeed!


7. Christie Brinkley Clip in Ponytail

Christie Brinkley Clip in Ponytail


Grace your party with this elegant hairpiece by Christie Brinkley. This ponytail extension is perfect when paired with a stylish dress or gown. It derives from synthetic fiber that looks like natural hair because of its style. It is also easy to put on – you just have to place your hair in a pony. It could be high, low, or on the side and then clip the pony above your hair. Once done, style it with your fingers.


8. Look of Love Short Ponytail on Barrette

Short Ponytail on Barrette


Another classy ponytail extension is the Short Ponytail on Barrette by Look on Love. This synthetic, straight hairpiece is attached by using a barrette. All you need to do is clip it on and off you go. It also comes in various colors, so you can choose the one you like. However, it’s better to choose a color that pairs well with your skin tone. This would be a perfect match!


9. Look of Love Banana Comb Ponytail

Look of Love Banana Comb Ponytail


A cute and sweet ponytail extension is this Banana Comb Ponytail by Look of Love. It features a spiral-curled hair extension and is shorter in length. This charming, synthetic hairpiece is best for cheerleading competitions and dance recitals. It is about 8 to 15 inches in length.


10. Wig Pro Human Hair Ponytail

Wig Pro Human Hair Ponytail


One of the most expensive ponytail extensions in town is the Human hair Pony Spring by Wig Pro. It looks like natural hair because it’s 100% human hair. What we like about this hairpiece is that you could style it straight or curly. You may also choose the color that you desire from the many colors available. Go red… it’s awesome!



A classy way to elevate your look is to try wearing these ponytail extensions because they are elegant and stylish. You will certainly achieve that smart and beautiful look that you wish for.

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